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How to Get the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart


In Atomic Heart, you are tasked with finding a traitor who is responsible for a robotic catastrophe; but, getting to him will not be an easy endeavor. You will face a variety of challenges along the way. As soon as the robots become aware of your presence, you will be encircled by them, and in order to eliminate them, you will need a huge arsenal of various types of weaponry. If you are playing Atomic Heart, you can acquire a Makarov Pistol (MP) by following the guidelines in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Get the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart

Your first option to the shotgun in terms of firearms will be the Makarov Pistol, and there is a good reason to think about getting one. It has a far greater rate of fire than your shotgun, and astronauts have used it in space. It does decent damage before being improved. Why do they even bother carrying guns into space? For homicides committed in space that take place outside of jurisdiction, most likely.

The MP is a weapon that can be missed and can be obtained in the very first mission you complete. As soon as you get face to face with Petrov, he will flee and then shut the door behind him. After dispatching the Pchela and Laborer robots that swarm you, proceed upstairs to the room where you’ll need to grab the orange ball known as a Candle from the red table that’s been set up there.

How to Get the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart

Chirper can be found next to the Candle, but the most important thing to do is turn around and look at the desk where the dead soldier is seated. As you get closer to him, you will notice the Makarov Pistol lying on the ground next to him, next to the hand that is hanging limp. This is a piece of world-building that gives off a sinister vibe. If you are unable to see him, use your glove to make a sucking motion near him, and the Makarov Pistol (MP) will come straight to you.

The most advantageous aspect of it is that it can be discovered in the very first task of the game, when you are looking for Petrov, the man who is responsible for the robotic revolt. It is obtainable in the course of the “In Hot Pursuit” quest that is available in the game.

After you have spoken with him, he will bolt out of the warehouse and shut the door behind him, requiring you to look for another way to get around the obstacle. Proceed upward through the stairway on your left, and as you go, remove any Pchela and Laborer robots that you come across along the route.

Take the orange ball that is referred to as the candle and place it on the red handle that is highlighted by the marker. The door should now open. Next, ascend the stairway that is to your right in order to get into the room that is on your left.

You will find a dead soldier in this area, sitting in the chair that is close to the desk. You can discover the Makarov Pistol laying on the ground next to the soldier that you encountered before. You will not have any further problems if you retrieve the pistol using your Polymer Glove. Unfortunately, the handgun does not yet have any ammo in it; but, as the game progresses further, you will be able to acquire upgrades and ammo for the weapon.


What is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart?

When players are hunting for the greatest melee weapon to utilize throughout the length of Atomic Heart, they will discover that they have struck gold when they eventually locate the recipe for the Zvezdochka. Players will be able to use this weapon to their full potential. This hefty melee weapon performs the same function as the Snowball, but significantly more effectively.

Is the MP good in Atomic Heart?

MP (Pistol)

The MP is a somewhat underpowered handgun when it is first unlocked for use. Simply said, it does not cause enough damage to warrant choosing it over one of the available alternatives. However, after completing the Muzzle Brake barrel upgrade and equipping Extended Magazine, the MP transforms into one of the most effective eco guns in Atomic Heart, allowing players to save a significant amount of resources.

Is the railgun worth it in Atomic Heart?

The Railgun is the most effective long-range weapon in the game because, in addition to the fact that it draws its power from your suit rather than having to worry about running out of ammunition like the Electro does, its damage is sufficient to render even the most tenacious foe speechless.

What is the hardest difficulty in Atomic Heart?

When you start up Atomic Heart for the first time, you will see that there are three different difficulty settings for you to select from. Atomic Heart has three difficulty levels, with Peaceful Atom being the lowest, Local Failure being the medium, and Armageddon being the worst.

How many levels are in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart has enough gameplay to keep players happy, interested, and involved in the alternate universe USSR, in which Russian technology and proficiency in robotics have surpassed that of the rest of the world. The game features over 40 missions, with side material of varied lengths, and there is enough gameplay in Atomic Heart to keep players satisfied.