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A Complete Guide to Some Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2022


We all know that real estate is no doubt a fine asset for any class in today’s world. You have the biggest opportunity to earn through rentals or get have your dream home. Considering the ups and downs in real estate, if the situation is in your hands then monthly rentals can be good. And, you can pay up your mortgage through rentals without worrying about the costs. Due to pandemic interests low are low and so is the debt rate. So, what do you think would be some of the best places to invest in real estate in 2022? 

There is currently a strong market demand from buyers in the US. Therefore, you will be seeing insane prices. And, currently, the US housing market is a hot seller. The growth rate is high and the market is trying to complete the demand right now. You will be seeing bidding wars 3x for each house. So why is there such an increase right now? When the pandemic hit the world around it also invited remote employees. So, the people who are having remote jobs also need a home. 

People have been talking more about buying homes than renting homes together or renting a single home for themselves. Being independent is also here another factor that is increasing the demand right now. But, due to the demand, a lot of potential buyers are unable to pay such bids. While real estate prices rising in the US, you can expect it in a lot of good places that were highly cheap before the pandemic. 

Best places to invest in real estate 2022 – Research before you invest:

In the introduction, we have been talking about multiple factors that are increasing the demand for renting homes. With the influence of these factors, pandemics, and rising demand, people are tending more towards rental. Even it’s for less time or more they consider it a better choice. So, this can be an investment opportunity for 2022. It is the best time to consider real estate as an investment or for your family. However, it is highly imperative to do complete research for each place before you invest. There are many local areas around the world with have unique factors that can affect your decision. 

Due to the pandemic crisis, there has been a huge demand for single-family homes. People require stable rent due to the increased pressure. A lot of large investors are already on the move to create their shares in the market. Now, will be the best time to know which places will e the best right now for your investment. Or even planning your future forever home.

Recommendations of best places to invest in real estate 2022:

1. Boise, Idaho:

Taking the very 1st position on the list, it will be a great place for your real estate investment. You can say that it is the best long-term investment for yourself in the US. We all know that the supply and demand are already increasing to change the prices. But, this place has a major demand for homes so there is an increased chance of 0.3% and more sales. Moreover, the prices are subjected to change 8.1%. The prices are changing even due to the pandemic situation. 

Currently, Boise has fixed mortgage rates which is the major factor of high demand right now. The prices are rising and now would be a good time to invest. 

Why Boise will be a good place to invest:

  • There are strong popular growth and job opportunities here
  • Unlike the national average here you will find employment percentage higher
  • Forbes ranked this place to have much better job opportunities than other areas in the US
  • If you want to do a startup, now will be a great chance for you because of the low cost in Boise


2. Atlanta, Georgia:

There is no doubt to say that Atlanta has a winning position in our real estate investment list. It has been attracting a lot of potential buyers and investors for a very long time. The city population is also growing for the last decade by about 14%. Due to this reason, there is an increased demand for new homes now. The real question here is that is this a safe investment? Well, you should know that Atlanta is a hot property area for any kind of real estate investment. 

With its rising population, we can see that people are moving here. Moreover, the economy is stable and much better. It is also one of the places in the US that has the highest GDP rate. Due to the global pandemic, of course, there is some instability but the forecasts here are quite promising. There will be more demand and supply of properties with time. Furthermore, it is the best place for nomads or youth who are looking for diverse communities. 

Why choose Atlanta for real estate investment in 2022:

  • The properties here are starting at $70000 bringing at least $750 a month for rentals. And, these are just the starting prices
  • There are new properties with tenants showing the demand is fulfilling quickly. Soon, more people will be needing homes for rental
  • It has the biggest and top market in the US with a stable and best GDP for the economy 
  • Every day people are moving here and it’s expected that by 2030 2 million people will come here
  • There are soon going to be a lot more jobs near the Atlanta metro region 


3. Dallas, Texas:

If you are looking for a nice place to invest in 2022 for real estate then try Dallas. It has great housing but high rental rates making it a perfect market for you. The house prices are accessible and the mortgage is easy to down here. There is a variety of investment opportunities and there will be no difficulty finding tenants here. 

Moreover, the other reason for investment here is the diverse economy There are different niches for everyone to achieve their desired income. There is an estimate that around 340 people have been moving to Dallas every day. It is because of the lowest mortgage rate, employment opportunities, and now remote jobs. Now, will be the perfect opportunity to move or invest here. You must also know that Dallas is one of the major attractions around the world. Around the Metro area, there are going to be 20000 new homes at least. 

