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Best Places to See in Switzerland During Your Next Visit


Switzerland! You may have heard about this country and there is a famous cliché regarding Switzerland that it is a piece of heaven. Well yes, it is. The natural beauty it has got would make you speechless. The landscape of Switzerland resembles the postcard we used to collect in our childhood. From its beautiful and green meadows to its snow-covered Alps, the country is all worth mentioning in this content about the best places to see in Switzerland. 

Best Places to See in Switzerland:

Now, coming to the discussion of the best places to see in Switzerland. The following mentioned towns, villages, and cities are must-visit places in Switzerland. If anyone has got the chance to visit this heaven of Earth. The factors that make them popular are also worth mentioning here in this content, have a read and make yourself educated regarding tourism in Switzerland:

  • Geneva

One of the largest and most famous cities in Switzerland. You can never come across a list of best places to see in Switzerland that does not have Geneva’s title on it.  It is well-known across the country. Well, it is an interesting fact, but many people outside of Europe, who have less knowledge about European cities, consider Geneva and Zurich as the other major names of Switzerland. 

Geneva is situated alongside Lake Geneva, having similar names as it. Geneva is the home to the International Red Cross Committee. 

It is also home to the European Headquarters of the United Nations. This region where the headquarters are situated is a well-known tourists spot. United Nations is itself a big name and Geneva gets popularity due to this reason as well. Geneva also consists of 20 other international organizations. 

This city has more parks than you can even imagine. About 20% of the land is allotted to parks for the amusement of locals and outsiders. All because of this, this green city has got the label of “the City of Parks”.  You can have a view of all the beautiful places of Geneva by having a boat in the lake or bike ride on the streets. 

The city has a famous fountain called Jet d’Eau, it has got quite a height and splashes water up high in the air. It is situated in an enormous area. If you have a helicopter view of Geneva, you can see tall towers. These tall towers are of a cathedral, which is known as St Pierre Cathedral. Tourists are allowed to have a view of the internal building of this cathedral. 

These all factors make Geneva a must-see and one of the best places to see in Switzerland whenever someone visits it.   

  • Zurich

The largest city of Switzerland, located on the side of Lake Zurich. Zurich is more of historic importance. It has an interesting culture with more than 50 museums and around 100 art galleries. These consist of many antiques of the ancient world. The most popular is the Swiss National Museum that is located inside a beautiful castle. 

Zurich is also of financial importance; it has all the finance-related organizations inside its borders. 

As Zurich is mostly occupied by mountains, this place has outdoor sports like hiking and trekking. In all seasons, you could see adventurous type people visiting the Alps peaks in Zurich. You can also entertain yourself on the man-made beaches of Zurich. 

The city also has a stunning night view with many expensive bars for tourists and locals. These clubs have the costly and branded wine of all time. 

  • Interlaken 

Interlaken has the well-known three mountains of Switzerland. In the past, this place was known for watch-making but then it converted to the best places to see in Switzerland because of its tourist attraction. Two of the famous lakes of Switzerland are located in Interlaken. They are Thun and Breinz Lakes. Tourists enjoy a boat ride, diving in, and biking alongside the lakes. 

The culture of this city still exists in the horses and carriages usage. Even in the 21st century, the people here love to check out the best places through carriage rides. The culture of wood carving is also at its peak in Interlaken and there is also an institute for travelers to take classes. Tourists can now enjoy and learn wood carvings! The famous dish Raclette can also be tried, which is a cheese-made classic dish. 

Outdoor activities are a must-try, whenever in Interlaken. These include parachute diving and paragliding. The mountains look spectacular here in Interlaken. The famous three mountains that occupy the land of Interlaken are

  1. The Eiger
  2. The Jungfrau
  3. The Monch
  • Lausanne 

Lausanne is also one of the largest cities in Switzerland. Located on the shore of Lake Geneva and it consists of views of both the Alps. Two categories of Alps you would encounter in Lausanne are the Swiss Alps and French Alps. This city is also the judicial center of Switzerland. You would have heard about this city if you are into sports especially Olympics. The committee of the International Olympics Games is situated in Lausanne. 

These people who live here are French-speaking; as different languages are spoken in Switzerland. This city has some amazingly built shops and markets that are delightful to shop in. Lausanne also has some buildings that have been built in the Renaissance period. These buildings reflect the culture and lifestyle of the old people of the Renaissance. The popular one among these all is the Palais de Rumine, which is of Italian origin and a key to learning about history.  

  • Zermatt

It is located near to the Matterhorn, which is the highest mountain in Switzerland. 

