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Alan Wake 2 – How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash or Key


A Cult Stash can be found in Cauldron Lake, Alan Wake 2, near the Crow’s Foot Hills. It will require a key for players to access its contents. Fans in particular must use the Streamside Stash Key, which may be hard to locate for some players. Still, some of the goods are stashed away in different Cult Stashes scattered throughout the map. Certain locks require you to locate the key, whereas other locks use a combination. You can get help accessing the Streamside Cult task in Alan Wake 2 by following this guide:

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How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash

Quite early in the game, it is possible to open the Stramside Cult Stash. You can locate it either during your hunt for Nightingale or once you’ve vanquished him. A piece of paper with a drawn lightbulb on it marks the location of the Stash, which is next to Crow’s Foot Hill.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash or Key

As usual, although it appears difficult, this is actually fairly easy.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash or Key

Get the Streamside Stash Key

Thus, you will need to use a flashlight and follow the arrows in Alan Wake 2 in order to locate the Streamside Stash Key. This Cult Stash is close to some trees that have yellow arrows painted on them. With a flashlight, you can locate them with ease because of their excellent light reflection.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash or Key

Until you come to an arrow pointing down, keep following the arrows. You can find the Streamside Stash Key on the rock beneath it. You will then have to make your way back by following the arrows in the opposite direction.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Streamside Cult Stash or Key

A Hand Flare, Shotgun Ammo, and Trauma Pad are among the helpful consumables that can be found by opening the Streamside Cult Stash. A note stating that the Cult is currently watching is also fastened to the interior of the box. The note is more of a warning because, happily, this does not cause any enemies to appear.


How do you open containers in Alan Wake 2?

Certain doors and containers require the Alan Wake 2 screwdriver to open; you’ll probably find locks in Cauldron Lake that require this tool long before you actually have the tools to pry them open.

What is the password for the computer in Alan Wake 2?

The yellow post-it note that is affixed to the monitor is where players should focus their attention when trying to unlock the computer in the Witchfinder’s Station. Yes, that note actually has the administrator password written on it. It is 2547.

What is the general store key in Alan Wake 2?

For us, on the easy setting, 739 is the right General Store code for the shotgun in Alan Wake 2. Enter 7 first, followed by 3, then 9 because this code is written from top to bottom.

What is the safe code for the shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

On the notepad’s side, however, is a lottery ticket with the selected numbers being05,13,17,23,39, and 45. You’ll now know that the padlock code for the shotgun is 739 since the next number in the sequence with the pad vs the lotto numbers is 39 and each of the numbers has a 7 in front of it.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

The primary foe in the Alan Wake series is The Dark Presence. Along with The Hiss, it is also one of the two main antagonists of the 2020 DLC crossover Control: AWE.