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Armored Core 6 – How to Unlock Arena


Players can take on challenging boss battles in the Armored Core 6 Arena to gain valuable rewards. Naturally, the Arena, a series mainstay game mode, is one of them. Many of the other ACs you encounter throughout the game can be faced off against you in the Arena. You may learn how to access the arena in Armoured Core 6 by reading this article:

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What is Arena Mode?

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Arena mode is a unique game where you fight other mechs in duels for points and prestige. The Armored Core 6 mode presents itself as a series of simulations whereby mercs can pit their prowess against other autonomous ACs.

Armored Core 6 - How to Unlock Arena

You get some credits and other benefits when you win a match. However, it also lets you move up the ranks, which corresponds to your mercenary’s title and level of expertise. You will have to beat several opponents in succession to get through each rank. This starts at Rank F with three opponents and gets bigger from there. Every rank’s final opponent is typically the most challenging. But if you defeat them, your rating will rise.

Armoured Core 6’s arena ranks are as follows:

  • Rank A –  These fighters are the real deal. These AC builds will be aggressive, punishing, and optimized; to overcome them, you’ll need to be skilled and precise.
  • Rank B – The beginning of the higher tiers. It takes a great deal of talent and commitment to defeat opponents here. They are essentially comparable to bosses in the mid-tier, like Sulla.
  • Rank C – This is where rivals start to become more formidable. Here, adversaries have cleverly constructed ACs that can fill specialized roles that call for redesign and education to overcome.
  • Rank D – A notable improvement in quality. These opponents will employ skills like Assault Armor and Pulse Armor and have more durable AC designs.
  • Rank F – The lowest standing. It is simple to take out these ACs.
  • Rank E – Here, your opponents are a little more formidable, applying greater pressure to you through movement and weaponry.
  • Rank S – The most deadly opponents on the planet. These pilots are the best in the business, and defeating them requires a great deal of commitment, cunning, and skill.

How to Unlock Arena Fights

In Armored Core 6, Chapter 1, you will engage in Operation Wallclimber. You can then reach the Arena by finishing another quest after this. Here, you can engage in simulated one-on-one combat with other ACs. You will receive cash rewards for winning these battles, but more importantly, OST Chips.

As you take an opponent’s spot in the rankings each time you win, it will also raise your Arena rank. There will only be three Arena battles available to you at start. You have to keep getting better in the main campaign in order to unlock additional.

Armored Core 6 - How to Unlock Arena

In the original Arena edition, there were 29 bosses. You can battle 12 far more formidable opponents in a new Arena after you get new game plus.Similar like the original Arena, this one gradually unlocks once the campaign is finished. To access the last Arena bouts, you must complete Chapter 4 on your third playthrough (new game plus plus).


How do you unlock PVP in Armored Core 6?

Yes, Armored Core 6 has PvP, which it refers to as NEST. You must complete Chapter 2 of the main story in order to access NEST. A brief tale sequence will then begin, and a window letting you know that you can access NEST will appear.

Will Armored Core 6 be multiplayer?

The much-lauded FromSoftware game boasts an excellent campaign, but there’s a hidden multiplayer element as well. Although multiplayer is available in Armored Core 6, many users are unaware of it since they are unaware that it must be unlocked.

How many missions are in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6 has 59 missions in all, spread over five chapters. Depending on your choices made during the game, you can reach one of three possible endings. Forty-two of these tasks are exclusive to your initial playthrough, therefore not

Who is the final boss in Armored Core 6?

The artificial intelligence that has given 621 a safe haven in between missions from the game’s inception, ALLMIND, is the last boss of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon’s New Game++.

What is cel 240 weakness Armored Core 6?

The Ibis Series CEL 240 is a rather swift aircraft that travels in sweeping patterns that are fairly predictable. Its many mid-air pauses to prepare for its next attack are its sole obvious vulnerability. Taking advantage of the delay is the key to this build in order to stagger the boss frequently and hit it hard.