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Honkai: Star Rail – How Does Pity Work


One of the most well-known gacha games available is Honkai Star Rail offers an expanding cast of characters to assemble into teams. The pity system in Honkai Star Rail (as well as its sister gacha game, Genshin Impact) is a unique feature that makes it possible to ensure a 5-star character after a predetermined number of pulls. This is referred to as the Pity System in Honkai Star Rail. This implies that to be assured of 4-Star and 5-Star items, you must pull the Warp Banners several times. You will learn how pity functions in the Honkai Star Rail by reading this article:

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How Does Pity Work

You should first comprehend how the pity system of Honkai Star Rail operates. You will always pull a 5-star character in each unique banner for every 90 pulls. It should be noted that the Light Cone Event Warp, Character Event Warp, and Regular Banners have different sympathy counts. Additionally, sympathy counts transfer between various Character Event Warp banners.

For instance, if you pull Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s banner 75 times, you will only need to pull 15 more times to ensure a 5-star on another Event Warp banner, like Fu Xuan. You should also be aware of the “50/50 system” in the game when pulling on Event Warp banners. You can choose from a special 5-star character, like Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, featured on each Event Warp banner.

Honkai: Star Rail - How Does Pity Work

A 50% chance of obtaining the desired 5-star and a 50% chance of obtaining a 5-star from a pool of standard 5-star characters (Bronya, Yanqing, Bailu, Himeko, Welt, Clara, and Gepard) are present when you first pull for a specific 5-star. Your subsequent 5-star will always be a featured character if you pull a standard 5-star character.

Additionally, “soft-pity” is incorporated into each banner, increasing the probability that you will pull a 5-star character before 90 pulls. It’s actually very uncommon to pull a banner 90 times in reality. You have a good chance of drawing a 5-star character after 75 pulls because soft pity starts at about 75 pulls.

How to Use The Pity System

Now that you understand the workings of the Pity System, you must learn how to take advantage of this mechanism. Initially, you can click ‘View Details’ at the bottom of the Warp Banner page. You can view all of the Pity System limits as well as the characters or Light Cones that are presently featured from this page. Next to this, you have the option to examine ‘Records’.

You will find great utility in this page, which lets you keep track of the number of pulls you have made on each Banner thus far. All the details about the item you pulled and the time you pulled it will be provided. This allows you to track how many pulls you’ve made on each page and determine when you’re likely to receive a guaranteed 4-Star or 5-Star item. Your counting should reset to zero when you receive a 5-Star item after reaching the 80 or 90 Pity limit.

Honkai: Star Rail - How Does Pity Work

Additionally, when a new Character or Weapon Limited-Time Event Banner begins, you will not begin at zero pulls but rather have the same number of pulls remaining until you reach 80 or 90 pulls. This applies to both Character and Weapon Limited-Time Event Banners. Let’s take an example where the Luocha Banner appears after you have 50 pulls on the Silver Wolf Banner. It will only take 40 more pulls to ensure that you receive a 5-Star item.

How to Check Pity

You need to figure out how to calculate your pulls now that you know how the pity system operates. Go to your preferred Warp banner first. On the lower left corner of the banner, select the “View Details” button.

Honkai: Star Rail - How Does Pity Work

Click “Records” in the upper-right corner of the screen that appears. A history of all your pulls for the selected banner will be visible to you. (In the example below, after obtaining Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, you will see four pulls. This indicates that you will need a maximum of 86 pulls to obtain your next 5-star.)

Honkai: Star Rail - How Does Pity Work


How do you check pulls on a Honkai Star Rail?

All you have to do is choose a banner from the in-game warp page. The ‘View Details’ button will cause a pop-up window to appear. Click it. Select the ‘Records’ option to view the complete pull history for that specific Warp.

Does Honkai Star Rail have soft pity?

It functions much like a Character Event Warp banner, with the exception that every ten pulls ensures at least a 4-star item. The base odds of pulling a 5-star item are 0.6%, but between 75 and 90 pulls, the pity system and the accumulation of soft pity cause the odds to rise to 100%.

Is it better to do single or 10 pulls in honkai?

In case you’re curious about their prices, 10x pulls and single pulls are identical. As long as it reaches the tenth mark (IF you haven’t received any 4 stars within 9 pulls), you will receive an item with four stars or higher whether you pull on one or ten pulls.

What is 50 50 in Honkai: Star Rail?

As an FYI, there is a 50% chance of receiving the limited character and a 50% chance of selecting a random 5-star out of 7 options. The next one is guaranteed to be the limited one and is not a 50/50 if you lose the 50/50 (getting a standard). It’s still a 50/50 the next time around if you won the previous one.

Does pity reset in honkai star rail?

No matter which unit or Light Cone is drawn, whenever players summon a 5-star character or Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail, the banner’s pity counter will reset.