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Dead Island 2 – Best Weapon Mods and Perks


One of the few ways that Dead Island 2 lets users personalize their gameplay is through Weapon Mods and Perks. Upgrades of different kinds can be combined with weapons to increase their effects or change the damage they deal. In addition to the materials required to build these modifications on your preferred weapon, you must also locate the corresponding blueprint to make it. The finest weapon mods and perks in Dead Island 2 are explained in this article:

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Best Weapon Mods

Superior Melee Liquidator Mod

Dead Island 2 - Best Weapon Mods and Perks

Any mod that gives your weapon the Liquidator effect will cause it to begin doing Caustic damage. Although all elements are beneficial, Caustic is the best option because very few zombies are resistant to this kind of damage. This mod functions well when attached to a weapon with a high rate of attack, such as a dagger or brass knuckles, since status affects accumulate through repeated hits. You can obtain the Blood Rage Legendary dagger by finishing the “Fool’s Gold” Lost and Found quest, which also yields this reward.

Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod

Regarding more conventional elemental modifications, we prefer the Electrocutor modifications above the others. Under normal conditions, shocking a zombie is already very effective because it stuns them and can spread to nearby zombies. Only when there is water close by does the situation improve, which is more often than you may imagine. Just watch out that when the sparks fly, you’re not the one who gets soaked. By finishing the Venice Beach sidequest “Dez and the Mother of Satan,” you can obtain this mod.

Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod

Although bleeding isn’t the most visually appealing or thrilling status, it works on almost all enemies you’ll encounter and depletes their health as well to anything else. This time, the ranged version of the mod is being highlighted since, in addition to having a damage boost, it also performs incredibly well with an automatic weapon.

Obtaining this mod is more difficult. It is located along Hollywood Boulevard in the Theater Box Office Safe, but the tricky part is obtaining the key. Nick, a zombie, is in possession of the key, although it is entirely random where and when he spawns in this hub.

Superior Melee Mutilator Mod

Dead Island 2 - Best Weapon Mods and Perks

Weakening foes is an added benefit of the Mutilator mod and a little damage boost. Contrary to the name, this indicates that stamina is restored with each strike you land, not that zombies deal or absorb less damage. This mod will keep you hitting those big, charged attacks that you love to use. The Superior Melee Mutilator Mod is secured in a safe, just like the previous mod. This one is kept in the hotel’s Serling Reception Safe. Somewhere in the Lotusville Mall, another random zombie is holding the key.

Best Weapon Perks


We’ll clarify the differences between the Leech and Vampire perks in Dead Island 2, in case you’re wondering why there are two of them. Without a doubt, leech is the better choice. It accomplishes what you would expect it to do, which is to give you a chance to recover some health each time a zombie is damaged. This will provide you with a regenerative method of regaining health throughout the game, saving you a ton of medkits, if not respawns.

Dead Island 2 - Best Weapon Mods and Perks

You won’t even need to try to unlock this perk, thus getting it is also quite simple. You must finish the Leechblade Challenge, which requires you to use melee weapons to kill 100 zombies, in order to obtain it.


What does the vampire do, then, if Leech heals on impact? Well, it makes every zombie you kill healthier. That’s obviously not quite as good, but it’s still a great method to save medicine packets and health. Furthermore, you can compound the benefits by applying both advantages to a weapon!

Dead Island 2 - Best Weapon Mods and Perks

The Vampire Challenge is linked to the Vampire Perk. This challenge won’t even let you to start until you arrive to Venice Beach and have the ability to gather zombie parts. To receive the benefit, gather 200 of them as soon as you can.

Static Charge

Since you may only use it on weapons that have an Electrocutor Mod, like the ones we mentioned before, this is a more specialized perk. This bonus increases the amount of electricity you deal with each strike and causes zombies to fire electric shocks when they are struck repeatedly. To receive this benefit, simply deal 50 zombies the Electrified condition.


You’ll probably utilise Fury mode whenever a special infection you don’t want to deal with appears once you’ve unlocked it. The best part is that returning to Fury mode is always the wisest course of action because each attack you land in Fury restores some health.

With this perk, you can release your anger more frequently because it raises the amount of Fury you accumulate with each zombie killed. This last bonus is dependent on finishing a side mission. The one in question is located on the Ocean Avenue map and is titled “Lending a Hand.”


What is the best weapon element in Dead Island 2?

Although all elements are beneficial, Caustic is the best option because very few zombies are resistant to this kind of damage.

What is the balanced weapon perk in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, the unusual weapon perk known as Balanced is present. It is possible to use heavy attacks as the primary source of damage because the perk makes heavy attacks charge up faster and consume less stamina. You can get the benefit by getting it for free from Carlos Salazar.

Who is the best throwing character in Dead Island 2?

Amy is the most agile person I know, so if you want to be deft with your movements, she’s your gal. She is proficient in ranged combat and has a quick switch between weapons. She regains stamina when she throws a weapon, and striking solitary zombies grants her a slight damage boost.

What is the big shot perk in Dead Island 2?

Big Shot is the ideal weapon for any player who wishes to do the most damage while using the least amount of effort. This weapon not only has a set weapon mod that increases force and physical damage, but it also explodes on impact with every bullet you fire.