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How to Get Good Ending in Atomic Heart


The events that take place during Atomic Heart revolve around Agent P-3, a Soviet soldier who has no recollection of his previous life. In spite of this, Dr. Sechenov, a bright but evil doctor who is in charge of most of P-3’s missions in Atomic Heart, can always count on him to be a trustworthy bloodhound. P-3, however, begins to gently begin questioning his own and Dr. Sechenov’s behavior as a result of the gentle Socratic approaches utilized by Charles, the AI glove companion worn by P-3. Even though Atomic Heart has more than one conclusion, by the time Agent P-3 has figured out how he got himself into this mess, he doesn’t have many choices left. You will learn in this essay how to obtain a satisfying conclusion in Atomic Heart. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Good Ending in Atomic Heart

In the event that Agent P-3 makes the decision to go on the offensive against Dr. Sechenov, he will be engaging in a titanic conflict against insurmountable odds. It will be up to him to take on Dr. Sechenov all by himself. That additionally means that he needs to make it past the doctor’s two most dangerous bodyguards, Left and Right. P-3 gains new knowledge about Left and Right and even has a conversation with his wife while the conflict is in progress. He gradually becomes aware of everything that Dr. Sechenov, Zakharov, and even his own mind have been concealing from him throughout this entire process.

How to Get Good Ending in Atomic Heart

After Agent P-3 has been victorious in his battle against Left and Right, he quickly fires a shot into Dr. Sechenov’s abdomen. After that, the doctor divulges information to P-3 on Zakharov’s drawn-out lie. It has come to light that Zakharov was the one who all along had been responsible for dispatching P-3 to Limbo in order to launch his deadly rampages.

After this, Zakharov reveals himself to be who he really is by almost suffocating P-3 with heat and then fleeing into the neighboring Neuro-Polymer body. He then launches into a well-rehearsed speech on the impending extinction of the human race and the subsequent stage in the evolution of humanity. After that, he kills Dr. Sechenov and makes his escape.

How to Get Good Ending in Atomic Heart

P-3 finally comes to in Limbo, where he hears his wife pleading with him to come back to her. He raises his head to gaze at her. She is currently residing in the body of Right and is approaching him from a higher vantage point. She reaches out for him, and as their hands meet, the game is over.


What is the good ending for Atomic Heart?

We have two options: either we can choose to stand with Sechenov and walk away from the issue, or we can choose to bring an end to things once and for all by bringing down the manipulative mastermind and putting an end to his conspiracy to control people’s minds.

Is there a secret ending for Atomic Heart?

The video game Atomic Heart does not have a hidden ending, unfortunately.

During Charles’ monologue in the happy ending, one of the fantastic feline monsters makes an appearance. This should have tipped you off that something is amiss.

What is the twist ending of the Atomic Heart?

After a brief discussion, P-3 will engage in combat with both brothers, ultimately victorious, and proceed to shoot Sechenov. On the other hand, this is the point at which the plot’s most unexpected turn takes place. During the time that Sechenov is pleading for his life, he admits that he never ever sent P-3 into Limbo. He did not frame Molotov for the murder of Filatova or coerce him into doing so.

Why is Atomic Heart so hyped?

Since the introduction of the game in 2018, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding its release, and for good cause. Atomic Heart is a video game that takes place in an offbeat, retrofuturistic setting and features a novel combination of first-person shooter and role-playing game mechanics.

Will there be Atomic Heart 2?

Now, in an effort to put that disappointing information out of one’s mind and focus on the future, it has been revealed that Mundfish, the company that developed the game, has confirmed that there are plans to create Atomic Heart 2.