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Cocoon – Secret Ending Explained


Cocoon is an excellent puzzle game, if a little mind-bending. The tricky thing is trying to get your mind around the idea of the several planets and the orbs that represent them. The mechanics are quite simple to understand. Through spheres that they may carry and even insert inside one another, players enter and exit a variety of other realms. Its structure is quite basic, with only one action button and movement. You can learn how to obtain the secret ending in Cocoon by reading this article:

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The Secret Ending

The game has one last scene that you can access, although it serves more as a hook for a sequel than a deeper look into the plot. Other entities that have undergone comparable testing will be approaching your character in the distance; you may identify them by the intricacy of the orbs they are holding.

Cocoon - Secret Ending Explained

That doesn’t really clarify anything, offer fresh information, or refute anything we’ve already seen. It’s probably aiming for a potential Cocoon 2, where you’ll likely deal with systems of orbs instead of individual ones.

What Does The Secret Ending Mean?

Several additional beings holding orbs resembling the ones the player has been employing can be seen moving through the abyss throughout the cutscene. Each orb the player character carries has a high degree of intricacy, much like how they can embed orbs within orbs. This implies that other beings may be prospective friends or plot points for a hypothetical sequel title, and that the player character is not the only one who has been through such an adventure.

Cocoon - Secret Ending Explained

Without any dialogue, printed words, or intricate controls, the game does an amazing job at telling a story. It shows how much can be done while maintaining an enjoyable and engaging experience using a minimalist approach.

How to See The Secret Ending

After beating the boss and finishing every problem in the game, you must proceed to the enormous doors at the conclusion of the adventure. They’ll let open a portal leading to a warped bridge. Proceed across the bridge to the stone steps, then ascend the spiral staircase from these steps. There will be a contraption at the top that will launch you into the sky.

Cocoon - Secret Ending Explained

Navigate to a second and a third of the same gadgets. safely descending to the earth below. Go to the center of the big stone structure where the white sign glows. This allows you to kick back, unwind, and watch the next cutscene. There will be a post-credit cutscene and some credits after this cutscene.


What happens at the end of the game cocoon?

In the last scene, you grow into a larger creature and are launched aloft one last time. The last area you were in resembled a sun, and the four orbs you used to navigate it turned into planets that orbited it.

Is cocoon a hard game?

Quite entertaining, simple physics, certain problems require trial and error, but most of the time you can figure it out by yourself. Boss fights are tough, but not overly so. The game’s overall graphics and art style were both appealing to me.

Is cocoon a playdead game?

The Creators of Cocoon Talk About Leaving Playdead To Work on Their Most Difficult Puzzle Game To Date.

What is the plot of cocoon game?

A third-person puzzle video game is called Cocoon. A tiny insectoid creature that the player controls must make its way through several barren realms. Shortly after finding a weird orb, the player awakens in a desolate wasteland.

How many worlds are in cocoon?

The fundamental objective of Cocoon’s four movable worlds is to enter them, make your way through obstacles, and shift them about as needed. Every planet sphere is more than just a bulky power node. Having them gives you a special ability.