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How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick


In this Article, I will talk about the controversy surrounding the elimination of or concealment of the Developer Options on FireStick and Fire TV Devices. Since Amazon buried this feature, users are unable to permit the installation of third-party APK files by applications that originate from unknown sources. Users of any Fire TV Stick device, including the FireStick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, and Fire TV 4K, can benefit from the information provided in this guide. It is also relevant for those who utilize the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

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How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

To regain access to the Developer Options, you need just carry out the procedures that are indicated in the following paragraphs:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu on the FireStick streaming device.

How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

2. From the main menu, select the option labelled “My Fire TV.”

How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

3. Go to the page that’s labelled “About” on your web browser (only if you DO NOT see Developer Options on this screen).

How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

4. On your Fire TV Stick, using some lightning-fast clicks, cycle through the numbers 1 through 7 to access the different menus.

How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

5. You will receive a notification that states “No need” followed by the sentence “you are already a developer” at the very bottom of the page. This step has been successfully finished, and the Developer Options have been enabled. Congratulations!

How to Get Developer Options on Your FireStick

6. To access the Developer Options menu, either press the Back button a second time or navigate back to the Settings menu and select “My Fire TV” from the drop-down menu there. Alternatively, you can select “Developer Options” from the main menu.

You can begin the process of sideloading APKs into your FireStick device by navigating to the Settings menu, selecting Developer Options, and then ensuring that Apps from Unknown Sources is turned on. This will allow you to install apps that were not downloaded from the Amazon Appstore or Google Play.


What is a firestick?

Amazon’s Firestick, also known as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, is a portable media streaming device that the company manufactures. The HDMI connector on your TV may be quickly and easily connected to this streaming “stick,” which then enables you to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. You can get a tonne of apps and games from the Amazon app store and put them on your Fire Stick, or you can just use the apps that come pre-installed on your Fire Stick, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Crackle, Spotify, and Twitch, amongst others.

What channels are free with the FireStick?

The purchase of a Fire Stick does not come with any channels pre-installed on it. One of the ways you can watch television on your smartphone is by downloading certain apps; the following is a list of apps that allow you to view television channels and can be downloaded and used without cost: CBS, Tubi TV, Fox NOW, A&E, and Pluto TV are some of the options.

Is there a monthly fee for Amazon Fire Stick?

No. You will solely be responsible for paying for the device itself. If you wish to utilise certain applications on your Fire TV Stick, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, or Hulu, for example, you have the option to pay a monthly or annual charge to access those particular apps.