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Sony’s Live Streaming of the “PlayStation 5 Event” will be Broadcast on 16 September


Sony announced an event on 16 September 2020, in which the showcase of the next “PlayStation 5” officially introduced. The event fluctuates on the upcoming games of PS5’s including the launching date.

Still, if you don’t plan to acquire the next-gen console, thus you’ll get a great opportunity to think again – finally determine its anticipated price as well as the PS5 release date. Also, you may get the answer to plentiful questions related to Sony such as launch lineup, compatibility, and so on.

Recently, Sony said in PlayStation Blog, “we aim to have a look at other enormous games of PS5 before the launch of PlayStation. Read the details related to when the event starts? How to watch? Or what are Sony’s expectations?

 How to Watch Live Events?

Sony will broadcast live PS5 events on its social media pages, such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, also on its official website of PlayStation. According to the PlayStation Blog post,  the expectations of the live stream are 40 minutes. Timing of Start the event:


  • 9 PM BST on September 16


  • 1 PM PT on September 16
  • 4 PM ET on September 16


  • 6 AM AET on September 17


What is the Expectations of the PlayStation 5 Event?

Particular information of PlayStation 5 is still confidential, for instance, its release date or actual market price. Somehow, it’s a probability that the information is like Microsoft has revealed of Xbox Series S or Series X. More importantly, Sony wants to provide the information in the event, in front of consumers before Xbox pre-orders starting from 22 September 2020.

Furthermore, other games like Demon’s Souls didn’t announce its release date until now, also the official date of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS5 version is still confidential. But the expectations of releases are after Microsoft system. Certainly, it’s like a big deal to announce the PS5 title in the coming event. Meanwhile, we will see the next-gen games price but the first one is $70.

As discussed above, Sony only shares the release information and its market price for PS5. On November 10, Microsoft will introduce the Xbox Series S or Series X. The expectations of Series S cost will be $300 whereas Series X cost will be $500.

Well, Sony has different strategies between the PS5 or PS5 Digital System is only its disc drive.


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