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Alan Wake 2 – Where to Find Police Car Echo


As well-known author Alan Wake attempts to elude the grasp of evil forces in Alan Wake 2, players are taken on an exhilarating and bizarre journey through the Dark Place. The player’s encounter with the Echo Police Car in the early chapters of the game is a noteworthy moment during the Initiation 2: Casey mission. Players can move on to more hidden objectives, which are pieces of memories that must be solved to advance. The location of the Police Car Echo in Alan Wake 2 will be explained in this article:

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Where to Find Police Car Echo

Players will not be able to align the echo from the police car, even though it is above it. You will have to climb up to the Alex Casey billboard above the automobile, which is actually where the echo is located. Upon lining up the initial echo near Caldera ST. Station, participants must go towards the Safe Haven.

Alan Wake 2 - Where to Find Police Car Echo

After you exit there, turn left when you hear the humming sound and proceed up the steps. After speaking with Bright Falls Police Officer Tim Breaker, you are able to proceed to the echo. You can see the White Orb next to the billboard on your left if you exit the chamber where Tim is.

Alan Wake 2 - Where to Find Police Car Echo

Proceed out of the room and toward the billboard. Players can find a Word of Lamp by directing their flashlights toward the yellow painted arrows throughout the route. When Alan enters the Writer’s Room, he can utilize these resources.

Proceed past the three Taken in the center to the other side, where there is a wooden board and a cross. On our playthrough, we were able to leave unscathed, but it’s essential to be prepared with your defenses in place. Although this will be a challenging fight, you should have no trouble eliminating these opponents at this point.

Alan Wake 2 - Where to Find Police Car Echo

Turn left to the other side, and you will see a ladder leading to the upper level. You can align the white and black orbs to activate the memory after you approach and close in on the police car Echo.

Alan Wake 2 - Where to Find Police Car Echo

After aligning the police car echo in Alan Wake 2, proceed to the billboard and collect all the neighboring stashes. A Word of Power can be obtained once more close to the billboard. When you’re done, turn the taxi into a police car by using the Angel Lamp on it. As you proceed into Initiation 2, be aware that The Taken will now sound its alarm through its siren.


What is an echo Alan Wake 2?

In Alan Wake 2, echoes are a particular kind of item that can only be discovered when taking on the role of Wake. They are located on billboards and in certain areas, and in order to read the message, you must shine a spotlight on them.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

The real antagonist of Alan Wake II is going to be Scratch Serves. What more needs to be said about The Dark Presence? It is the primary antagonist of the series.

Is Mr scratch in Alan Wake 2?

At the close of Return’s Chapter 6, the Dark Presence—the main foe of Alan Wake 2—finally makes an appearance. With the advent of the Federal Bureau of Control, players will have to use the tools presently at the Sheriff’s Station to battle the Dark Presence, who takes the form of Mr. Scratch.

Does Alan Wake have guns?

In contrast to other horror game series such as Resident Evil, which assign names to specific sorts of weapons, Alan Wake 2 contentedly uses generic labels such as Double-barreled Shotgun and Revolver.

Is Alan Wake 2 Next Gen only?

For PC, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S all provide digital versions of Alan Wake 2.