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Balancing Act: Examining the Intersection of Marijuana and Anxiety


The history of the 20th century is full of ideological wars, one of which ends before our eyes at the beginning of the 21st century. This is a cannabis war that began with bans in various American states in the early 20th century:

  • In one camp, there were politicians and businessmen. They were hindered by cheap hemp, from which many products, both food and industrial, could be produced.
  • In the other camp, there were doctors who used cannabis to treat many diseases and various ethnic groups for whom it was an excellent recreational tool.

How Anxiety Provoked a Dispute Between Politicians and Doctors 

Politicians argued that the use of marijuana causes anxiety and, as a result, the commission of crimes. Doctors objected to them, debating that just the opposite is true: cannabis effectively blocks all the negative processes that occur in the human brain, including anxiety. 

The decision to ban marijuana came at a time when tinctures of this valuable medicinal herb and other pharmacological forms were widely sold in pharmacies in many countries. They saved people from:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Depressions
  • Post-traumatic disorders and many other neurological diseases

The doctors lost the first rounds of the battle. At that time, there were no significant scientific studies that could confirm the positive experience of the medical practice of using marijuana.

How Youth Made a Dramatic Contribution to Marijuana’s Victory

However, prohibition and propaganda based on false data could not ruin the reputation of marijuana. This herb has many thousands of years of helping humanity, so information about its benefits simply could not be hidden. And in the early 60s, the hippie movement raised cannabis to its banners. The youth argued that marijuana does not make people aggressive and restless but, on the contrary, peaceful, calm, and happy. Today, the best weed shop in the UK continues to develop the ideas of this movement and inspires others by offering cannabis products from the finest marijuana strains.

New Wave of Medical Research

The hippie movement, which united the youth of many countries around the world, has generated a new surge of interest in cannabis in medical circles. And already in the late 70s, scientists began to present to the public new data on the benefits of cannabis for the treatment of many diseases, not only mental but many others.

How Cannabis Helps Overcome Anxiety

The ability of marijuana to relieve anxiety and irritability has been studied in relation to different strains of marijuana. After all, this plant contains more than 80 cannabinoids, which are presented in various proportions in hundreds of strains.

  • One of the most important medicinal components, which is cannabidiol (CBD), was isolated back in the 1940s.
  • The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was discovered in 1964, and this accelerated further scientific research. 

Doctors have shown that it is these two components that are most responsible for the positive impact on the human brain:

  • THC stimulates neurotransmitters, mimics endogenous cannabinoids, and leads to high states, positive mood, and happiness.
  • CBD, on the contrary, slows down mental processes. And when the intensification of various negative phenomena begins in the brain that leads to anxiety, nervousness, irritability, etc., cannabidiol slows down and completely stops them, clearing space for calmness, optimism, and faith in one’s strength and the people around.

Both of these components are important in dealing with anxiety as CBD relieves anxiety attacks and makes a person calm down, and THC opens up new perspectives and opportunities for a better life.

Why Marijuana Is So Important in Treating Anxiety

There are many reasons why cannabis should be given priority in relieving anxiety disorders:

  • Marijuana belongs to medicinal herbs that are less toxic than synthetic drugs. It has fewer side effects and impacts not only the emotional but also the spiritual sphere of a person.
  • Weed is an affordable product. Marijuana is an unpretentious plant, it grows everywhere, and therefore, the purchase of marijuana flowers, tinctures, or tablets will be cheaper than synthetic medicines.
  • The rapid rate of cannabis metabolism in the human body allows for a very fast effect, which will appear in just a few minutes. So, if you need to relieve an anxiety attack very quickly, then smoking or vaping marijuana will work very quickly. Methods of ingestion will give a slower reaction, taking from 10 to 40 minutes, but the positive effect will still be guaranteed.

How to Treat, Not Cause Anxiety

When it comes to cannabis use, it’s important to highlight a balance. If you use large doses of weed with a high content of THC, the opposite effect may occur. In this case, you will not get rid of anxiety but, on the contrary, increase it. To prevent this from happening, before using marijuana, consult with your doctor or experts from the best online cannabis store at Hub420 UK. With extensive consulting experience, they will select for you the exact strain that will be ideal for relieving anxiety and advise you on the optimal dosage. Your mind will feel much better and more confident with the help of marijuana, which means there will be much less reasons to worry!