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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Karlach’s Location Guide


One of the best allies you’ll encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Karlach, a tiefling Barbarian with a dark and mysterious past pursued by Wyll and the Tyran Paladins under the command of the knight Anders. During your campaign, she is working tirelessly to fix the device—which is exclusive to Avernus. However, she appears to be up against the odds, and her alternatives are limited. You will learn how to save Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 by reading this article:

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Karlach’s Location

Karlach’s location is seen on the map that we have provided below. While Anders and his troops are in the abandoned Tollhouse in the abandoned town north of her, Karlach is merely resting on a rock at the end of the route known as the Risen Road.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Karlach's Location Guide

As of this writing, the only viable route to locate Karlach and Anders is to enter Blighted Village, travel north, and then east. Monstrous Gnolls occupy the path that leads east above the village, and no dialogue option will persuade them to do anything other than devour your gizzards. Remember that Goblins occupy the village, though some dialogue checks will persuade them to let you through.

Can You Help Karlach’s Infernal Engine?

We can vouch that there is no other method to subdue the infernal engine save what Karlach does in Acts 1 and 2. My Baldur’s Gate 3 party members could not save Karlach and guarantee her survival while she still had the Infernal Engine within her chest. There is no way to resolve this, and Karlach must accept the terrible fact that she will perish when the Tadpoles are gone—especially since she has refused to return to Avernus.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Karlach's Location Guide

Karlach will be on the ground, engulfed in flames after your Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign has concluded. She would sooner die here than ever go back to Avernus, where devils would surround her, and she would have to obey them, just as she had done for the previous ten years before you met her. Her infernal engine will be overheating. Karlach’s goal in Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign is to fix her infernal machine.

Once more, you can almost figure out a way around Act 2, but Dammon, who has been attempting to manage Karlarch’s engine, informs her that the answer is temporary. She will have to go back to hell if she loses the tadpole and will perish if she does not. But there is one option, a means to keep Karlach from suffering this destiny. Karlach can become a Mind Flayer and you can stop her from going back to Avernus and not dying.

Should You kill Karlach or Anders in BG3?

After you’ve had a conversation with him, this side mission can be finished by killing Anders or Karlach. We advise Karlach to be on your side and to assassinate Anders. Karlach is not only a valuable member of the party, but she also denies the allegations made against her. You can discover the refugees’ true fate and the Paladins’ characteristics by using Speak with Dead on a nearby refugee corpse.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Karlach's Location Guide

Anders is still the better choice even if you have all the information. Karlach’s opponent is much simpler to defeat, but you will not be able to join his group and receive the greater reward. You will obtain Anders’ uncommon two-handed swords regardless of whether you kill Karlach or Anders.

The lesser of two evils is Karlach. Conversely, Anders is an apologist for Satan. Anders and his gang are the genuine bad guys that you are chasing. You’ll get a great friend if you kill Anders and the gang. But if Karlach is killed, Anders and his group will be released from Zarial’s contract and able to live up to their ideal of being good paladins.


Is there anyway to save Karlach?

Indeed. It is absolutely possible to save Karlach. Even if her heart might not be completely healed, she might be able to survive past the closing credits.

What happens if Wyll kills Karlach?

Talk to Wyll to make sure the killing of Karlach was successful. His enthusiasm is subdued and his conviction wavers. Following a protracted nap, Wyll receives a visit from his client, who discloses that she was not quite honest when she assigned Wyll to kill Karlach.

Does Karlach have a happy ending?

A very happy ending occurs when the player is able to steer her away from Shar and save her parents. She has her family back and a fresh lease on life, even if she occasionally still feels a tinge of pain. She feels content and has the freedom to shape the future.

How do you get a good ending in Karlach?

Karlach assures you throughout the game that she will never return to Avernus. If you want to grant her wish, you can let her burn out when you’ve defeated the Netherbrain. You will witness an emotional scene where she turns to ash if you manage to fix her terrible engine.

What happens to Karlach in bg3?

Karlach can either accept her fate and die after the final battle, or she can turn into a Mind Flayer and shed the engine totally, or she can return to Avernus (one of the layers of Hell seen in Dungeons & Dragons), depending on your decisions and whether or not you’ve accomplished specific questlines.