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What is Baccarat – rules, strategies, and everything you should know


Baccarat, also known as baccara is one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide. Along with poker and blackjack, it is always seen in the movies. What makes baccarat unique and exciting is the fact that it is a pure game of chance. It is perfect if you are a beginner since it is slow-paced, easy, and exciting. You can learn along the way as the game is progressing. 

Also, did you know that baccarat offers you the best odds and that is one of the most important aspects? If you want to join this amazing game, we will prepare you. By the end of this article, you will know the lingo, the rules and you can grab your seat!

How do you start playing baccarat as a beginner?

If you want to learn the basics, we always recommend starting playing Baccarat online first to get the gist of the game. After that, you might try your luck in some land-based casinos. But it is always great to have some entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Before you decide to go remember to establish your budget. And stick to your plan, don’t think about backing up your bets with money from your credit card. It is very easy to get carried away. 

Also, set the amount you want to win – and when you manage to reach it, stop playing. We know it is tempting but you also need to learn when is the best time to walk away.


Baccarat is played with 8 card deck. Just like in a similar game of blackjack, they are given values. Values go something like this: Ace equals one, numbered cards are worth by the number they have while picture cards are worth 0. 

The baccarat game starts when you place your bet on the cards of the player or banker. You can place your bet on a tie but try avoiding that since the odds are never good for that one. Baccarat differs from Blackjack for another reason – only the player and banker get the cards, the rest are just watching. Both player and dealer get 2 cards.

Each hand needs to be between 0 and 9. If it is over the 10 for example 14 – the card worth is 4.

It is important because it depends on whether the player will draw the 3rd card. 

  •  If the dealer’s hand is worth  7 or even better, their hand stands.
  • If the dealer’s hand is worth 6 their hand sands except in a case when the player’s hand is 6 or 7. In that case, the dealer gets a third hand.
  • If the dealer’s hand is worth five, the dealer needs to draw with a total of 4, 5, 6, or 7
  • If the dealer’s hand is worth four, the dealer needs to draw with a total of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the dealer’s hand is worth 3, the hand only stands in case that player’s total is 8.
  • If the dealer has a hand worth of 2,1, or 0 – it needs to get another card.

Still there? We know that it is complicated but always remember that you are just a spectator and you are betting on a winner. 

Baccarat contrary to other games doesn’t have a winning strategy – every hand is an event for itself. There are a few approaches to the baccarat game – if the banker has a hot streak of 4 wins, some will bet on another win. Yet, there is still a possibility for tables to turn in at the last second.

Can baccarat make you seriously rich?

Baccarat can offer you a chance to win a lot of money but don’t push your luck too far. Your odds of winning a game of baccarat still depend on different factors. These factors include the version of the game you are playing, which strategy you are utilizing, and game volatility.