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Best Word Finders for Word Games


It may be easy to learn the Scrabble word list, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into success on the Scrabble board. With Word Finder, you can input the word that you know and it will give you a list of all the available valid words for the Scrabble board and will order them from highest scoring to lowest scoring. Keep reading for our recommendations for good word unscramblers and how to use them!

Let’s dive in!

What is a Word Finder Tool?

Word Finder is a resource to help you find the highest-scoring words for Scrabble and Words with Friends, by utilizing a dictionary. All you have to do is enter the letters you have currently, and Word Unscrambler’s search engine will show you every possible word from the selection. The list of recommendations is generated by analyzing a database of every possible word generated from each letter in the game.

The Benefits of Using a Word Finder Tool

Some may be concerned that this will allow players to cheat, but since all players have the option of using a word unscrambler, no one ever really has the upper hand. Even if they refuse to use the unscrambler and come up with their own words, they might later want to test themselves or find out the potential words they could have played. In that case, it might not hurt for you to use the unscrambler just to learn more about the words and their meanings. Aside from improving your vocabulary and creativity, websites like this will also help you be better at the game of Scrabble.

The best thing about a Word Finder Tool is that you can probably win more points than most of your friends because when you input your letters, the algorithm will tell you the possible words that can be made. These are all words, going from two-letter words all the way up to four letters. However, it depends on how many tiles you entered. This means you will likely be able to collect more bonus tiles and bonus points, like Bingo.

How to Use Word Finders?

Simple enough; You just need to enter the letters or tiles into the search box. Then click unscramble and let the program handle the rest. An anagram generator will generate all possible words & anagrams by unscrambling letters. Every day, solve a bit of a jumble to become a jumble unscrambler and boost your mental dexterity!

Which Word Unscrambler Tool to Use?

Here are our go-to tools when it comes to unscrambling words:

Our favorite would be Unscrambled Words. While there are several benefits to using other word-finder tools, the biggest and best benefit is the number of words our tool has. Their word finder tool uses an algorithm that includes words from a variety of dictionaries, from traditional dictionaries to non-traditional dictionaries. Another feature which won us over is that it doesn’t just list words. It also calculates the points each word earns for your score and tells you how many points are needed to win with those letter tiles!

Basically, there are many great websites to contact if you have unscrambling problems, and chances are you won’t have any problems with any of them.

Essentially, Word Finder Tool is a valuable resource for players of Scrabble and Words with Friends that gives players access to an advanced search engine for locating playable words and improving their scores. They will unscramble your letter tiles and provide a list of valid words from your selection. You can also save your favorite words to come back to them later by creating a list of them.