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Elden Ring – How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace


Elden Ring is plenty of locations to explore, from massive underground tombs to windswept mountaintop castles. Later stages of Elden Ring require players to enter some scary regions. Elden Ring’s late game is the scariest it gets, from the Consecrated Snowfields to Leyndell, the Royal Capital. However, Mohgwyn Palace, the residence of Mohg, Lord of Blood, one of the main demigod bosses, is perhaps the location in Elden Ring that players fear the most. Thus, the Elder Ring’s Mohgwyn Palace can be reached as follows, as explained in the lesson that follows:

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Mohgwyn Palace’s Location

The Consecrated Snowfields is home to the teleporter that is required to enter Mohgwyn Palace. To reach this territory, you must pass through Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Morgott is the last boss in the capital city, so beating him is crucial. The Rold Medallion is an item you will obtain after defeating Morgott. The Grand Lift of Rold is open to you with this medallion.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

But you can only enter the Mountaintops of Giants with this medallion. Both pieces of the Haligtree Medallion are required to access the Consecrated Snowfields. The Village of the Albinaurics, located in southwest Liurnia, is the location of the first part. The summit of Castle Sol in Caelid is where you may find the second part.

You can reach the Consecrated Snowfields by using both halves to go to the Grand Lift of Rold and wave the hidden medallion. Once you’re in this area covered with snow, you should stay on the left side of the map. The Yelough Anix Ruins are where you’re trying to find. Directly northwest of these ruins is where you’ll find the teleporter that leads to Mohgwyn Palace, as you can see below.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

When you locate the teleporter, Mohgwyn Palace will be your immediate destination. A Site of Grace will be located not far from the point of initial teleportation. However, be advised that the road ahead is hazardous.

How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace With White-Faced Varre

  • When you see Varré again, he will give you a festering bloody finger at the Rose Church.
  • Defeat Magnus the Beast Claw, an NPC located in the Writheblood Ruins, or use the Festering Bloody Finger to invade other platers three times to advance the task.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

  • Go back to Varre and consent to join the Bloody Lord’s order.
  • Varre will grant you the Lord of Blood’s Favor item, which you must soak in a maiden’s blood, if you choose to join him.
  • To soak the object in a maiden’s blood, go to the Chapel of Anticipaiton, the Church of Inhibition, or murder Irna at the crying peninsula.
  • Talk to Varré twice after you’ve brought the bloody object back to him. You will be given the Pureblood Knight’s Medal the second time, which will take you right to Mohgwyn’s palace.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

The Other Path to Mohgwyn Palace

Elden Ring - How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace

There is another way to go to Mohgwyn Palace without utilizing the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, but it will need you to look for a secret entrance in the Consecrated Snowfields. This portal leads to Mohgwyn Palace, which is concealed beneath Caelid, and may be discovered hidden to the northwest of the Yelough Anix Tunnel.


When should I go to Mohgwyn Palace?

Despite the fact that players can go to Mohgwyn Palace from Liurnia, the boss in this region is very challenging due to its large health bar and damage. It is better to save your boss fights for the endgame, since it will be difficult to defeat him in his second phase without a special equipment and final stats.

What level should you be in Mohgwyn Palace?

Overview of Mohg, Lord of Blood Although there isn’t much of a challenge in getting to Mohgwyn Palace, moving about it can be tricky, so be ready before you enter. Becoming proficient in at least Levels 95–100 is advised prior to tackling this region and boss.

Can you get to Mohgwyn Palace if you killed Varre?

You can still get to Mohgwyn Palace and battle Mohg even if you killed Varre or decide not to complete his quest; it simply takes a lot longer. To go to the Consecrated Snowfield, you will need to use the Grand Lift of Rold and gather the pieces of the Haligtree Medallion.

Who is the first NPC you meet in Elden Ring?

One of the very first NPCs you’ll come across when you start your trek in Elden Ring’s Lands Between is White-Faced Varre. White-Faced Varre will be waiting for you at The First Step Site of Grace, wearing his white mask, directing you to Stormveil Castle.

Should I say I’ll fly straight and true Elden Ring?

To further Varre’s tale, select the “I’ll fly straight and true!” option when chatting with him. If you have already visited the Roundtable Hold and spoken with the Finger Reader, you may or may not skip this stage. If you have not yet returned to the Roundtable Hold, please do so right now.