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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Free the Artist Guide


In Baldur’s Gate 3, many of the characters and interactions from Act 1 may reappear far later in the game. Oskar Fevras, the focus of the “Free the Artist” side quest, is one such individual. Even though at first it seems like something worth skipping, this is one of the crucial Baldur’s Gate 3 quests prior to Act 2. You will learn more about freeing the artist at Baldur’s Gate 3 from this article:

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Where to Find Oskar

Oskar has gone directly to Lady Jannath, his patron. Situated north of the Steel Watch Foundry, on the western edge of Lower City, is Jannath’s mansion. Players can recognize it when they see the Dragonborn butler at the front door. Although Tarhun Mnemonis, the butler, will dissuade the group from entering the mansion—he is currently on vacation—he won’t prevent them from doing so.

Gamers will soon learn why Tarhun forewarned the party—twelve or more poltergeists are currently haunting the home. Since these poltergeists are naturally invisible, having a protagonist who has permanent See Invisibility and Volo’s Act 1 award are helpful. In addition, players can use grenades, cantrips, and arrows to target seemingly vacant areas to hit an invisible poltergeist. Spells and elixirs can also produce this effect.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Free the Artist Guide

Players can open the east door by heading up the stairs in the entry hall, where they will find Oskar and his new bride, Jannath. Lady Jannath’s bedroom is located directly to the north, with steps leading up to the next floor. More formidable spirits, such as Tormented Souls and Vengeful Souls, will arise from anything burning red, and the group will be attacked if destroyed.

How to Free the Artist in Act 1

In Act 1, players can find Oskar Fevras by investigating the Zhentarim Hideout. The party can enter the hideout by either fighting their way past the guards, finding the secret entrance, and avoiding all the traps, or by assisting the Zhentarim, who are under siege by a pack of gnolls.

The front entrance is located in a storage shed behind Waukeen’s Rest. The Underdark is connected to the hideout as well, but players cannot access it from below. Among the men packing boxes on the south side of the hideout right now is Oskar. But he is not one of the Zhentarim, unlike the others.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Free the Artist Guide

He is their prisoner instead. He begs the party to release him and offers them a large reward from his patron back at Baldur’s Gate when they talk with him. To get this freedom, you can talk to Brem, wandering around nearby. The party has the option to demand Oskar’s freedom or to buy him out. Oskar starts at 1,000 gold, but he may be made to cost 600 gold with a Persuasion check against 15 or an Intimidation check against 20.

These checks are against 20 and 25, but they can obtain Oskar at no cost if the party speaker demands Oskar’s freedom. Oskar, who is now free, will request 200 gold in trip money from the group. Give him nothing; he’ll find his way to Baldur’s Gate anyway. He’ll then flee, and players won’t see him again until the third act.

Pros and Cons Of Freeing The Artist Oskar

Oskar’s release has significant good and negative ramifications. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players who are not very skilled at persuasion or intimidation may have to pay to save Oskar. If players haven’t yet amassed an excessive amount of resources, just one action alone could cost up to 1,000 gold.  Although this quantity of gold proves to be insignificant in the end, it might be a major deal-breaker in the beginning of the game.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Free the Artist Guide

Then, in order to safely travel to Baldur’s Gate, Oskar will want another loan of gold from the player. Act 1’s most gold-consuming mission might be this one. Act 3 will see the appearance of Oskar’s specific questline, which can only be unlocked by liberating him.  Players won’t get what they’re hoping for if they expect an instant return.

Once players arrive in the city of Baldur’s Gate, they will be required to solve a riddle, where the questline that follows saving the artist unlocks. Baldur’s Gate 3’s questline deals with undead arts and requires players to make a few crucial choices, so the plot alone may be deemed compensation. Nevertheless, by completing Oskar’s quest, gamers will receive in-game rewards.

After Oskar’s questline, players who make the correct decisions will receive a painting of their character, or in Baldur’s Gate 3, a Companion. Other than nostalgic worth, this is not really valuable. If that doesn’t seem like the greatest prize for completing his objective, it might not be worth saving the artist in the first place.

The ultimate reward may appear even less alluring than it did if one were to only take into account the amount of money needed to secure Oskar’s freedom because the entire questline leading up to the finale is quite problematic. However, releasing the artist in Act 1 can make sense if finances are not a concern.

It’s morally right for players to save Oskar, whether they’re part of a good-aligned campaign or are just trying to satisfy their completionist tendencies.  There is a significant amount of ancillary content to investigate even if the benefits do not recover the cost of the gold deposit. Once they reach Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players have hours to complete the Oskar puzzle, depending on how they go about it. This is a fantastic method for getting the most out of your gaming time.


What happens if you buy the artist bg3?

Purchasing Oskar begins an interesting love triangle questline (more experience). It will cost you between 600 and 1200 gold for Oskar (leave him to save money). Oskar can’t offer the player character money, even though he makes extravagant claims.

Should I free Orpheus BG3?

In conclusion, if players don’t mind all the tentacles, they should liberate Orpheus and support the Emperor in order to avoid becoming Mind Flayers. Karlach will be forced to return to Avernus in order to prevent her Infernal Engine from causing any further issues, and the former may prompt Lae’zel to turn against the player.

Can you romance Gale BG3?

Eventually, Gale will invite the main character to spend a brief magical session with him in the Weave. He will be impressed by any responses that show intelligence, sensitivity, or inventiveness, and those who are searching for a romantic alternative can pick to plant a kiss.

Does the emperor betray you in bg3?

First things first: since you’re removing his protection by liberating Orpheus, the Emperor will betray you and join the Netherbrain, forcing you to engage in combat with him in the decisive battle.