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The 5 Best Mini ITX Motherboards in 2022


Best Mini ITX Motherboard

In the cutting edge universe of Best Mini ITX Motherboard and framework building, numerous tech devotees are dropping the “greater is better” aphorism for more modest frameworks and more conservative equipment. Maybe than attempting to construct the greatest and baddest framework around, many have rather selected to perceive how amazing of a framework they could put within a little structure factor case. What’s more, obviously, with the ascent in fame of these more modest frameworks, increasingly more minimal equipment choices are emerging.

Are you attempting to make your framework more modest by selecting more smaller equipment, then, at that point, you should get a Mini ITX Motherboard. Individuals these days are searching for more specs in a more modest variant like the best framework inside a little form-factor. Without an uncertainty, we can say that the interest for Mini ITX motherboards is rising.

There are a ton of situations where you might need to make a little and reduced PC for use at your home or office. Not exclusively do such PCs take less space around your work area, look very exquisite, yet in addition permit you to assume them starting with one position then onto the next if necessary.

Whether or not you’re a fanatic of Intel or AMD, picking a Best Motherboards for I9 9900k for that new processor you just got is essential. Not simply that, you need to ensure that your pick is the one that can give you the best outcomes. At the point when Intel reported the new i9 9900k, it was met with broadly certain endorsement. Everybody needed to see the 8 center processor in its maximum capacity. Be that as it may, to completely bridle the force of the Z390 chip, you need the motherboard with enough squeeze in it.

The greater the better way of thinking works just with an expert gaming rig or gigantic document altering PCs. The Best Mini ITX Motherboard structure factor is ideal for everyday utilization and makes life simpler while moving to an alternate area in view of its lower weight and simplicity of movability.

A Quick Look at the Best Mini-ITX Motherboards

While we’ve recorded seven of the top mini-ITX motherboard alternatives in this aide, we’ve selected four of them as the best choices in four unique classifications. The following is a brief glance table that features our four determinations for the best Z370 mini-ITX motherboard, the best X470 mini-ITX motherboard, the best reasonable mini-ITX motherboard for Intel-based frameworks, and the best moderate mini-ITX motherboard for AMD-based frameworks. Sidytech also a good unbiased reviews site where you can read about more reviews of tech products.

5 Best Mini ITX Motherboards

How about we start with the Best Mini ITX Motherboard which you ought to consider while building a PC in 2021.

1. ASRock Motherboard


  • 5x USB Gen-2 ports for 10Gbps move rate
  • Thunderclap 3 port
  • Fan exhibit heatsinks
  • Extra M.2 opening on the back


  • No Gen 2 ports in the front board

Coming up first in our rundown is the ASRock Z390 Phantom motherboard, genuinely a monster. This motherboard is quite possibly the most current and requesting ones put out there by ASRock. Certainly, it’s anything but a somewhat powerful cost yet it legitimizes that with what it does and offers. The Z390 Phantom motherboard addresses ASRock’s new line of items, supplanting Fatal1ty.

The Z390 Phantom bears likeness to a portion of ASRock’s Fatal1ty motherboards as far as shading and plan. It’s anything but a totally dark look and it’s quite apparent that this motherboard is more centered around execution than plan. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that Best Mini ITX Motherboard has made a terrible display with the style. You will get a couple of RGB LEDs under the PCIe space which are adjustable by ASRock’s Poly Chrome programming. The Z390 truly sparkles with regards to port accessibility as it has quite possibly the most liberal I/O ports accessible in the ITX motherboards class. It accompanies 6 USB 3.0 ports, a standard sound jack box, Ethernet port, and an inheritance PS/2 port. In any case, where this motherboard truly sparkles is the expansion of Thunderbolt 3 which can deal with velocities of up to 40Gb/s.

2. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming LGA1151

Best Mini ITX Motherboard


  • 7x USB 3.0 ports
  • A ton of RGB lightings
  • Productive force taking care of
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • Wasteful port putting

Asus’ ROG line of items is quite often found in a rundown checking down certain best items. Furthermore, their Strix Z390 isn’t far away from that either, coming in at the second spot of our rundown. The Asus ROG Strix Z390 and the ASRock Z390 Phantom are not far separated from one another. On the external surface, the two of them perform also and offer pretty much similar highlights. We should discover more about those.

After opening and unloading this board, you’ll see that Asus has not held back out on the style by any means. The Strix Z390 houses a somewhat nonpartisan dark and Best Mini ITX Motherboard shading with prevailing heatsinks covers. RGB enthusiasts can sit back and relax as there are RGB strips under the 24 pin power connector. Also, you have the alternative to add more strips as well if necessary. For issue concerning the port accessibility, you can be guaranteed that Asus has you covered. The I/O safeguard is completely coordinated on the motherboard with a sum of 7 USB ports. All the more explicitly, there are 3x USB Gen-2, 2x USB Gen-1 and 2x USB 2.0 ports on this board.

3. ASRock B365M-ITX


  • Accompanies 3 showcase modules
  • Quicker Bluetooth 4.2 association


  • No RBG lightings
  • Can’t uphold overclocking

ASRock being viewed as outstanding amongst other motherboard makers has gotten the principal position. On the off chance that you are looking for a modest Best Mini ITX Motherboard B365M would be spot on for you.

Least expensive one to help nice 10th era Intel processors this LGA11 attachment motherboard is viable with both intel eighth and ninth era processors. It’s anything but viable with more seasoned ages of processors however.

While the B365M upholds 64 GB of double channel RAM, the clock speed is restricted to 2666 MHz, RAM sticks with higher recurrence will be bottlenecked, however considering a spending construct 32GB of 2666 MHz RAM will in any case be a power to be figured.



  • Aluminum construct quality
  • Multi-zone RGB lighting
  • Accompanies warm monitors
  • Supports 4 K video transmission and handling


  • Comes up short on a PCIe fourth era space
  • No thunderclap USB ports

The second mini ITX motherboard on our rundown is from Gigabyte. Its Z390 I model is among the best motherboards for lodging an Intel processor that can uphold both the eighth and ninth era LGA processors. The Best White Motherboards Z390 I accompanies a third era PCIe X4 opening that can be utilized to connect a good GPU.

Indeed, even in the most weakness spaces of a Best Mini ITX Motherboard factor, that is RAM clock speed, the Z 390 stays in the battle with the top-end mini ITX motherboards.

It’s anything but a memory clock speed of up to 4266MHz. With its double DIMM module, you can amount to two 64 GB DDR4 RAM sticks, and this motherboard will deal with the warmth without overheating. You likewise get a double M.2 port with a warm gatekeeper.

5. ASRock X570 Phantom

Best Mini ITX Motherboard


  • Thunderbolt 3.0 support
  • RGB lighting
  • Superior thermal dissipation


  • Stock AMD cooler cannot be used on this motherboard
  • Noisy fan

Next up on our list is the ASRock X570 mini ITX, also known as phantom gaming thunderbolt motherboard.

ASRock has manufactured some impressive motherboards in recent years, and it is perhaps the Best Mini ITX Motherboard with a thunderbolt port in the price segment.

They somehow managed to implement the Thunderbolt 3.0 natively into the AMD motherboard.

You can mount up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM in the dual DIMM slots that support a boost memory speed of up to 4200MHz.

So far, this motherboard has turned itself a gold standard among other x570 motherboards. You can work with an AMD processor of 2000, 3000, 4000-G series, and 5000s series without breaking a sweat.

Apart from RAM and processor, you can add a decent amount of high-speed storage drives, thanks to the hyper M.2 PCIe 4th generation x4 slot.

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