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Visit these best places to see in Kosovo


Seeing the best places to see in Kosovo is the goal of every traveler. Kosovo is located in Europe. It is officially declared the Republic of Kosovo. This state covers an area of 10,887 km2 (4,203 sq mi). It is a developing country. Over the last decade, the government has shown enormous economic development as they were facing a lot of financial crisis in 2007-2008, which made them work harder and is now a very stable state. 

Kosovo is a member of the World Bank. It has also taken part in filing for Interpol membership and has a status of observer in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The state of Kosovo has both warm areas and cold areas. The state is 39% covered in forests. It has eleven natural reserves and has one hundred and three other beautiful sites well protected by the government. There are many species of flowers still existing there and 255 species of birds. The state has its biodiversity. 

Kosovo has a total of 1.8 million population. They are making entire 25 cities in it. Each city is as beautiful as the other is. Kosovo itself is a nature reserve. There are many best places to see in Kosovo.

The best places to visit in Kosovo:

The beauty of nature has become a treasure as regions progress, so Kosovo is a wonder to behold. Here are some of the best views and places to visit in Kosovo that will make your trip worth everything.

  • Pristina:

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo that making it an essential stop to make on your trip. The beauty is ever cherishing on. The place has modernized but has not forgotten that nature is a part of everything. The plantation is well taken care of. 

The climate there ranges from cold to scorching temperature. August is the hottest month, and on the other hand, January is the coldest. It falls to -0.6˚C. July is the sunniest month as the sun shines there for almost 11.5 hours. 

Apart from nature, the city of Pristina has a vast amount of festivals in it. People from different tastes from all around the world can find themselves at home. These fairs are usually last for some time, but few of them stay an afternoon. At the same time, others endure three days, a week, or even longer. 

The festivals are Rosen in size and significance over time. These fairs are held once a year and open to trade visitors and the public. There is a large number of Exhibitors and visitors present at these fairs. That makes it even more remembering and fun. It is one of the best places to see in Kosovo. 

  • Gracanica Monastery:

The Gracanica monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery. This was considered an exceptional cultural monastery in 1990. On 13th July 2006, it was awarded a place on the World Heritage list.

The church has different types of paintings. They have been appropriately preserved. The picture shows the earthly existence of Jesus. It has been found that the paintings were painted in 1321-1322. The painting also includes an ecclesiastical calendar.

The church was constructed wonderfully. Many poems are written in the monastery making it the best places to see in Kosovo. 

  • Kosovo Museum: 

Kosovo museum is located in the capital city of Pristina. The Museum is located in such a beautiful place. It has a large park where outside exhibitions take place. 

Museum has three parts. First is The Museum itself. The second part is Emin Gjiku’s Housing Complex, where ethnological exhibitions are presented. The third is the Museum of Independence.

The Museum consists of four sectors: the archaeological sector, the ethnological sector, the historic sector, and the natural sector. The design of the ethnological Museum is based on four themes that reflect the life cycle of Bosnians in Kosovo throughout the Ottoman period, commencing with birth than life and, in the end, death. It also shows the spiritual heritage.

The park is known as Archaeological Park. It was designed to serve as a place for an outdoor exhibition. The exhibition contains Architectural fragments, epigraphic inscriptions, kennels, and gravestones. The gravestones have images carved on them, which shows the spiritual heritage of past generations. 

  • Rugova:

Rugova is a mountain area it is located in the city of Peja. It is best for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, paragliding, and picnics. It is the best place for snowboarding. The city is rich with natural reserves such as caves, beautiful waterfalls, the glaciers; you can see the mountain peaks from far away and many old-age tunnels. 

This region has different types of forest zones that you can visit. These include the oak forest zone, Beech forest zone, Coniferous forest zone, and last but not least Alpine pasture zone. Rugovans earn their living from livestock farming. Though now their lifestyle has gone under change. In the past, it is said that the families used to own 1000 sheep, 50 cows, and horses. 

The Rugovans are known today for their cultures and traditions. Today, these traditions and cultures can be seen in their food, dressing, and festivals.

You will enjoy the traditional games there like arm wrestling, the shot-put, tug-of-war, and many others. The food there is also delicious. We can say that it is one of the best places to see in Kosovo

  • Peja:

Peja is the fourth largest city. The reason it is so famous is that it has many historical places. The Patriarchal Monastery of Peć is also located in Peja. Serbian orthodox church is also in this city. 

The climate of Peja is very pleasant as the annual temperature is considered 9.0˚C. August is the warmest month of Peja, and the coolest month is January that records the temperature of -1.9˚C. 

The buildings in Peja show different empires’ masterpieces. As many of them were from the Serbian era, many from the ottoman and some from Yugoslavia. This constitutes too many of the religions situated in one place. So you can visit different mosques, churches, and ancient buildings. These beautiful architectural places are the main reason that attracts tourists’ attention.

The construction of these buildings still inspires people of the modern age.