Why Dallas would be a good real estate investment in 2022:

  • There is expected that the population has been increasing on daily basis. You can say that in the next 15 years, the population will be double
  • One of the major attractions when it comes to travel by foreigners in the US
  • You will find here properties below 5 to 15%
  • Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in Dallas rents and demand


4. Las Vegas, Nevada:

Well, there can be no real estate investment list where Las Vegas is not a part of it. For many years, this place has been creating economical booms in history. And, we cannot forget that it has one of the best real estate markets in the US. During the great recession, Las Vegas took a hit but still its market is highly stable. The investors are always looking for investment opportunities here because they know its impeccable growth. You can say that the growth or success is predictable here. 

Las Vegas has the best market in Nevada and the entire US. The other businesses here also help in booming up the real estate market for 2022. Now when the pandemic is stable and the places are reopened, you are going to see another boom soon. Therefore, investors are getting excited for Las Vegas to invest and earn a great income. 

Why Las Vegas is the best in real estate:

  • The predictions of this market are comparatively easy
  • There is Las Vegas Valley which is currently helping out the economy of Nevada 
  • We all know that Las Vegas is in the 28th position when it comes to the high population in the US
  • There has been an increased rate of 2.98% in the Las Vegas metro area 
  • Las Vegas is one of the biggest travel hubs with gaming, conventions, and casinos
  • It has some of the best fine dining experiences you can ever ask for
  • There are a lot of mining companies and manufacturing plants here 
  • There is a lot of opportunities here for people looking for a job
  • The rents here are rising as it is a sizzling market in the US where condos cost around $200,000 at the start


5. Houston, Texas:

Well, no doubt finding the best places to invest in real estate in 2022 will lead to Houston. It has been on the real-estate investment for the past years as well. This place has a lot of development going on which means more employment opportunities. It is the fifth-largest Metro region and its population is now over 7 million. And, within a few years, it will expand and get double due to the people coming here. There are thousands of known businesses here and it comes to be in the top 3 cities of the US. 

Other important factors fuel the Houston housing market. Here at the average value, the houses go up to $412,000 which is a big investment for a lot of people. But, due to the increased rental, people are earning through their investments now. People are always looking out for new jobs and moving to new cities. The best part about Houston is that it has an active real estate market even in the pandemic. 

Why choose Houston for your real estate investment:

  • Houston has been proving more jobs in the US which means there are a lot of remote workers as well here 
  • The real estate here is highly affordable compared to New York and Chicago
  • High population and is the fourth largest city of the US that offers a lot of opportunities for businesses
  • Here you will find 12-month warranties on homes and no vacancy 
  • The average rental here goes up for one month is %1550
  • Here, a huge trade on international level goes on that is the reason behind the development of this city 


6. Orlando, Florida:

Well, we cannot forget Orlando in our list that also got on the map due to tourism and entertainment. Of course, there is no denying that tourism has been increasing the power of real estate nowadays. And for Orlando, it was quite a major factor to show investors the beauty of Orlando. Here, you can find long-term residential investments and commercial ones, especially for holidays. And, the best part is the solid returns on your investment. The real estate market of Orlando is still flourishing and here you will find a lot of opportunities. 

The economy of this place is quite successful due to its tourism and entertainment. There is a growing population and more employment opportunities for everyone. Especially, in the holiday season, there is a huge demand for employees as people travel here. 

Why Orlando would be a better pick for real estate:


  • Being the fourth latest city of Florida, you will see that surprisingly it has a lot of lands
  • The metro area of Orland is quite big and holds a population of over 2 million people 
  • According to Forbes, it is the fastest-growing city in the US
  • Orlando real estate can be a long-term investment that will give more than you can imagine positive returns 
  • The rental market here is quite strong as people come here looking for places to stay
  • The commercial and residential markets both are strong due to tourism 
  • The home value here goes around $260,000 while the rent is around $1500 and more 
  • You will find a lot of job opportunities here 


7. Tampa, Florida

Well, here we have another place in Florida that is attracting investors for real estate. The population here is around 4 million and will increase due to its top tourist destinations. There are some places here that are considered to be the best when it comes to travel. You will also see that there is a lot of development going on with the economy booming as well. If you are new to real estate investment, you should know that Tampa was last year’s hottest market in real estate. There has been a lot of demand down there with each home value around $250000. 

The prices are still low compared to the other places in Florida and you will see a great return on them. Tampa has just started all of its development and there is a big hope for its bright future. Either we talk about tourism or entertainment here, every factor will support real estate. You should look into this place if you are finding cheap investments in real estate now. 

