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Best Sports Cards to Invest in 2021-22


Best Sports Cards to Invest

Here we have the update for Investing in sports cards is one of those options that bring you handsome revenue. This is a creative idea that will be beneficial for you in the future. You may know that the prices of sports cards keep on fluctuating. Mostly, the values of these cards increase and you can sell at a high rate as compared to the rate you purchased at. You can earn through such cards in different ways. But earning through monetization and portfolio creation is the most common practice. However, for all this, you’ll have to learn all about the “Best sports cards to invest in 2021“.

When you have an idea about investing in different types of such cards, you can manage their purchase at an effective rate. Later on, you can use them either to create your sports card portfolio or can monetize them in different ways.

However, to learn all about ‘what are the best sports cards‘ or ‘how to invest in sports cards?’, you’ll have to explore the relevant market deeply. After a thorough understanding, you can invest effectively in any of the sports cards. But researching any market is not an easy task. One will have to invest a lot of his time and effort for this purpose. We’ve made your search easy by doing this task. This Best Sports Cards to Invest article will be discussing in detail all facts and figures of the query under discussion. So, let’s explore this guide.

Why Invest in Sports Cards?

Over time, sports cards have gained popularity and value. With these cards, one can earn a handsome profit. However, you’ll have to learn all the tactics used to buy and sell these cards. Also, knowing about what makes these cards valuable is important. Here are some facts that show that investing in such cards is not a bad idea.

1- Valuable Investment

The basic purpose of investing in sports cards is to earn a profit margin. Due to their increasing auctions and demands, these cards are getting popular day by day. Also, their popularity helps in increasing their demands and value. All these things lead to an increased value of the sports cards.

So, investing in this platform is very profitable. After a thorough understanding, one can earn such cards that may earn the profit instantly. Also, there is an option for the purchasers to purchase those which will be a valuable investment in the future. So, one of the basic reasons to invest in these cards is their value.

2- Flexible Investment

It’s not necessary to invest a fixed amount in sports cards. Rather you can go for the investment according to your budget. There are many options for you to invest in these cards and you can pick any of these accordingly.

3- Purchase in High Volume

Unlike speakers that are available in a limited quantity, sports cards purchasing has no limits. One can go for a high volume if he has enough credits. The more you’ll invest, the more profit will be waiting for you. It depends upon your budget how much you’re going to invest in these valuable cards.

4- A Valuable Nostalgia

Nostalgia plays an important role in driving the vehicle of life. It’s a great driver that assists man to keep on moving hopefully. Collecting old sports cards is a way to remain in touch with nostalgic memories. Also, old people may do this by building such hobbies in their children. This will bring unlimited happiness and joy to the nostalgia lover.

5- Sport Betting

Not only increased value, but sports betting may also be a source of income through old sports cards. One can use them for sports betting which is far more valuable than betting through money. This will increase betting in the sports field as people love things related to a similar field. This method can also earn you as much as $50000.

6- Trading Art

With a creative mind, one can adopt the sports cards investments as a trading art. Trade-in this field may also be a great source to earn profit. Sports cards may be regarded as the modern generation’s trading art if one knows how to invest in them. 

7- A Long Term Investment

As mentioned above, some sports cards may need time and patience for a remarkable increase in their value. So, it may be a long-term investment for those who have enough credits to purchase them and wait for the increase in their value. Their ever-increasing demand will help you to earn more and more profit even after a lot of time. 

We’re repeating that all this is possible only if you’ve enough understanding of the sports cards investments. So, try to learn all the important things before going to invest in these valuable cards. 

Different Ways to Invest in Sports Cards


Here are some creative ways to invest in sports cards. You can opt for any of them according to your budget and interest.

1- Everlasting Investment

There are different cards for short-term and long-term investments in sports. These cards will feature a different value and a different mindset for purchasing. Long-term sports cards are not for a little time. Rather they are investments for the generations. One who is interested in these kinds of cards should be patient and persistent as these will take time for a remarkable increase in their value.

To purchase such cards, one will not focus on any single game of a particular player he or she is interested in. However, one should think generationally. One player may have a bad game today but his future may be bright. These players will be legends carrying a legacy with themselves. 

Keep in mind that long-term investment in sportscards is more expensive than short term. So, go for such investments only if you’ve enough budget to afford these cards for a long time. Once bought, these would be risk-free for you. 

2- Via Flipping

Unlike a long-term sports cards investment, flipping is a short time and one can flip these cards within a few days. Such investments are ideal for those who have a low budget and want a short time investment. The resale time for these types of cards may be as low as a few days or as high as a year. 

However, these cards are also valuable for the future. Short-time investments will need a deep understanding of the game you’re going to invest in. Also, you’ll be aware of all the possible dangers within that field. If you have less knowledge about that particular game, start taking interest in it to learn something new and valuable. 