  • Sinan Pasha Mosque:

The beauty of Sinan pasha mosque will surely make your jaw drop. Sofi Sinan Pasha built it in 1615. It is a very prominent figure of Prizren. The Republic of Serbi declared it the Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990.

There are floral patterns with verses of the Quran on the walls of mosques. The minbar is painted with floral motives. These are so beautifully painted. The large and half dome of the mosque is covered in the lead. The mosque’s interior is original till this date from carpentry to the floor of the mosque. So, do visit this one of the best places to see in Kosovo. 

  • Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park:

The Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park is located in the districts of Gjakova and Peja in western Kosovo. It covers 63,028 hectares that make 630.28 km2 of the area on the mountain terrain. There are many lakes, dense and coniferous forests. It covers the alpine landscape. The park was specially allocated to preserve that region’s nature, ecosystem, and biodiversity.

The mountains’ varied heights and steep topography have produced ideal circumstances for many plants and fauna. The park’s woodlands are home to large creatures like wildcats, chamois, roe deer, grey wolves, and rare or endangered species like lynxes and brown bears. There have been reports of many bird species, over a dozen fish species, and a few reptile and amphibian species.

Six unique elevation zones split the vegetation vertically. The oak forest zone reaches an altitude of around 800 meters. It is dominated by Italian oak, Austrian oak, and Cornish oak, and many more. The beech forest zone is located in the park’s eastern section, at altitudes ranging from 900 to 1,320 meters. It includes Silver fir, sycamore, south European blooming ash, and Bosnian pine woods. And many others parts among them.

The forest is best for seeing the different types of trees. The plants are also there in different habitats. The beauty of these is unexplainable. The view is also extraordinary. When you reach the height and you see forward, you will not believe your eyes. It’s a kind of beauty that a camera can never capture.

  • Gazivoda Lake

Gazivoda Lake is a special body of water that Kosovo and Serbia share. The dams on the Ibar river were the reason it was formed. The lake is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and mountains. You can even make a tent at the side of the lake.

This lake is teeming with fish and other wildlife. Hills near the lake add to the beauty of the setting. That makes it the perfect location for fishing as well as hiking. 

  • Mirusha Waterfalls:

The Mirusha waterfalls are a series of waterfalls in central Kosovo’s Mirusha Park. The waterfalls have carved canyons and caverns that are well-known throughout the country. The river covers the area of about a 10-kilometer (6-mile) canyon. It has a total of 13 lakes with waterfalls in between.

It is a very beautiful place to calm your mind and body. People mostly go there by foot to observe the beauty that comes in the way, but few of them go by car because they find it difficult to travel on foot. The lake is not only covered in rocks but also has a large number of plants, trees, and grass. Most people climb on cliffs and jump into the river. 

  • Traditional bazaars

When one is traveling to historical and traditional places like Kosovo, it is impossible to refrain from shopping from the bazaars of Kosovo. Shops of Kosovo has beautiful decorations from the inside out. The shops of moccasin shoes, saddlers, curriers, and Albanian fez makers are mostly in the bazaar.

The silk weaving, tanning of leather, and dying shops are also there. Different cafes offer different dishes and drinks. Tea shops, sweet shops, and bakers make the trip to the bazaar worth everything. The shops that offer oriental food like kebab stores, pharmacies are also there in case. 

In the bazaar of Pristina, in total, 50 different handicrafts are used. The people there make very beautiful jewelry and pots/cutlery. You can find a goldsmith, silversmith, blacksmith, cutlers, potters, tailors, and a lot of them. Therefore, you don’t miss buying a single thing.

Saddling is also a great sport in Pristina. The crafts include horse and oxen gears that have decoration with mirrors, beads, charms, tufts, and more. In the case of clothes, the tailors of Pristina are also famous for silk processing, on the other hand. If you ever visit the Pristina bazaar, do not forget to buy waistcoats, coats, and robes because they have the best fabric. 

Handcrafts – Specialty of Kosovo

The handcrafts of this bazaar even make a trade of this state. The goat wool rugs and the silk in bulk quantity are their specialties that they transport all over the world. The quality of all the things is so good that you will love paying for the things you bought. You will see a lot of spice shops also. Dry fruits are also available here.

The shoemakers use golden color strings with beads that make the shoes very unique. The bazaar also has different services in it like the auto-mechanic, radio-technicians and electro-technician, etc. It’s the best place to visit in Kosovo.


This article will guide you with your visit to Kosovo. We have explained a few places to visit in the state, but there are a lot of other places to visit also. The beauty of nature is never-ending in Kosovo. The people there are very friendly and will be helpful to any tourist who goes there. There are many hotels in whole Kosovo that make you stay to the nearest to the place you want to visit. They have taxis that will good quality of ride and a cheap fare that will not empty your pocket. I think Kosovo is the state that is worth visiting once in a lifetime. I hope our article helps you to explore the state.