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Crypto enthusiasts have much to expect as Bitcoin Compass, a renowned trading platform announced recently to acquire ClearPoll. The merger between and ClearPoll will allow traders access to the convenient user interface and trade different cryptocurrencies.

ClearPoll is a decentralized platform that allows users to vote anything at any time and earn real crypto rewards. ClearPoll users can create polls on different topics, and the results are secured using Blockchain technology. 

Let’s get more insight into ClearPoll before we proceed further.

What is ClearPoll? 

ClearPoll is a trading software platform that offers an opportunity to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, including crypto-fiat pairs like BTC/USD. In addition, as a social public opinion polling system, ClearPoll takes advantage of Blockchain technology to secure votes and poll results.

The project is quite popular in the crypto space and has drawn huge attention from global experts in the fintech sector.

Users can contribute to various topics, vote, and earn rewards using Poll tokens. These Poll tokens are native tokens of the platform and are ERC20 compliant. Also, you can hold Poll tokens in your preferred wallet and earn bonus rewards.

What is

Bitcoin Compass is a renowned and reliable crypto trading platform designed to allow global users to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform is powered by advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, enabling better performance.

Bitcoin Compass uses a robust algorithm to scan the market and identify reliable trade signals on behalf of the traders. That means the platform boasts high accuracy, and traders can execute trade deals to generate passive income.

Many investors have amassed fortunes trading Bitcoin using Bitcoin is the flagship project built using Blockchain tech and has dominated the cryptocurrency market for over a decade. New users can join the action and trade Ethereum and other top Altcoins using Bitcoin Compass.

How to join Bitcoin Compass?

Anyone can Join Bitcoin Compass and start to reap crypto benefits because the process is straightforward. Follow the following steps to build your crypto portfolio using Bitcoin Compass.


The first is to register, and the process is entirely free. Beginners should visit the official site of Bitcoin Compass and fill the application form. You will only provide a few details such as name, email address, and contact number. Also, you’re required to set a strong password using a combination of numbers, letters to safeguard your account against any security breaches.

After successful account activation, the system will pair you with a reliable broker to facilitate the deposit amount.


A new user will have to fund their account to start trading. The minimum deposit required is $250. The payment system allows alternative payment methods such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer.

Live Trading

You can begin trading cryptocurrencies immediately after the deposit amount reflects in your account. Click on the live trader to start the process. However, set clear trading goals, including entry and exit levels. Use a stop-loss limit for every trade to prevent you from financial ruin in case your trades go the opposite direction. For the most part, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and they can swing in any direction at any given moment.

Key features of Bitcoin compass

Payout method

Bitcoin Compass has a transparent payout system that runs after the end of the live session. Traders’ winnings are calculated quickly to allow them to cash out following the close of each trade. At the same time, a user can decide to initiate another trading session quickly.


New traders are required to provide accurate details to complete the verification process. This process is essential since it helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.

Deposits and withdrawals

The minimum deposit is considered affordable because you can earn substantial profits often. In addition, the amount is processed quickly into your account, allowing you to start the live session instantly.


On the other hand, the withdrawal feature is considered effective and faster. As a result, traders will receive their funds within 24 hours following a successful withdrawal request.

Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Compass works closely with reliable and regulated brokers. These brokers are instrumental in the crypto market because they facilitate the deposit process. Furthermore, reliable brokers provide better incentives such as leverage to allow traders to stake higher amounts on any trade from their little capital investment.

Customer service

Dedicated customer service is a recommendable feature for any trading platform. However, you can face challenges when trading on some occasions, and reaching a responsive support team can help ease your trading journey. The support team runs on a 24-hour basis, and you contact them through live chat, Facebook, or email.

Final thought

Bitcoin Compass and ClearPoll merger come with many benefits for global users. The excellent features will allow new users to join the action and start generating crypto returns. Also, the team of developers works round the clock to ensure security protocols are well prioritized and observed at any given period.