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How to Watch Instagram Live


This post will lead you through the procedures required to view Instagram Live videos on any desktop computer browser by using Specifically, this article will show you how to watch Instagram Live videos. If you have a casting or screen-mirroring device, you will be able to view it on a television screen so long as you are in the same room as the television.

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How to Watch Instagram Live

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to view Instagram in your web browser:

1. You can access your Instagram account by using the browser on your desktop computer to visit and logging in there. This will give you access to your account.

2. Check out the stories feed, which is positioned at the very top of your main feed in the app. If a user is currently broadcasting video in real time, their profile picture will appear at the very top of the feed, and the word “LIVE” will be displayed to the right of it.

How to Watch Instagram Live

3. You can tune in to a user’s live broadcast by clicking on their profile image if it has the LIVE icon on it. This will allow you to watch the user’s live broadcast.

4. As soon as the live video starts playing, the video itself will be displayed on the left, and the comment area will be displayed on the right. In the top right hand corner of the screen, you’ll also have the ability to check the overall number of viewers who are currently watching.

How to Watch Instagram Live

5. You are able to post a comment by first filling it into the form that is situated at the very bottom of the comments, and then hitting the Post button after you have finished typing it.

6. If you want to stop watching an Instagram Live video, all you have to do is click the “X” that is located in the corner of the top right hand side of the screen.


Why can’t I see people’s comments on Instagram live?

If you look at a friend’s post and don’t see any comments underneath it, it’s possible that the account owner has disabled the comment section for that particular post. Instagram users have the ability to turn off the feature that allows others to comment on their photos.

Do all comments show on Instagram live?

When viewing a live video replay, you will see that each of the initial comments made on the video are displayed within the replay. Because of this, it will be simple for the audience watching the replay to follow the dialogue and relate to your comments as they progress through the movie. In the replay, the comments that were made during the live broadcast can be seen.

Do Instagram live comments save?

Tap the Download Video button once you have completed an Instagram live broadcast so that the video can be saved to the camera roll on your mobile device. Remember that only the video itself is saved, not any of the comments, likes, or viewers that have been attached to it. The live broadcast that you just finished can only be saved immediately after it has been completed.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram live replay?

To access your profile, tap either your name or the picture of your profile that is located in the bottom right corner. Tap where it says “bio,” then tap the video you want to watch when it comes up. Only viewers who watched your live video after you shared it will be counted toward the total number of viewers that shows at the bottom of the video on your profile grid. This being helpful to you?

Can you see who viewed your live after it’s over?

You are able to view who is watching a live broadcast on Facebook by going to the live stream management page while the live broadcast is in progress. Unfortunately, once the show has ended, you won’t be able to check back to see who watched your video while it was being broadcast live. You are able to check the total number of viewers, but you are unable to see the specific individuals who watched your movie.

Does Instagram live stay for 24 hours?

Your Instagram live feeds can now be saved and rewatched at a later time for up to 24 hours.