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Armored Core 6 – How to Beat Ayre


In Armored Core 6, if you’re anything like me and somehow make every bad choice, you’ll have to battle Ayre, also known as IB-07: SOL 644 / Ayre. She initially becomes Contact after the last mission of Chapter 1, and throughout most of the game’s narrative, she stays as an ally. She continues to be an ally in two of the game’s ways, but in the “Fires of Raven” ending path, she transforms into the game’s ultimate boss. You may learn how to defeat Ayre in Armoured Core 6 by reading this article:

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Ayre Attacks

Phase 1:

Ayre tends to fire her homing coral projectiles immediately after boosting, and they are best avoided by strafing swiftly to the left or right. You can use a quick boost to get further away from them if needed. To get closer, Ayre would sprint around and use her Coral blades to chop through the player’s AC. To avoid these, quickly boost past and diagonally towards the part of her that isn’t releasing an energy blade.

She can switch arms and combine these slashes. Therefore, players who lack the stamina or time to continue quickly boosting may want to think about staying back and using rapid boost to prevent Ayre from approaching closely enough. Ayre’s Coral Rifle will also discharge blasts, which can be dodged by strafing to either side.

Ayre uses her last blow in this vicious boss fight phase to change her AC into a bird form and charge at the player. One way to avoid this is to quickly boost to the left or right, or jump with their legs in reverse to go over the charge. Since this charge causes such severe harm, avoiding it should be your first concern.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat Ayre

Phase 2:

Ayre will enter phase 2 (marked by a brief moment of slow motion) and boost swiftly away from the player after reaching half health. Then, with two crimson replicas of herself in the air, Ayre will leap toward the player while brandishing coral blades. One way to avoid these is to accelerate forward and move between the two slashes quickly. Ayre counters this strike with a charging slash, which can be sidestepped similarly to her phase 1 melee combinations.

She will use this attack from time to time in phase 2. Following this, Ayre will start employing a few new tricks in addition to her phase 1 assault.  In the first of them, she executes a modified dash similar to what she did in phase 1, but with a risky follow-up assault. You can jump over it or quickly boost to the side to avoid this. She will circle back after the first dash and produce multiple red copies of herself, which will charge and explode for the player.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat Ayre

One can avoid these by strafing and boosting in the opposite direction as the one she is flying in. She will then charge in at the player, however, this can usually be avoided by strafing sideways as before or by quickly boosting to the side if it appears she won’t miss. Additionally, Ayre may now charge up a crimson energy beam that, if it connects, causes a ton of damage. When her pistol starts to accumulate red energy, it means she is charging her attack.

Players should quickly boost to the side when she is done charging to clear her path. Ayre may also fire explosive rounds while making a wildly erratic sprint into the air. The best method to avoid these is to back away while she’s doing this and keep moving because they will explode after a little delay.

Best Build to Beat Ayre

To defeat Ayre, players need arm themselves with weapons that can shoot many missiles at once or fire rapidly. This will facilitate piercing her Pulse Armor and facilitate stabbing her. Her legs with reverse joints also let her move more freely and dodge her quick strikes more easily.

The configuration listed below is ideal for handling Ayre:

Right Hand SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
Left Hand SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
Right Shoulder SONGBIRDS
Left Shoulder PB-033M ASHMEAD
Booster IA-C01B: GILLS
Generator VP-20S
Expansion Pulse Armor

With shotguns in each hand, this setup quickly penetrates Ayre’s Pulse Armor in phase 1 and builds up ACS Strain on her in both phases, making it very simple for players to stun her. Players should rush in when they are stunned, switching ASHMEAD Pile Bunker to their left hand for a charged attack. These charged blows can quickly empty Ayre’s health bar and do much damage.

Armored Core 6 - How to Beat Ayre

This design, with its reverse-jointed legs, can leap over Ayre’s charging assaults and coral blade swings when needed, offering a crucial backup dodge if the player’s AC runs out of boost energy. When Ayre becomes motionless following an attack, the SONGBIRDS are an excellent way to deal her further ACS Strain.

If players run out of energy at the wrong moment, Pulse Armor is a helpful expansion that can stop Ayre’s homing missiles and, when engaged, refill the ACS Strain meter to prevent staggering. In order to stun Ayre if she gets too close for a melee strike, players could also switch this out for Assault Armor.


How do you dodge Ayre in AC6?

In an attempt to get closer, Ayre would sprint around and use her Coral blades to chop through the player’s AC. To avoid these, quickly boost past and diagonally towards the part of her that isn’t releasing an energy blade.

Is Armored Core 6 as hard as Dark Souls?

It should come as no surprise that Armored Core 6 is difficult given that it is a From Software game. Many players, however, were unprepared for how challenging it would be; some even assert that it’s more challenging than Dark Souls.

What is the weakness of the sea spider in Armored Core 6?

The ACS Strain can be used against the Sea Spider by placing SONGBIRDS grenade launchers or a 10-cell missile launcher on the shoulders of the AC. For this purpose, explosive weapons in the right hand are also quite effective. Melee is the best option for dealing the most damage once staggered.

How do you avoid lasers in Armored Core 6?

This! traverse beneath the bridge When you reach the end, boost under the platform directly in front of you to avoid the instantaneous laser lock on. First, clear the drones out of your line of sight. Next, hop under the bridge and land on each platform (they’re tiny).

Is Armored Core 6 fast or slow?

In the lightning-fast game Armored Core 6, you must constantly outwit and outsmart your opponents. In light of this, you should try to travel as efficiently as possible through each stage.