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How to make the best use of Mask Fragments in Sekiro


The dealers of best use Mask Fragments in Sekiro hold some entrancing and costly products, however no things are more interesting than the Mask Fragment. Split into three sections, the game deliberately keeps utilization these pieces obscure until you’re prepared to gather them all. In this guide we’ll take you where to find all your old mask fragments so that together they can make a Dancing Dragon Masks.

To make the most use of Mask Fragments in Sekiro, you need to locate three floating passage text worth it. These parts are: Dragon Left and Right. The video manage shows you where these fragments can be found on your map.

Where to find Mask Fragments

The three Mask Fragments are part of the best use for mask fragments in Sekiro, and to find them all you’ll need to have arrived at one of the last phases of the game. We’ll tell where each is located below, but if you want to avoid any spoilers then don’t read about that third area.

Cover Fragment: Right

The traders at Hirata Estate are notorious for their obscure items. Their prices may seem extravagant, but the quality of goods they sell is unmatched by any other pot trader in Yokohama. I was fortunate enough to purchase a Mask Fragment from them which has provided me with many memorable moments throughout my travels across this land and beyond.

Cover Fragment: Dragon

The following Mask Fragment is sold by a remembrance horde vendor, this one situated at the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol. To arrive from Ashina Castle Idol, hook to tree on scaffolding near enemy and follow path forward past big ringer foe. The Mask Fragment will cost you 5 grand so expect some Coin Purses breaking in order for it.

Cover Fragment: Left

This passage is the last Mask Fragment in Sekiro. It can be found at Fountainhead Palace, which from The Sculptor’s Idol? Go through a door to the left then turn right and go past this cascade that you can use as a bounce point for snaring enemies on top of it. From there, proceed forward until you find an idol hidden behind some waterfalls.

The pot dealer is near, but it will be a challenge to get the scales. You’ll need 12 Carp Scales and you can’t just go around killing them for their skin because that would cause major consequences later in life. The best way to tackle this puzzle is by following SirLarold’s video at the end of this passage below:

Video credit goes out to YouTube user “SirLarold.”

Mask Fragments use guide for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Mask Fragment Use: What Does it Do? | dbltap

So, when you get to the later phases of Sekiro and start encountering some really tough enemies? Give it a go with the three Mask Fragments! You’ll be able to spend Skill Points on your assault power for that extra oomph. And by doing so, you can develop more insight from battle – which makes yourself much stronger in Sekiro’s difficult boss fights.

The mask fragments are a vital component for success in Sekiro. You can bolster your assault power and ensure you have enough memory to complete the game by spending expertise focuses on it.

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