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How to change your PS4 background to a custom image


Change your PS4 Background

Do you want a custom PS4 background? You can change your PS4 background to anything you want. You just need the right tools and how-to guide. In this blog post, we will go over how to change your PS4 background using an image as well as how to customize it with text and shapes!

How to change your PS4 background

Steps to changing your PSN background image:

1. Change the settings on your PlayStation® console. Go to Settings > Themes, select Theme Preferences and follow the instructions for how you want it displayed.

background 1

2. Connect a USB storage device with an Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI saved onto it (that is 720p or higher). If you don’t have a PS Vita system or computer, you can download the change your PS4 background from another website and save it onto your USB storage device.

3.On your PlayStation® console, select (Content Manager) > [Copy Content].

4. Select either “PC” or “PS Vita”, depending on how you saved the image to your USB storage device.

Background 2

5. Select “USB Storage Device” in the list of locations, select your image file and press [Copy].

6. Disconnect the USB storage device from your PlayStation® console when you are asked to do so.

background 3

When you want to change how it looks or add text or shapes go back into Settings > Themes on your PlayStation® console and select Theme Preferences. You can do this at any time!

7. If you want to add text, go into “Text” in the list of themes on your PlayStation® console.

8. On your controller or your DUALSHOCK® wireless controller, press the PS button, then use the up/down buttons to highlight the “Text” option and press the right button.

9. You can then choose how you want text to look, select whether it’s on all of your menus or just some and how big it is!

background 4

10. To add shapes like boxes, triangles etc., go into “Shapes” in the list of themes on your PlayStation® console.

background 5

You can add and remove shapes and move them around how you like! Just use the button on your controller to select a shape, then press it again to delete it. Press [X] when finished.

Now that you know how to change colors or add text or shapes, go ahead and try it out with any change your PS4 background you want!