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Street Fighter 6 – How to Get Colors


Players of Street character 6 can customize the color of their character costumes, but doing so comes at a cost. Street Fighter 6 has 126 different clothing colors and 18 main-roster fighters, thus it could easily become a fashion show with a martial arts theme.  However, it seems that certain players require a fashion intervention as it can be difficult to unlock clothing colors. You can learn how to obtain colors in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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Best Locations to Find Dyes and Colors

In World Tour Mode, the majority of dye spawning seems random, however they aren’t. Certain areas of the city are better places for particular dyes to spawn. Examine the following regions:

  • White Dye – Go to Bayside Park and Beat Street. There are NPCs in the area who will drop the dye.
  • Blue Dye – Near Luke’s training centre.
  • Red Dye – Around Chinatown, where you first meet Chun-li.
  • Black Dye – On Faith Avenue near the police station.
  • Yellow Dye – Chanko House by E. Hona’s restaurant.
  • Light Dye – Dropped by NPCs near the Master’s Foundation Building.
  • Green Dye – Around Urban Park. It can be mixed in with other rewards for Fight Tickets.
  • Brown Dye – Made Gang Hideout near the Hado-Pizza mini-game.

You can change the color of your clothes for a few Zennys when you get some dyes and go to the stores. Fighting Ground and other game mechanics won’t provide you with any more dyes.

How to Unlock All Outfit Colors

In Street Fighter 6, players must buy colors for their characters from the Shop using 1,000 Drive Tickets or 50 Fighter Coins. Sadly, there is presently no way to get these colors through gameplay; your only alternatives are to grind for Drive Tickets or utilize microtransactions.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Colors

Since outfit colors 1 and 2 are already available, each combatant at the Shop has access to seven different patterns, which range in color from color 3 to color 9. Therefore, users would need to use either 126,000 Drive Tickets or 6,300 Fighter Coins in order to unlock all 126 SF6 colors.

It is advised that gamers purchase outfit colors in bundles rather than as separate deals if they wish to save money. This is due to the 10% discount that each package offers, which, when compared to purchasing colors separately, can save you up to 630 FC and 12,600 Drive Tickets.

How to Get Colors in World Tour

Microtransactions are not needed for the colors of avatar outfits. By gathering dyes, players can access new colors and patterns in the World Tour mode. Players can alter their appearance in apparel stores by using dyes, which are dropped from enemies and rewards from loot boxes.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Colors

It’s crucial to understand that various dye bottles are mixed to create each Avatar color. Players need to use the correct components in order to get the desired hue. For example, in order to get the orange costume color, players must gather and combine separate batches of yellow and red dye.

How to Unlock Additional Colors

In Street Fighter 6, both colors and outfits can be obtained after a lot of labor, but those who are prepared to improve their skills will immediately obtain some. No more money is needed because everyone who bought Street Fighter 6 Deluxe or Ultimate editions will immediately be able to access more colors.

There is an additional option available to people who don’t possess any special editions or don’t want to pay for any passes that give them access to extra colors for characters they won’t use. From the main menu, you can purchase colors with 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Coins apiece by going to the in-game shop. While they are awarded slowly, players can obtain Drive Coins in Street Fighter 6 by finishing the daily and weekly tasks.

Remember that Drive Coins can also be used to buy cosmetics in the Battle Hub, so before committing, be sure it’s something you truly desire. On the other hand, there is currently no means to acquire Fighter Coins through in-game gameplay; instead, they can only be bought with real money.


How do you unlock costumes in Street Fighter 6?

Purchasing the alternate outfits for Street Fighter 6 with Fighter Coins is the quickest way to unlock them. Costumes are available for 50 Fighter Coins, and the cost is the same for other colors. These are real money items, though.

How do you unlock classic outfits in SF6?

Players must obtain 100 bonding points in the World Tour mode in order to acquire the Classic Costume for that particular character. Bonding points can be obtained via conversing to masters, engaging in combat with them, and finishing side missions.

How do you unlock Chun Li costume in SF6?

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li’s iconic attire may be unlocked in two different methods. Using Fighter Coins, which you can obtain by exchanging them for actual money, is the first method. Those who are opposed to this approach, however, can enter World Tour mode and complete the required objectives to unlock her retro appearance.

Is SF6 beginner friendly?

Given that it boasts the greatest player base of any fighting game ever, it’s the greatest option for novices. by a significant amount.

Who is the easiest character in SF6?

Luke. Luke would be our choice if we didn’t already know your preferences. Luke is the archetypal Shoto, serving as the game’s pseudo-primary character (Ryu will always be the main character, regardless of who is on the box). His DP is dependable, and his fireball game is virtually unrivaled.