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Despite his or her best efforts, an Elden ring player was humiliated by the Fire Giant


A user of the Elden Ring who had their Vigor skill levelled up to its maximum potential observed what appeared to be an unassailable triumph against the Fire Giant as it was being hammered by the hard winter. It would appear that successfully adhering to the demands of Elden Ring’s society to invest in Vigor is not always sufficient to survive in the harsh Lands Between. This is the case even if one is successful in doing so.

The Fire Giant is at the centre of much of the discussion that surrounds Elden Ring, an open world role-playing game that has received widespread acclaim from gaming critics. While some people believe that the last known survivor of the war waged against giants is a monumental visual spectacle, others believe that it marks a decline in the overall balance and quality of the game. The Fire Giant, regardless of one’s temperament, provides an insurmountable obstacle in the form of red hair, fire-imbued limbs, and some of the highest damage delivered so far in a playthrough.

The player character can be seen summoning Torrent in a video that was posted to Reddit by u/Fc2833. At the same time, they are turning their attention back to a Fire Giant that is already far into the second phase and concentrating on the summoned Mimic Tear. The Tarnished rushes back into the conflict, this time armed with the Dark Moon Greatsword, and is able to skillfully sidestep the Fire Giant’s right arm as it extends itself aloft. After slashing the Giant’s one remaining foot with wild abandon and a dangerous degree of endurance, the boss soon rolls away twice in rapid succession.

While the player is pushing Torrent ahead with little stamina left to spare, they allow themselves to be enticed by the temptation of avarice and position themselves underneath the Fire Giant so that they can swing their weapon at any chance. With the description “when you have 99 vitality but only 1 brain cell,” the endeavour was undoubtedly bound to fail, despite the fact that victory is almost within reach. The formerly robust health bar is reduced to a ghost of its former self as a result of an unexpected roll that sees the Fire Giant’s final foot ram against the player. The remaining third of the health bar is whittled away by fire that stays on the ground after the initial attack. The player, who was left with no more than a sliver of life, rolls away and is in the middle of mending when a fast fist from the Fire Giant comes from behind, putting an end to any possibility of a pyrrhic victory for the Tarnished.

It was generally agreed upon in the comments that the manner in which the victim died was perfectly timed, not just for the aim of killing but also for the sake of comedy. By examining the health bar, it was obvious that the Flask had been used up, and it was highly likely that the player would have been able to avoid death if the Fire Giant’s fatal blow had occurred just a fraction of a second later. Many people pointed the finger at the fact that the player was wearing both Radagon’s and Marika’s Soreseals, which meant that they were taking substantially more damage than they should have been.