3- Investing Through Collecting

Collecting sports cards is the best option for those who adopt sports cards as a hobby. Such a person who is interested in a particular player or game will keep on investing in the cards of that particular game. Sports cards are also a hobby and one may take them as fun. 

4- Investment in Betting

As mentioned in the earlier section, sports cards are also used for betting in games. If one has enough knowledge of a game and knows all the facts about particular players, he may use his sports cards in betting. Betting in sports is also a good way to invest in your favorite game cards.

You can bet the cards during the game and these cards can be flipped after the game. Also, one can choose a particular player or the whole game for betting. However; for all this, a thorough understanding of the game is necessary. If you are fond of a game, this way of investing in sports cards can also be risk-free for you.

Where to Sell Sports Cards?

After investing in the sports cards, the next step is to sell or flip them. Here are different groups that are more active in collecting the sports cards. You can choose any of them to flip your historical cards for a higher value.

1- Flipper Platforms

This is one of the best ways to sell sports cards urgently. Flippers are intended to purchase a maximum number of different cards of these types. They use the storing method to earn revenue on these cards. When they feel that the prices of the cards are high, they flip and earn high revenue.

Besides individuals, this platform is the best option for the local stores that deal in flipping these types of cards. Flippers sell the cards further via an online method or physical. Walmart, Target, and many other such stores deal in sports cards. For those who get the cards for instant sale, these types of stores are the best options.

2- Wall-Street Purchasers

For those who want to sell a larger number of cards, wall-street purchasers are the best options. Flipper platform is the best option for flipping a little quantity of these assets. However, over time, the value of the cards may change. The wall street platform is a good idea to get effective revenue in return for the cards as they keep on researching for the sports cards’ value. So, they may be better than the flippers to get high-value cards.

3- Millennials

Those people who belong to the ’90s or ’80s have a great love for the old sports cards. Such persons are regarded as millennials. Millennials keep on looking for highly valuable cards of their age. Those who have a handsome budget may love to purchase these kinds of cards too. So, this may earn you the highest value if you know any of such millennials. Due to nostalgic relation with the sports cards, these persons will give you the highest value for your cards.

These are some of the best options to flip sports cards. However, now there are many creative platforms for the auction of the cards. These auctions may be physical or online. A person who knows how to deal with the auctions may earn a handsome profit by selling his sports cards.

4- eBay Platform

Like many other brands, eBay is a brand in itself. It is the best option for selling sports cards to earn profit. A benefit of such platforms is that they are available online. So, in the pandemic situations of Covid-19, one may sell his sports cards for the sake of profit. It is one of the largest platforms to sell and purchase things online.

Along with your cards, you can sell or purchase anything related to your favorite sport from the eBay Platform. Just like the wall street platform, this is the best option for selling the bulk of the sports cards online.

What are the Best Sports Cards to Buy?

Best Sports Cards to Invest


Sports cards got very popular over the last few years due to their ever-increasing value and demand. You can see a remarkable increase in the value of such cards over the last 5 years. Those who purchased any of such cards will be lucky as they can earn maximum profit by flipping their cards. However, selecting the best cards to purchase is also a challenge, particularly for a person who is fresh in the field. So, you should learn about the best sports cards to invest in. In the later section, you’ll encounter some of the best options.

Best Overall Sports Cards to Build Portfolio

Here is a list of the best sports cards to build your portfolio regarding this niche.

  • RC-236 of Bowman chrome Tom Brady 2000
  • RC-57 of Fleer Michael Jordan 1986
  • RC-1 of Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck 1986
  • French International Version-506 of Michael Jordan upper deck 
  • RC-18 of Wayne Gretzky OPC 1979
  • RC-175 of Mike trout Topps 2011
  • 1909-Ty Cobb red or green
  • RC-302 of Mariano Rivera Bowman 1992
  • RC-279 of Derek Jeter SP-1993

These sports cards are the best overall that will help to build an authentic and valuable portfolio for profitable flipping. However, you may go for many other particular cards of different sports fields. Here are different categories of sports cards that are the best to invest in.

1- Baseball Cards

Here are the best baseball cards to purchase to earn handsome revenue.

  • Rc- BCP-127 of Ronald Acuna Jr. Bowman chrome
  • RC no. 279 of Derek Jeter-1993
  • Red or green portrait HOF of T206 Ty Cobb
  • RC-1 of Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck-1989
  • RC-689 of Topps Ronal Acuna Jr. Bat Down-2018
  • RC-36 of Greg Maddux-1987 
  • RC-US-175 of Mike Trout Topps-2011
  • Bat off Shoulder-350 of 1909-11 Ty Cobb
  • RC-302 of Mariano Rivera Bowman-1992
  • Refractor RC-CPAFT of Fernando Traits-2016

2- Football Cards

Some of the best football cards to purchase are listed here.

