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Amnesia: Rebirth, a great way to spend Halloween


Amnesia: Rebirth,  is a direct sequel to the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It will be released on Oct. 20th, 2020, the developer announced on Tuesday. This  much-awaited horror game is coming very soon and the fans couldn’t be any more excited.  Pre-orders are open now, and the game will sell on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Sony PlayStation 4. Amneisa: Rebirth is a tormenting journey through wildness and despair, exploring the limits of human strength. The creative director at the company, said in a conference, “We aim to go beyond simple jump-scares and to affect players on a deeper level. While Rebirth will contain the terrifying encounters and sights you expect from an Amnesia game, it has a lot more focus on narrative than previous entries in the series. We want the player to form a strong bond with Tasi and intimately share her tribulations. This will not be your normal horror experience.”



There’s still much we don’t know about Rebirth, but it takes place in the Algerian desert, armed with nothing more than the occasional match and a lantern, Tasi must face her fears in search of answers. Time is not on your side. Step into Tasi’s shoes and help her through the personal terror and pain she feels. While you are struggling to make your path through a wild landscape, you must also encounter your own fears, and bitter regrets. And still you must continue, with every step, thinking and knowing that if you fail you will lose everything you’ve ever loved.  The latest trailer shows parts of Amneisa: Rebirth’s world and we get to have a look at what Tasi will be running from, as well as what kind of gameplay players can expect. Frictional is returning to the Amnesia series after Soma, and while Rebirth won’t necessarily be scarier, close encounters with horrifying creatures sound like a bigger part of the game. The fans are in for a treat with this one!


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