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Best kits in Roblox Bedwars 2022 – Updated


Roblox has grown into an extremely popular online game platform for kids and adults alike. Their games are great! They are simple and fun to play. With some added functionality, Roblox’s developers have taken bedwars to the next level.

Get your hands on the right materials to make the strongest and most stable bed you can build. We’ll cover all the different kits, and how to make the perfect bed. The effects of nitric oxide and hypoxia on the development of hyperalgesia in inflamed tissue.

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Smok’n is the stealth game you want for when you want to hide in plain sight, but you don’t want to have to deal with the consequences. If you buy smoke blocks from the shop, you won’t have to worry about being caught, but you won’t be able to interact with the map. Smoke blocks are designed to make it harder for people to see you while you’re moving and shooting. They are transparent and look like a wall.

Grim Reaper

For those who like to get in close, but not too close, Grim Reaper is the best choice. It allows aggressive players to safely get away from fights by consuming their enemies’ souls after their deaths.

  1. The soul increases your movement speed for 2.5 seconds. It’s also invulnerable and heals you for 3.5 seconds.


If Grim Reaper is the best kit for close combat players, then Archer is the go-to kit for aggressive players who like to fight from long ranges. It provides 15% increased damage while using projectile weapons, like bows & arrows.

You can also get the exclusive tactical crossbow from the item shop right now.


Tank kit in Roblox BedWars. The skin is suitable for passive players who like to prepare for the late game. Upon equipping, you will need to collect tree orbs spread throughout the map.

These orbs increase your max HP as well as your physical size. The only downside to the kit is that you can’t equip any armor, making it difficult to fight in the early parts of the game.


Barbarians are warriors who are dedicated to combating. This kit has a feature that lets you add more damage to your sword through a feature called Rage Mode. To unlock Rage Mode, you will have to damage enemies so they fill the Rage Meter.

After you’ve completed the rage meter, your current sword will be upgraded automatically. The weapon is centered around constant fights, the free sword upgrades, and a lot of rage.


Melody is a perfect support kit in Roblox Bedwars. If you play in duo or squad mode, you will definitely want to get this kit for your team. It allows you to heal your teammates while holding a guitar.

If you want to buy an electric guitar, you could try the store on the other side of town for 20 iron bars. All of the above kits are available to purchase for 399 Robux from the kit store.

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As the Light and Void Angels, heal nearby teammates when damaging enemies and attack enemies. Choose between Light and Void depending on your team composition and the strengths of your allies.


The Vulcan kit was released on August 20th, it allows players to control camera turrets on the map.


For maximum XP, you should go with either Baker or Fisher. The Bakers are great picks as they provide access to apples and Speed Pies. Apples restore health, and the Speed Pies grant movement speed boosts.

Farmer Cletus

Farmer Clete is ready to plant and harvest crops that can produce Emerald or Diamonds. If you’ve got a crop of choice, you can grow and harvest it to get your rewards.

After gathering your items, they begin growing at no extra cost. Farmer Cletus can purchase seeds from any of the other characters, but only he can perform any actions to actually produce those seeds.


If you are facing a group of enemies and want to attack them, you should use your flame thrower. This will make them more vulnerable to attacks and increase the likelihood that they could be taken offline.


A beekeeper! You should keep bees around the map. They give you iron and emeralds when upgraded.


The newest BedWars kit is available now! With it, you can purchase a lasso item for $14.00 Iron. You can lasso a player to draw them towards you. You can also lasso players off the map. You can also make them fall down from falling damage.

Pirate Davey

This cannon requires a bit of setup before it’s ready for use. To begin, place the cannon on the ground in the center of the map, add some TNT, and then you’re ready to fire.


Building starts the game. The starting kit in the game is the builder. You can purchase blocks using iron ore. However, blocks are made with wood, stone, and iron. It costs twice as much to buy iron ore as to make them. To fortify blocks requires at least two pieces of the respective block.


This is a range kit with a cost of $399 USD in the in-game shop. It can be used with a bow that’s located in the weapon rack in the garage. Hold down the fire button and fire three arrows at an enemy. There are three categories of games in this category.

In the upcoming Bedwars Infected update, we’re adding a new bow power charge mechanic called “Bow Charge Time”.