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Armored Core 6 – How to Get Ost Chips


Armored Core 6 introduces OS Tuning Chips, an all-new way to improve your Core. The abilities and skills required to win the game can be exchanged for these chips. Using this method, you can get several things that were free in previous games. You now have to invest time to unlock these powers, which will be well worth it. This tutorial will teach you how to get ost chips in armored core 6:

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How Do OST Chips Work In Armored Core 6?

As previously indicated, one of your main progression-based commodities are OST Chips, which offer a number of vital improvements to the OS of your mech, which houses all of your equipment and skills. These improvements, which range from enhancing mobility, offensive, defense, healing, and other combat-oriented attributes, can be extensions, system unlocks, or fundamental expansions.

  • The prerequisites for each unlocking upgrade obtained from OST Chips will vary, and some upgrades obtained through the OS Tuning menu can be equipped or unequipable.
  • With the ability to alter specific features like damage and attack control for every hand and shoulder weapon, this gives you more control over your mech.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get Ost Chips

  • Additionally, you can use OST Chips to upgrade and unlock several versions of some improvements. For example, the Assault Armour upgrade has both an offensive and defensive armour form.
  • Naturally, via the previously described Tuning menu, you are only able to equip one of these versions.
  • In addition, rumours are circulating that some of these detachable OST upgrades may be refunded.

How to Unlock OST Chips

Like previous Armoured Core games, completing missions in the Arena is the standard way to find OST Chips in AC6. In the Arena, which resembles a battlefield, you can engage in 1v1 battles against tough AI mechs to win OST Chips, opponent AC data, and opponent insignia. Depending on the game is length, you can also come across additional mech to battle.

  • Every Arena combat will detail the mech you will face in advance, their history, advantages and disadvantages, and prizes for defeating them.
  • In addition, you will receive COAM, a currency that you can use to purchase various accessories like as boosters, guns, legs, and more.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get Ost Chips

  • In addition, in-game missions with optional side objectives provide an additional means of obtaining OST Chips and discoverable weaponry and other materials.

How to Obtain OS Tuning Chips

There are various methods for unlocking OS Tuning Chips. You have to be selective about what you unlock and when because you can’t grind them. You can obtain OS Tuning Chips most easily by going to the Arena. You engage in rather simple PVE combat here.

You will receive different rewards for each battle depending on your Arena Battle Rank. You’ll start with one chip and end up with three on average. In the later game conflicts, six or eight chips should be expected. Furthermore, you can upgrade your AC by using the chips that are awarded to you at the end of Chapters 1 and 5, two of the game’s most significant moments. Ultimately, Assembly Battles are a brand-new set of combat in New Game+.

Armored Core 6 - How to Get Ost Chips

These bouts don’t present much of a challenge, but the payouts are higher. Here, you will typically receive ten OS Tuning Chips. Armoured Core 6 does not allow traditional farming, but if you concentrate on these solo missions, you can obtain all the chips required to improve your construction.


How many ost are in Armored Core 6?

The mechs’ dynamic and intense combat, which take place on the far-off planet of Rubicon 3, are accompanied by 47 songs from the OST, which may be listened to for more than two hours.

What do you do after finishing Armored Core 6?

In reality, the game returns the player to the beginning as soon as the credits roll, taking their fully-customized and improved mech into the first task that comes after the opening scene.

Is there PVP in Armored Core 6?

After finishing the challenging campaign of the game, players will want to test their customised machines in PVP mode to see how they stack up against the opposition. Player-versus-player warfare is a feature in Armoured Core 6, which gives players the opportunity to use their well honed machines to capture Rubicon.

How many endings are in Armored Core 6?

After achieving all three of AC6’s endings, you can earn the “Stargazer” achievement—which is given for doing every mission in the game—by following the suggested task flow that is detailed below.

How do you get moonlight armored in Core 6?

The mission “Reach the Coral Convergence” leads to the location of the Moonlight Blade. It’s under the broken bridge, hidden inside a chest. The chest is guarded by several mono-wheel MTs, which are difficult to take out in one piece.