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How to make a Dive underwater in Sekiro


Wolf in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has multiple hidden talents. You just have to discover them. However, if you spend any time in the water, you will soon find that he is strangely unable to dive. There are many creatures and objects hidden at the bottom of the pool, you can even lock them while swimming, but you can’t interact. Whether you are looking for a rare Treasure Carp scale or just want to explore the waters further, this guide will teach you how to take a dive in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Despite being a famous swimmer, shinobi will not be able to swim underwater, or at least not for most of the game. To get the ability to dive, you need Mibu breathing techniques. Unlike other skills, this is not achieved by acquiring skill points and spending them on one of the mysterious texts. Instead, you will get Mibu breathing techniques after defeating the fallen monks for the first time. The boss met at Ashina Depths, reaching through the Sunken Valley or through the bottomless pit in the abandoned dungeon.

Once you defeat the fallen monk, you will automatically get Mibu breathing techniques and can now dive and swim in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Since this is a potential skill, you don’t need to equip it. Jump into deep water and you will automatically dive. There are many areas where this skill is useful. We have listed each of the diving areas below so you know where to go back and explore.

How To Unlock Diving

The manager Sekiro players need to beat to plunge underwater is the Corrupted Monk. The Corrupted Monk is situated in Mibu Village, just past the Ashina Depths – Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol spare point. Like most Sekiro managers, crushing the Corrupted Monk will be more difficult than one might expect, however there are ways players can make the Corrupted Monk supervisor battle a lot simpler on themselves.

Utilizing the Firecracker Prosthetic and the Mortal Draw assault, Sekiro players ought to in the long run have the option to beat Corrupted Monk. The compensation for doing so is the Mibu Breathing Technique, which lets players plunge underwater in Sekiro.

How To Dive Underwater

Subsequent to unlocking the Mibu Breathing Technique, not exclusively will Sekiro players have the option to plunge underwater, however they will have the option to jump underwater inconclusively. That implies that they can investigate underwater territories in the game however much they might want and without stressing over suffocating.

The Mibu Breathing Technique is a dormant aptitude, which means players don’t need to manually prepare it subsequent to unlocking it. When they have it, they can visit any profound waterway and press the correct guard (R1 on PS4 and RB on Xbox One) to jump underwater and begin swimming. What’s more, that is everything to diving underwater in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Hirata Estate

  • The lake at the beginning of the area, on the right side of the bridge in the water with pot noble merchant.
  • Near the idol of the Estate Path Sculptor is a bridge over the river, just before the area where you used the spear to fight the Shinobi Hunter. Jump into the river to dive.
  • The path of the sculptor along the Bamboo Thicket Slope is a lake that can be sneaked into.


Ashina Castle

  • Jump off the bridge in the icon of Ashina Castle Sculptor.
  • Return to the starting area of ​​the game from the Ashina Reservoir, where you fight with the lonely Long Shadow Warrior and sneak into the cave.
  • Behind the castle (the oldest of Old Grave Sculptor’s idol), jump into the pool and swim to the bottom to find a headless and some items.

Sunken Valley

  • From the idol of the Under-Shrine Valley sculptor, turn around to grab the gap with the sniper enemies. Climb the walls and gaps here. Jump on the wall again and hug the wall and walk along the road. At the cemetery, you will find a prayer bead and some enemies next to the stone pile. There is a lake here that you can dive into. Swim through the path to The Headless.
  • Jump into the lake near the idol of Riven Cave Sculptor.
  • You can dive in the swimming pool under the waterfalls of the Guardian Ape (Watering Hole Sculptor’s Idol).

Abandoned Dungeon

  • In the underground waterway, dive into the water next to the idol and swim through the tunnel near Douju​​n to find some spoils. If you complete the difficult task of Doujun, this loot may change.

Senpou Temple, Mountain. King Kong

  • You can sneak into the lack of looking for prayer beads, treasures and other items after the Temple Grounds Sculptor idol.

Ashina Depths

  • Players can dive in the lakes and rivers around Mibu Village and Water Mill Sculptor’s Idols.

Fountainhead Palace

  • Almost the entire region. In the main area of ​​the Fountainhead Palace there is a huge lake with many Treasure Carp and other items.

Once you know how to dive underwater in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will be able to explore a range of hidden game areas. If you want to buy mask fragments, you should now be able to track most of the Treasure Carp Scales, but if you are looking for something else to search, check out our guide to all shinobi prosthetic tools to make sure you don’t miss any One.

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