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Apeirophobia Roblox Wiki A Complete Walkthtough Guide [September]


In this updated guide we will give you a complete walkthrough of apeirophobia roblox. As we know there are many obstacles and you can die at any level. We have here given tips in this article till the end all the tips on how you can tackle all the problems and pass each level. So make sure that you read all the article and find solution to everything and pass through each level easily.

We have mentioned everything about secrets, tips, cheats and also have given scripts which will help you in gaining the ultimate energy like esp and stamina that you would need to complete all the stages.

Tip to beat level 4
If you want to beat the lvl4 just follow the blue pipes it’s 70% can help you out.
Level 4 (3) is actually kind of sad because if you don’t find the one exit you will surely drown to death in the never ending system of tunnels.

Here’s tips to beat level 5 (aka the cave one) – Map Guide

  1. You should never try to find the thing that’s making the “titititititititititi” sound that’s a skinstealer so be aware.
  2. You Should try to find the thing that’s making the “WOAWOAWOAWOA” sound that’s where the exit is.
  3. Must be careful and attentive as listening is very critical to this level because you can’t even see anything in this level.
  4. if there is such a case in which you can’t see anything in front of you with the flashlight. Then make the flashlight point at the ground to see a bit better which would be very helpful.


You should be staying in group so if you hear the “tititititititi” sound you’ll know it’s a skinstealer.

Also make the group formation in line instead of making a circle because if you make the formation in circle that’s just making the skinstealer’s job a whole lot easier.

Apeirophobia roblox All Jumpscares Level 1 to Level 5

Apeirophobia Roblox Script

Roblox Apeirophobia script

This script will give you infinite Stamina, Entity ESP and much more. You would need to execute the script to get instant infinite stamina, So try it now.

function apeirophobia() {
document.getElementById(“valid”).innerHTML = “Run”;