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Blasphemous 2: All Resonances and How to Active Them?


A resonance is an additional effect that provides you with a passive advantage in battle of some kind. Blasphemous 2 conceals a significant amount of additional personalization options, far more than are first visible to the player. These options can be discovered by digging beneath the game’s surface. Even while you don’t get a ton of different weapons to play around with or armor pieces to collect, the Penitent One does have some interesting items for you to experiment with and use. All of the blasphemous resonances will be explained to you in this article:

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Blasphemous 2: All Resonances

Altarpieces (which, of course, are slotted into the Altar on the Penitent One’s back) can be found all over the world, and they are just as protective and sustaining as Rosary Beads. The simple increases to stats and additional effects you gain from these wooden carvings belie the tremendous power you might unleash by carefully planning their location.

All Generic Resonances

To generate a resonance, you must install two identical Altarpieces in the two adjacent slots. You begin the game with two unlocked, allowing you to perform a Resonance as soon as you obtain the necessary Altarpieces. In the City of the Blessed Name, you can buy more slots from the master sculptor Montanes. To get started, let’s look at some of the more basic Resonances you can use.

Blasphemous 2: All Resonances

Candle, Sword, Skull, Feather, and Ring are the five ‘category’ that each Altarpiece falls under, and are represented by the corresponding pages when choosing one.

A Resonance is triggered whenever two identical Altarpieces are placed in adjacent spaces on an Altar. When a Resonance is active, a symbol will appear in the space between their respective symbols. The resonance’s effects are context-specific.

Resonance Requirements Effect
Gregal’s Favour Two Candle Altarpieces Increases the damage dealt by Veredicto.
Lebeche’s Favour Two Sword Altarpieces Increases the damage dealt by Sarmiento & Centella.
Jaloque’s Favour Two Skull Altarpieces Increases the damage dealt by Ruego Al Alba.
Cierzo’s Favour Two Feather Altarpieces Increases the damage dealt by any elemental attacks.

All Unique Resonances

There are a total of 20 Altarpiece Resonances in the game, as opposed to the above-mentioned generic Resonances, which only need the use of certain Altarpieces in conjunction with one another.

Blasphemous 2: All Resonances

These Resonances are extremely potent, can completely transform your play style, and supply the building blocks necessary to ascend to the game’s loftiest peaks.

Resonance Altarpieces Required Effect
Alchemical Time The Ecstatic Novice Nacimiento Drinking a Bile Flask halts time for a short period of time.
Briar and Thorn The Alchemist The Pillager Dodging summons a barrier of thorns that damages and pierces enemies.
Burning Faith The Selfless Father The Thurifer When Veredicto is in its active state (i.e. on fire), Fervor consumption is reduced to zero.
Contagion The Alchemist The Partisan Blocking an attack creates a Miasma that damages nearby enemies.
Deflagration The Anointed One The Purified One Some of Veredicto’s hits will now create bursts of damaging fire.
Endless Wrath The Demented One The Partisan Killing a foe during Ruego Al Alba’s Blood Pact is active will renew the feature’s duration.
Galvanic Plead The Punished One The Tempest Ruego Al Alba’s Blood Pact feature also imbues the weapon with lightning damage.
Liquid Faith Nacimiento The Scribe Drinking a Bile Flask will also recover a good amount of Fervor.
Orison Apocrypha The Flagellant The Woman of the Stolen Face Changes certain prayers to deal more damage: affected prayers include Galera of the Living Briar and Serrana of the Kindled Hearth.
Purging Bronze The Anointed One The Confessor Increases the damage dealt by Veredicto’s fire attacks, scaling with guilt accrued.
Purging Silver The Confessor The Veteran One Increases the damage dealt by Sarmiento & Centella’s lightning attacks, scaling with guilt accrued.
Purging Steel The Confessor The Punished One Increases the damage dealt by Ruego Al Alba’s Mystical Blood Pact attacks, scaling with guilt accrued.
Rosary of Torment The Guide The Punished One Ruego Al Alba’s Reaper Rosary attack launches a cutting wave that causes Mystical damage.
Second Wind Nacimiento The Pilgrim Drinking a Bile Flask regenerates all of Sarmiento & Centella’s Verdadera Destreza markers.
Slaughter The Ecstatic Novice Viridiana Executing an enemy will halt time for a short period.
Spellblade The Guide The Veteran One Sarmiento & Centella’s Verdadera Destreza now does Mystical damage and Sacred Lunge becomes a new attack.
Storm Steps The Pillager The Tempest Dodging creates lightning bolts that damage nearby enemies.
Stormrage The Tempest The Veteran One Sarmiento & Centella’s attacks now create chain lightning.
Thorned Retort The Alchemist Trifón When struck, creates a barrier of damaging thorns around the Penitent One.
Venomous Resin The Alchemist The Anointed One Veredicto’s flames are replaced with toxic clouds of Miasma.

How to Get Resonances

Open the option for the Altarpiece of Favours when you are at the Sculptor’s store in the City of Blessed Name. You will notice as you navigate through this menu that there are a total of five tabs in which all of the Altarpiece Favors are organized. In order to generate a Resonance, you must first input two Altarpiece Favors that come from the same tab.

The fifth tab—the one with the gray circle as its symbol—is the only one that deviates from this rule. You will not receive a Resonance if you use the Altarpiece Figures from the gray circle menu.

Blasphemous 2: All Resonances

In addition to that, each of the tabs in the Altarpiece of Favours menu has its own unique emblem. Utilize these symbols to determine what each Resonance is responsible for doing.

Determine how you want to play out the fight before choosing your Resonance. Use a Resonance that increases the destructive potential of elemental assaults, for example, if you want to focus on doing a lot of damage via the elements.


What is the Altarpiece bonus in Blasphemous 2?

Blasphemous 2 includes the “Altarpiece of Favours.” The Penitent One’s new trip is made easier because to the passive buffs bestowed upon him by the Altarpiece of Favours. These buffs might be either aggressive or defensive in nature.

How many endings does Blasphemous 2 have?

To earn some trophies and/or accomplishments, players of Blasphemous 2 will need to see both of the game’s possible endings.

How many wax seeds are in Blasphemous 2?

This guide will walk you through finding all six of the Wax Seeds in Blasphemous 2 as well as explaining what you should do with them once you have them.

Can you get both endings in one playthrough Blasphemous 2?

Yes. You will return to the same altar before the final boss after receiving an ending and loading your save file. That way, you may choose which ending you want to acquire first and still receive the other one in the same session.