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How to Find Mist Raven in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice


The shinobi trading tools come in many forms, but few Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s prosthetic attachments are as cool as Mist Raven. This tool allows the wolf to disappear when attacked and re-surface nearby to an attackable stance. In all of Shinobi’s prosthetic attachments in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Mist Raven is probably the easiest to miss, with an accident in the early stages of the game. In this guide, we’ll take you through the location of Mist Raven in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Mist Raven is an anti-prosthetic. When used, the wolf will wrap himself in the feathers. If an enemy hit him in this animation, he will disappear in a series of feathers and appear again not far away. It’s a good defense against strong blows, and with some upgrades you can even counterattack after a jump.

To get Mist Raven, you need to go to the idol of Hirata State, Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor. From here, drive along the bamboo road and hog left on the first chance (before you reach the enemy with the torch). Jump off the flowing river and swim under the high bridge in front. If you have explored the main road, you will recognize that there is a big ogre soldier and two shielded soldiers on the bridge. When you are here, you may also want to take out the carp swimming in the river to get a collectable scale.

Once you pass the bridge, find a branch that hangs above the waterfall. Grab this and walk along the bamboo road to the final project. There is a cave entrance, where a few bamboos are covered. Break into the cave and then jump to the top of the path. Once you get there, a bamboo messy staircase until the pagoda. But be careful because a dangerous enemy is waiting.

The Mist Raven feathers that you are looking for are in the pagoda, but it is guarded by a surprisingly tough enemy, often called the Blue Warrior or Samuri. Because of his love of playing and purple, we chose to name this particularly annoying Pagoda Jojo. These guys are not bosses, but they are still the right pain, causing serious damage with slashes and a series of kicks. When you get close to the pagoda, he will jump and fight with you, so be prepared.

If you want to take Pagoda Jojo, be prepared to stop a series of kicks and then avoid his jumping attack. He has two unstoppable actions: if you don’t dodge, it will do a leg sweep, then a hit, and a thrust kick that may be countered by a heavy posture damage. Play patiently and avoid his range, then attack backwards to get the damage. If you are having trouble killing him, you can sprint past him and open the pagoda door without fighting for him. Considering that the only reward you beat him is Scrap Iron, skipping the battle completely is not a bad idea.

Grab the Mist Raven Feathers from the inside chest and return from where you came. Falling off a cliff can hurt you, but if you grab the branch while you fall, you won’t get any damage. Go back to Sculptor at Dilapidated Temple and you will be able to equip the Mist Raven repair tool.

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