The Swiss village with many spots that attract tourists from around the globe. This village is not that large, but if you look at it in the tourism sense, then it plays a vital role. The train ride in Zermatt makes you capable of viewing every single place in the village. It has the name: Gornegrat Bahn (means a train). The train ride goes on the mountains, through the village of Zermatt. 

Another amazing factor about Zermatt is that there are no vehicles in the village. This step has been taken to reduce and diminish pollution from the country. This makes the view of the village even more impressive with zero dust and the least noise level. Although you can use battery-operated transport sources for your convenience. There is even a government-provided train route, to have a deep view of the village Zermatt. 

  • Lugano

Nicknamed Monte Carlo of Switzerland since most of the popular celebrities of the country belong to this region. It is situated on Lake Lugano. People belonging to this region are mostly Italian speaking. You can find three famous cathedrals in this place and many heritage sites in Switzerland. 

The Lugano Festival takes place in Lugano city, in the summers probably. 

The buildings in Lugano still have that old classical touch in them. They appear like mini castles with splendid architecture. 

  • Lucerne 

Lucerne is situated in the German-speaking section of Switzerland. This city has all the factors that are needed for having the best tourism. They are lakes, busy city life, and mountains. It comes in the list of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. 

The famous monument of Dying Lion belongs to this city. It was built out of rock, as a tribute to a famous fighter in a war. Other attractions include Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower. The famous dish of Lucerne is the Luzerner, which is made of puff pastry and cream sauce with mushrooms. You should try it, if ever in Lucerne. 

  • Grindelwald

This is not the character of Harry Potter but it is the name of a town in the Bernese Alps. Grindelwald has the biggest ski resort in Switzerland. Since the 18th century, travelers around the world started touring this beautiful destination in Switzerland. It has the best Alpine landscapes ever. Now, even in the 21st century, it is included in the best places to see in Switzerland. 

The Eiger Mountain is near to this town. Due to which the hiking business is on top because hundreds of tourists visit the Alps for this purpose. It is also the entrance to the Jungfrau region of the country. A stunning gorge is located in Grindelwald, which is the main thing that attracts several travelers to itself. It is a glacial gorge with a sparkly view all around. In winter the whole of Grindelwald is covered in several feet of snow. 

The huge number of activities people try out when in Grindelwald include skiing, hiking, trekking, and photography. There are even packages to have a skiing or hiking trip to Grindelwald.  

  • Bern

The capital city of Switzerland and a popular tourists spot. Bern is situated near the Aare River. This federal city of Switzerland plays a crucial role in the tourism factor of the country. The city consists of an old town that has all the ancient Bern. The new side of Bern is the advanced one. The old one composed of classical arcades and museums is regarded as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The old town of Bern is considered more important because of its incomparable beauty. The water of the Aare River surrounds the town, as it is upon a height. The bookstores, cafes, and shops are classics of the old town. They prove that historic sites and towns are more attractive than anything. 

Bern also has the Albert Einstein House, which is the place where he resided when he was in Bern. This place is called the Einstein Haus. Near it, there is also a museum made in the memory of the scientist, called Einstein Museum. 

The city of Bern is made over sandstone, because of this the River Aare with it gives rise to a valley. This is the reason why Bern is a typical and classic attraction. All due to its natural beauty!

The city is full of culture and the people never miss celebrating their festivals. These festivals are going on now for decades. The festivals include:

  1. The Gurten Festival
  2. The Buskers Festival
  3. The Summer and Winter Jazz Festival

Try to visit Bern on the days where these festivals are near. This would let you have a closer view of the Swiss culture and beauty. 

Sightseeing in Bern:

The other famous sightseeing of Bern is the Zytglogge or the Clock Tower. Both the names are of the same clock tower with lovely kinds of puppets placed in it. This Clock Tower has a height of 23 meters and has a type of astronomical clock inside it. It is around 800 years old.

Also not to forget to visit the Rosengarten or the Rose Garden in Bern. It is a beautiful, large, open park with an area for people to relax and enjoy mother nature. The green view of all the park blesses people with inner peace and removes all your stress and anxiety. This park was constructed in the 1950s and it has about 200 types of roses in it, that is why it is called the Rose Garden. Along with the rose species, irises of different kinds and other floral species are also present in a huge number. 

The Bern Cathedral, also known as Berner Munster, is another remarkable building in Bern. This cathedral belonged to the Saint named Vincent. Since the Middle Ages, it is considered the largest church in Switzerland. 

  • Morcote

One of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, and has lovely historical sites. This place is located 10 kilometers far from Lugano. It is known for the fishing spots it consists of. The whole region that has Morcote is called Ticino. In 2016, Morcote was voted the most beautiful village of entire Switzerland. 

