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Amazing Player Strategies and Beliefs


If you are new to the online betting world, you may not know the game techniques. Apart from that, you might not be aware of the best tactics to improve your odds at a real money casino online. Most gambling sites offer several betting options like new online casinos Australia 2022 no deposit, making it difficult for a newbie to decide how to play. If you are a newbie looking to bet with effective strategies that will boost your winning chances, you are on the right page. This article discusses some effective player strategies that will enable you to make a sound betting decision. Also, we also take a look at some common beliefs of gamers.

What are the Best Player Strategies in 2022?

There are some essential strategies to follow as a bettor; the essence of these tactics is to improve your gambling skills and boost your success chances whenever you stake your bet. This section discusses some strategies that you can adopt to step up your game as a casino player. Consider the following strategies for yourself while gambling:

  • Learn the game dynamics,
  • Decide whom to be as a player.

Learn the Game Dynamics with Demo or Free Games

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you should always endeavour to practice with a demo version of a new game before playing with your funds. This way, you will learn the game rules, dynamics, and other things that will guide you when staking with real money. Apart from that, it enhances your skill and boosts your confidence.

Hence, look for a platform that offers free versions of games. If you can find those offering a completely free game, you can make do with casino sites with lower betting lines.

Decide Whether to be a Specialist or Generalist

There exist two types of players, namely generalist and specialist. A generalist can be referred to as a jack of all trades, while a specialist plays a particular game. It is advisable to start as a specialist player and later diversify when you have gained enough mastery of your chosen game.

Focusing on one casino game allows you to spend more time learning the game dynamics and rules. Apart from improving your skills, it boosts your odds while saving time you should have spent learning several games.

Common Myths Among Casino Players

While some popular casino beliefs are completely true, there seem to be several ones without basis. There are more myths attached to casino gambling than any other form of betting. This section enumerates some popular false beliefs among gamblers:

  • Online casinos games are compromised,
  • Casino sites don’t pay winners.

Online Casino Games are Compromised

Many people believe that online casinos are fixed. This belief is untrue as several gambling sites offer completely fair games. However, we can dispute the existence of some rogue operators with rigged games. You can avoid dishonest casino sites by sticking to trustworthy and reputable brands alone.

Casino sites don’t have to manipulate their games as they already have a house edge advantage. They are more likely to make huge profits in the long run by offering fair games and remaining a reputable operator.

Casino Sites don’t Pay Winners

Some people believe that casino operators will not release their funds; this is untrue. However, there exist some shady gambling sites that indulge in this unethical practice. The number of platforms that fall under this category is few compared to the reputable ones. Therefore, the assertion that casino operators don’t pay winners is far from the truth.

How to Predict Losses

As a player, you should be able to estimate how much you are likely to part with when playing a game. What you need for loss prediction is either the Return to Player (RTP) percentage or house edge. Other requirements are the number of bets and the amount involved for each of the bets.

You get the house edge by subtracting the game’s RTP from 100 per cent. For instance, if the RTP of a game is 98 per cent, the house edge will be 100-98 = 2 per cent. You can calculate the expected loss amount by using this formula:

Loss = Number of wagers x house edge percentage x average size of each bet

Importance of Mathematical Knowledge in Casino Gambling

Many players may shy away from mathematics, but it is instrumental to their success as casino players. Therefore, you need to use your math skills to strike a winning bet. The two vital parameters to work with are the RTP percentage and house edge. Once you understand these numbers, you can now decide how to use them to place a bet.

According to its name, Return to Player (RTP) percentage is the funds that you get from your bets, while the casino site keeps the house edge. The addition of the two numbers is always 100. You can compare the profitability of each game based on these house edges or return to player percentage.

Are Casino Games Based on Skill or Luck?

Casino games are indeed games of chance. In other words, the only way to win a bet is luck that smiles at you. However, there are several casino games where you can enhance your chances of success with your playing skills. One of these games is poker. You can maximize your winning chances if you know the right moves to make in terms of placing your bet and your game tactics. When game knowledge meets luck, chances to win get higher. 

Can You Beat the House?

The odds are always against players because these games have built-in house edges that are insurmountable. The only way to beat the game is to count cards. Most gambling sites have devised several means to stop players who count cards. Also, card counters get caught eventually. Hence, the house will always win in the long run.

With luck on your side and knowing when to stop for the day, it is possible to leave the platform as a winner.


The strategies discussed above will improve your skills and also enable you to maximize your chances of winning when you bet on your favourite games. Whether you are a new or experienced player, you can always minimise all odds by adopting the right betting tactics. Also, the article has set the record straight by identifying the false beliefs among players.