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Atomic Heart – How to Beat the Twins


The story of Atomic Heart is a thrilling saga of betrayal, deception, and amnesia, with the Twins serving as a prime example of these themes. As Agent P-3 grapples with uncovering their origins, he must also confront their relentless assault. To succeed, players must keep P-3 focused amidst the chaos of the battle.

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Understanding the Twins’ Tactics and Abilities

The Twins’ dual nature presents a unique challenge, requiring players to simultaneously fend off two distinct adversaries. Their move sets are diverse, with each Twin possessing abilities that complement the other’s attacks. This synergy makes the fight particularly challenging, as players must remain vigilant to avoid being overwhelmed.

Strategic Preparation and Loadout

Atomic Heart - How to Beat the Twins

Preparing for the Twins requires a carefully curated loadout. The Zvezdochka is the weapon of choice, upgraded for maximum damage and equipped with the Reverse Shot charge attack. Additionally, skills like Mass Telekinesis and Polymeric Shield are essential for controlling the battlefield and mitigating damage. Consumables like Dynamo and Condensed Milk further enhance P-3’s combat capabilities.

Executing the Battle Plan

During the battle, players should focus on lifting one Twin at a time with Mass Telekinesis and using the Zvezdochka’s Reverse Shot charge attack to deal damage. The Polymeric Shield can be activated to absorb incoming attacks while allowing P-3 to regenerate energy. Dodging and maneuvering are crucial for avoiding the Twins’ devastating assaults.

The Twins’ Formidable Attacks

Atomic Heart - How to Beat the Twins

The Twins’ attacks are varied and deadly, ranging from energy waves and slashes to polymer boulders and laser beams. Each attack requires a specific strategy to evade or counter, adding to the complexity of the battle. Players must remain agile and aware of their surroundings to emerge victorious.

Persistence and Adaptation

Conquering the Twins requires patience and perseverance. Players may need to retry the battle multiple times to understand the Twins’ attack patterns fully. Adapting your strategy based on each attempt’s outcome is crucial for devising a winning plan.

Battle Strategy

  1. Focus Fire: Concentrate your attacks on one Twin at a time to reduce the overall threat.
  2. Use Mass Telekinesis: Lift one or both Twins into the air to create openings for attacks.
  3. Utilize Zvezdochka’s Charge Attack: Target the lifted Twin with the Reverse Shot for maximum damage.
  4. Activate Polymeric Shield: Protect yourself during close-quarters combat and recharge energy.
  5. Maintain Energy and Health: Use Dynamos and Medcapsules to stay in the fight.

Twins’ Attack Patterns

  • Energy Wave: Jump or dodge to avoid the circular wave.
  • Energy Slash: Dodge or jump over the energy slashes.
  • Energy Ribbon: Jump or dash to evade the spinning energy ribbon.
  • Polymer Boulder: Dodge just before impact or use Polymeric Shield to absorb it.
  • Polymer Splash: Use Polymeric Shield to avoid damage from the boulder impact and splash.
  • Laser Beams: Dodge to the sides to evade the laser attacks.
  • Laser Prism: Move around the prism to stay within the safe zone.


Are there specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities to exploit during the Twins’ battle?

The Twins do not have any significant vulnerabilities. However, using fire or ice cartridges can slightly enhance damage output.

Can I focus on defeating one Twin before engaging the other?

Yes, players can focus their attacks on one Twin to reduce the overall threat. However, both Twins share a health pool, so their health will even out if one is significantly damaged.

What is the best strategy for avoiding the Twins’ attacks?

Utilize dodges, jumps, and the Polymeric Shield to evade the Twins’ attacks effectively. Staying mobile and aware of their attack patterns is key to survival.

How important is it to upgrade weapons and abilities before facing the Twins?

Upgrading weapons and abilities is highly recommended to improve damage output and survivability during the battle.

Can environmental hazards be used against the Twins?

Yes, environmental hazards such as explosive barrels can be utilized to deal damage to the Twins. However, these opportunities are limited and require careful timing.

Is there a specific ending or reward for defeating the Twins?

Yes, defeating the Twins can lead to the “Good Ending” in Atomic Heart, making the battle a crucial milestone in the game’s narrative.


While the Twins’ formidable arsenal may seem overwhelming, mastering their attack patterns and utilizing the right tactics can lead you to victory. By staying focused, utilizing your abilities effectively, and maintaining a strategic approach, you can overcome this challenging encounter and uncover more of Atomic Heart’s captivating story.