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Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location


One of the many ways to earn charms for Saga’s bracelet in Alan Wake 2 is to help her recite nursery rhymes. The dolls linked with the rhymes are hidden across Cauldron Lake, Bright Falls, and Watery, much like Cult Stashes, and it is up to you to locate them to answer the puzzles. There will be greater regions for players to explore, and getting disoriented in these spaces can be simple. Many of them have many optional challenges and hidden information for players to unearth. Location of the Coffee World Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2 is discussed.

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How to Solve Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

After draining Cauldron Lake and exploring Streamside in Alan Wake 2, you’ll run upon Nursery Rhymes for the first time in the game’s second chapter. A piece of paper with a nursery rhyme written on it is surrounded by chalk drawings. Finding and repositioning dolls that stand in for the story’s main players is the key to solving the puzzle, which is based on a nursery rhyme.

Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

If you accomplish this right, the world will shift and you’ll find a charm (passive skill) for Saga’s bracelet. Rewards can be found in close proximity to the Nursery Rhyme site, or they can be found by following a trail of darkness to a different part of the map. Some of these Nursery Rhymes also spawn foes as you solve them, so be careful.

Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

This chapter aims to have players construct a spooky float for a parade. After doing so and taking on two hostile local rulers, several of the previously unexplorable grayed-out parts of the map may become completely explorable. The waters of Watery will indeed allow visitors to access a hitherto inaccessible area of Coffee World.

Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

This one is located in the Latte Lagoon, which is accessible by traveling east from the Coffee World Gift Shop, north from the Percolator ride, and west from the Fair Trade Zone. Over beside the sad-looking paddle boats and at the end of the pier is where the Federal Bureau of Control has set up its nursery rhyme experiment:

Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

Even though it’s not as challenging as the other nursery rhymes in the Watery section of Alan Wake 2, it’s still worth trying out. Make sure you have a Moose doll, a Deer doll, and a Trickster doll in your collection to solve this puzzle. When players have all three items, they should arrange them as follows: Deer on boat drawing; Moose on waves; Trickster on jewelry.

Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

When you set them up as described above, a paddle boat will slowly make its way inland from the right. When it collides with the pier, players can grab a Mr. Drippy charm hanging off of it. This one is great for when Saga is down to her last few life points, as it increases her damage dealt to enemies.

Alan Wake 2: Coffee World Nursery Rhyme Location

A group of two or three Taken will be prowling the numerous booths at the Fair Trade fair grounds and will attack on sight, so players should use caution as they make their way back across the main area after completing the poetry scene. After defeating or evading them, players are free to continue exploring Watery in quest of further nursery rhymes or return to town to concentrate on the main objective.


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The new horror game Alan Wake 2 successfully blends chills, brains, and goofs. However, this is hardly the only highly anticipated horror film coming out in 2023.

How big is Alan Wake 2?

The 86GB PC version of Alan Wake 2, the 85GB PS5 version, and the 82GB Xbox Series X/S version all require a sizable amount of storage space for players to install.

Is Alan Wake 2 Next Gen only?

Digital copies of Alan Wake 2 can be purchased for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, and X|S consoles.

Who is the antagonist in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2’s ultimate nemesis, the Dark Presence, finally manifests itself at the end of Chapter 6 of Return. Now that the F.B.I. has arrived, players can use the resources within the Sheriff’s Station to battle the Dark Presence, who has taken the form of Mr. Scratch.