In this small village, you can find ancient classical churches, historic buildings, spectacular shrines, and river shores for picnics. 

  • Wengen

A village in Switzerland located in the Jungfrau region. Not to underestimate it because of its small size, the village has got some eye-catching sites. This Alpine village is also known for its timber production. It has some are on Mount Monch and Eiger Mountain as well. Hotel accommodation and other facilities are arranged so that the region has satisfied visitors. Coming to Wengen is pretty much worth it, by having the best places to see in Switzerland. 

  • Appenzell 

This is a town in the North East area of Switzerland. Appenzell has the 17th-century building still in existence. This town is about 770 meters plus the sea level; such elevation gives it’s the coldest temperatures. 

The official language of Appenzell is German, so this region is the German-based sector of Switzerland. The cattle raise of this town is famous for its dairy products like Swiss cheese, milk, and frothy delicious cream. 

The peaks of Appenzell and all mountains it is having are stunningly beautiful. They could make you faint because of their postcard-like beauty. The sunset view is even more awestruck. 

  • Lauterbrunnen 

A village situated in a valley on almost 75 waterfalls. The famous writers got inspired by this region of Switzerland and mentioned its beauty in their poems and books. If you have a chance to visit it, then you will understand why they did so. This is all because of the magic it produces on a person visiting it, the charm of Lauterbrunnen makes you enchanted. 

This small village is just simply located on tons of waterfalls giving a scenic view to the travelers. Shops and guest houses facilities are available for tourists. If you are in Switzerland, then for sure visit Lauterbrunnen because it is mind-blowing and fun. 

  • Jungfrau Region

This mountain has a height of 4158 meters and has the summits of the Bernese Alps. Jungfrau is translated into Maiden or Virgin. It’s going to be one of your best experiences if you visit this place on your tour to Switzerland. Because it is one of the best places to see in Switzerland. 

While on your train ride, you can come across the Aletsch Glacier which is also there. Packages come with different prices for visiting up the peaks of Jungfrau. You can ski if you want to. The adventures are way too much. 

Together with Mount Eiger and the Monch Mountain, Jungfrau makes a huge wall of mountains that covers up everything. The railway that leads into this region is called the Jungfraujoch railway. 

Location of Switzerland:

Switzerland is a small country by area. It is a central European country famous for its amazing countryside views.  It is located in the middle of the Alps. The Alps is the most popular mountainous range in entire Europe. Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. A landlocked country with the cleanest environment all around the country. Its neighboring countries include; France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Italy. It is famous as one of the peaceful countries of all time and this country is a neutral state. People around the world use the phrase “I am Switzerland”, this is because they remark themselves as neutral. 

Languages and Culture:

Many languages such as French, Italian, German, and Romansh are spoken throughout the country. While English is the communication and widely spoken language. Switzerland gets its culture from the Roman Catholics, but after the settling of foreign people, it has various cultures and traditions. Every person living there follows his traditions. 

Switzerland is famous for?

  • Chocolate and Cheese:

Chocolates hold a lot of importance when you are in Switzerland. It has got the most delightful chocolates in the entire world. The world’s biggest consumer of chocolate is the Swiss nation. The Swiss chocolates mainly have alpine milk, cherries, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and other dried fruits. The well-known Swiss chocolate bars are Toblerone and Lindt. Talking about cheese production, there are many farms in Switzerland that make the purest cheese ever. Not only desserts, but Switzerland is famous for its total cuisine and wine collection. Swiss Fondue is the national dish there; made of cheese. 

  • Tourism:

Known as the heart of Europe, Switzerland has got a high percentage of natural beauty. During the hot seasons, tourists visit it for hiking purposes. The captivating view of the Alps attracts visitors in every season but summer is best for hiking. In winters, you will find the Alps covered with snow and look even more amazing.

  • Watches:

You would have heard about the popularity of Swiss watches. The watchmaking industry is one of the biggest industries in Switzerland. The branded Swiss watches are of the finest quality with advanced technologies. Tag Heuer and Rolex are the famous brand names of watches that come from Switzerland. Not only are they famous for making watches, but the Swiss people are quite punctual in their acts. 

  • Famous and Beautiful Cities:

No doubt all the cities of Switzerland are a blessing of God. They have got such beauty that tourists can never ignore. Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Zermatt, Bern, all have beautiful names and landscapes. All the cities are gems with their specialties. 


We have made you capable of knowing which place to visit when you are in Switzerland. The tour should be worth it and this guiding content has made every possible thing clear about the country and the best places to see in Switzerland. Hope you have an idea about what to do and what not to do when next time you are in Switzerland.