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Apple is about to launch 16”+ MacBook Pro and 32” 6K monitor


The rumors have come from a pretty reliable source – Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and this report has come through a research note acquired by MacRumors. Now sure whether is tangible at this point of not but it is out there nonetheless so we have to talk about it. As you have clicked on this article so obviously you are either an Apple lover or planning on buying laptop.

We know Apple’s laptop game is quite strong, although with the recent design language they have used in their new models with flushed keyboards and only USB-C ports, the sales have not dropped. Unlike the iPhone and iPad numbers that were somewhat average compared to prior years’ numbers.

Recent launch of the MacBook Air has gotten some traction on the company’s side. But this year, as per the report, Apple is going to be releasing a first time ever, 16” – 16.5” MacBook Pro models. This will be a drastic change the MacBook users have been looking for. Especially the creative heads who can never have enough screen real estate. These are going to be two of the biggest laptops released by the company since the 17” MacBook Pro stopped back in 2012.

Now the report is also indicating at a 13” model with the support of 32 GB RAM as of now only 15” models can be configured to that amount. But I don’t think any of us should be expecting a new design. Maybe for the 16.5” model though, but I have a reason to say that, the screen is going to be quite massive and either Apple is going to add the numpad on the right-hand side or shortcut keys for media or creative controls.

I know I am speculating but these things are all viable given the size of the machine. The bezel will be smaller as the current MacBooks do but the rest of the body and style will be reminiscent of the current models. Unibody, and silvery goodness but I would love to see a Matte Black MacBook Pro, I would very much like that.

Let’s talk about the Mac Pro, and boy do people have some sour feelings about the current model. Everyone expected a modular design with upgradable parts but that didn’t happen and all of our dreams were crushed. Now though, the news is different as the company has said itself that new Mac Pro will be coming with “easy to upgrade components” which means that the company is working on internal parts inventory as well. I don’t think that Apple is going to allow after market or even third-party parts in their desktop, so maybe we should be ready for some super expensive RAM cards and insane GPUs.

The good news is that it is going to be 31.6”, 6K screen, and since Apple has discontinued its last monitor, the Thunderbolt Display back in 2016 so the only option current users have to be content with is 27” LG UltraFine 5K. Given that Apple doesn’t like to be associated with other companies, they were probably thinking about letting go of LG and come up with their design.

All we have to do now, is wait and wait for more rumors and from variable sources to see which rumors will pan out. Let the rumors begin and hope that we get to see bigger MacBook Pros.

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