Why should you invest in Tampa real estate:

  • The prices of rentals and homes will increase at a steady rate
  • Currently, it is quite an affordable place for everyone 
  • The rent here can go up to $1600
  • Hot seller market in both 2020 and 2021
  • The cost of living in Tampa is comparatively low
  • Investors can buy properties at affordable rates now and rent them 
  • There are some of the best businesses here with quality education, health, and transportation for everyone 


8. Spokane, Washington:

While Spokane has a small real estate market but it is rising. There are predictions that it will become quite a hot market in the future. The population right now here is over 200000 people. But, living here is cheap with affordable investment opportunities. A house at median costs around $265,000 and you get an amazing mortgage. It is much better than Seattle and this place will become costly in the future. Not a lot of investors know about this place, that’s why it is time for you to grow your investments. The neighborhoods here are developing quite rapidly and there are some beautiful places here to visit as well. 


The prices here are increasing on land, houses and commercial areas. The value of homes has now increased more than %13 since 2019. Even after the pandemic, there has been a huge demand over here. Over the last 10 years, this place has got quite amazing real estate appreciation rates. 

Why go for Spokane real estate investment:

  • Due to its diverse culture and top spots, a lot of people come here to visit
  • It is the 2nd highest city in Washington and it’s very beautiful 
  • There are around 87 parks, aquatic centers and so much more than you must see here
  • You will see a lot of modern neighborhoods here
  • Everything is within your walking distance so you dont have to worry about anything
  • There are some great restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and hotels here 
  • There are technology sectors here as well 
  • You will find life here quite affordable even when it comes to real estate investment 
  • The rents here are rising every year and it will be a great opportunity for you to invest in Spokane


9. Chicago, Illinois:

Well, we cannot forget the ever-green place for real estate investment which is Chicago. It is the third-largest metropolitan area with, large population with diverse culture. The economy here is stable and has a good GDP. There are a lot of successful businesses here. Moreover, there are headquarters of global businesses here which are fortune companies. The private sector here is helping out the economy for quite some time. And, on the other hand, tourism has played a great role as well. Several factors make Chicago one of the best places for real estate investment in 2022. 

Do you know that around 50% population here depends on rental houses? Such statistics are perfect for your investment knowledge to know that you can expect a good return over here. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment goes to $1000. And, 2 bedrooms can go up to $1300 a month. And, the prices are subjected to rise in the future considering the high demand. The development of real estate here is highly appreciated with a 0.9% increase every year. Slowly, but you will see a great return on your investments. 

Why choose Chicago for real estate investment in 2022:

  • There is a strong market down in Chicago as 50% of the population is depending upon rental
  • Fully renovated houses and apartments come with great ROI
  • Chicago is a major attraction for people around the world which means that the travelers will bring new employment opportunities as well
  • Overall, the private sector here is great and you can get remote jobs here too
  • It is also said to be one of the richest cities in the world
  • Here you can get quality education, health, entertainment, and a well-balanced life 
  • The rental prices are rising at a steady rate 


10. Austin, Texas:

Here we have another amazing place in Texas known as Austin. You might have heard about it due to its tourism which makes it one of the best places in the US. The home values have been increasing here since 2020. The Austin real estate market is quite big even more than Dallas. Being the 4th largest city, Austin provides a lot of opportunities and has a sizable market. Also, it is the 11th largest city in the US with its tech hub and a lot of cool centers. 

For tech geeks, there are a lot of jobs here. As Austin is quite ahead in modern technology so they always need extra help. Some people move here on contracts with companies and looking for homes. So, the rental and your investment in real estate here will bring a much better ROI. Moreover, there is a lot of development going on here. And, we can expect some of the best things in the future both for the real estate market and the economy. 

Why Austin is a great choice for real estate investments:

  • Due to its strong economy, there is a growing population here 
  • The employment rate is 2.7% which means there is an increased demand for workers here
  • The real estate here is much affordable compared to other areas or states of the US
  • You can get a pretty good deal between $200,000 to $250,000. You can check out both residential and commercial opportunities
  • There are some government jobs open yearly or quarterly 
  • Austin has been on the map of the hot-selling area of real investment for almost 10 years now


Now, that you have read about our top 10 picks for real estate investment in 2022, let us know about your choice. Moreover, it is still important that you dig up more information on whatever you choose. You can avoid risks and ensure profits with a perfect decision.