  • Rc-325 of Justin Herbert Panini Prizm
  • Rookie-118 of Tom Brady SP authentic-2000
  • RC-236 of Tom Brady Bowman chrome-2000
  • Rookie-303 of Patrick Mahomes-ll Panini
  • RC-161 of Jerry Rice Topps-1986
  • RC-71 of Lionel Messi Panini
  • RC-261 Zinedine Zidane Panini Soccer-1993

3- Basketball Cards

Best basketball cards to purchase are given here.

  • RC-280 of Luka Doncic Panini Prizm-2018
  • Rookie-57 of Michael Jordan Fleer-1986 
  • RC-278 of LaMelo Ball Panini-2020
  • Rookie-138 of Kobe Bryant Topps chrome-1996
  • Refractor-24 of Kobe Bryant Lebron James Topps-2009
  • Rookie-290 of Giannis Antetokounmpo Panini Prizm-2019
  • RC-111 of LeBron James Topps chrome-2003

4- Best Hockey Cards

Top rating hockey cards to purchase are listed in the following section.

  • RC-356 of Jaromir Jagr Upper Deck-1990
  • RC-190 of Authentic Alexander Ovechkin-2005
  • RC-526 of Pavel Bure Upper Deck Young Gun-1990 
  • RC-440 of Eric Lindros Score Canadian Future-1990 
  • RC-181 of Sidney Crosby SP Authentic Future-2005
  • RC-439 of Martin Brodeur Score Canadian-1990
  • RC-18 of Wayne Gretzky O. Pee. Chee-1979

5- Golf Cards

Some of the golf cards that may earn a handsome revenue for the buyer are listed here.

  • RC-1 of Tiger Woods Upper Deck Golf 2001
  • RC-26 of Arnold Palmer Bancroft Tiddlers 1965

6- Boxing Cards

One may choose any of the following boxing cards to earn profit.

  • Italian-160 of Mike Tyson Panini Supersport 1987
  • Sports Boxing-3 of Muhammad Ali Venorlandus 1979

These are some of the best options for you that have proved very beneficial in the last four years. However, one may get any of his favorite player’s or sport’s card to invest in.

Factors Affecting the Sports Cards Value


Before going to invest in any of the sports cards, one should learn some important things that may affect the value of such assets. Here is a list of such factors. Go through them and apply this information while purchasing sports cards.

1- Old Vs New Cards

Investment in vintage cards is a better idea than that in modern ones. The reason behind this idea is that the value of the old cards will be high and mostly permanent. However, modern cards may fluctuate according to the ups and downs in the career of the player. However, modern cards are the best for flipping as they can be sold instantly. For a long-term investment, choose a vintage option.

2- Impact of the Grading Company

Grading companies is one of the major factors that determine the value of a sports card. So, keep this factor in mind while investing in sports cards. Currently, PSA is the top-ranking grading company in the sports cards field. Other names in this field that are also valuable are BGS and SGS. While submitting the cards for the value evaluation, consider these companies. If you’re unable to reach any of these grading companies, go for ‘premier’, which is also a valuable company.

3- Population Reports of the Sports Cards

Another thing that also determines the value of sports cards is population reports. The larger the population of the card, the less will be the value of that category. You can see the population of any of the graded cards on the relevant website. You’ll have to simply put the card information on that particular website.

4- Value of Raw and Graded Cards

Those cards that are graded by any authentic company are regarded as ‘graded cards’ while ungraded ones are called ‘raw cards’. As the graded cards are more authentic, their value will also be higher than those of ungraded ones. If you’re a beginner, the raw cards will be the best for you as these are cheaper. You can purchase these at a low price. However, after grading, you can sell them at relatively higher prices.

5- Scratches and Damages

Keep in mind that scratches are not normal for sports cards. Due to such mistakes, your card may lose its value. So, when investing in such cards, keep in mind that the card is safe from its edges, corners, centers, or creasings. All these things mean a lot in the grading process. So, never take these things lightly. Never purchase a card that has a rough surface. Such an investment will be a deal of loss.

6- Company of the Card

Another factor that determines the value of a sports card is its company. Consider investing in the cards by the following companies.

  • Panini
  • Upper Deck
  • Topps

These are the most reliable companies that are offering the most valuable sports cards from the last few years.

Other Factors

Besides the above-mentioned factors, also consider the following things while investing in sports cards.

  • Athlete’s cultural relevance to the region of selling.
  • Your negotiation skills.
  • Potential and fame of the athletes.
  • Importance of the rest of the team members.
  • Player’s potential within the field.
  • Player’s roles within the team.
  • The nostalgic element plays an important role too.

Final Thoughts

Investing in sports cards is the best idea to earn a remarkable profit from their auctions. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds to invest in sports cards. Various things are necessary to understand before going to invest in these types of valuable assets. In the above section, all the important measurements are listed, keep them in mind while going for such investments. You can use these directions to build your portfolio for the sports cards. Choose any of the above-mentioned sports cards by using the ideas that you collected from the above-mentioned guidelines. If you follow proper instructions, investing in such assets will be fun as well as profitable.