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Epic Games Stores Offer a Chance to Play Free Rocket League


Psyonix disclosed that Rocket League (an automotive soccer game) would be free to play in July. Later this summer, the Rocket League will move to the Epic Games Store. Now the Studio announced that on 23 September, a chance of a big change occurs. Furthermore, it will be predated through an extensive cross-platform – the latest updates will broadcast tomorrow.

Players are too excited for updates because they transfer in their chosen platform. Well, it’s essential to have Epic Games account to enable cross-platform progression, Also, it will abutment for “Support-a-creator” Epic’s program that offers players the freedom to support content accredited of creators through code enter, while buying from product shop.

Remember this fact, eligible creators get the opportunity to earn five percent when they prefer to purchase from codes. Check out the Epic news in this video:

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