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Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List


Valorant, the exciting new game from Riot Games, is packed full of exciting new experiences for you to have. Moreover, this unique game has earned a lot of attention and appreciation up to this time, despite being launched on June 2nd, 2020. Valorant is a game that uses the freemium business model to make money off of cosmetic upgrades.

Players can purchase a variety of adornments, from player cards and sprays to gun friends, to help them stand out from the crowd.  In Valorant, players can alter the appearance of their armor and weapons to their taste. Players can customize their blades’ appearance with various skins and enjoy unique animations for each knife. This Valorant Knife Tier List is a compilation of all the Knife skins in the game, ordered from best to worst.

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All Melee knife Tier List in Valorant

Weapon skins are a major cosmetic feature. The skin is available in the shop or as a reward for completing a certain level in the battle pass. The standard Valorant Knife has several skins available for customization. A melee skin is included in each Seasonal Battle Pass. All the skins in the tier are listed here, from the Kingdom Knife and Elderflame Knife through the K/TAC Knife.

A Tier

  • Singularity Knife – 4,950 VP
  • Glitchpop Knife – 4,350 VP
  • Reaver Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Prime Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Celestial Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Go Volume 1 Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Forsaken Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Ruin Knife – Episode 1 Ignition Act 3 Battle Pass
  • Outpost Knife – Episode 2 Formation Act 1 Battle Pass
  • K/TAC – Knife Episode 3 Reflection Act 1 Battle Pass

Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List

B Tier

  • Sovereign Knife – 3550 VP
  • Ego Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Spline Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Nebula Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Imperium Knife – 2,550 VP
  • Megepunk Knife – 1,775 VP
  • Hivemind Knife – Episode 1 Ignition Act 2 battle pass
  • Prism III Knife – Episode 2 Formation Act 2 battle pass

Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List

S Tier

  • Elderflame Knife – 4,950 VP
  • Glitchpop II Knife – 4,350 VP
  • Oni Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Tethered Realms Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Origin Knife – 3,550 VP

Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List

C Tier

  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Prime 2 Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Prism Knife – 2,550 VP
  • Luxe Knife – 1,750 VP
  • Kingdom Knife – Episode 1 Ignition Act 1 Battle Pass
  • Songsteel Knife – Episode 2 Formation Act 3 Battle Pass

Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List

D Tier

  • BlastX Knife – 4,350 VP
  • Ion Knife – 3,550 VP
  • Winter Wonderland Knife – 2,550 VP
  • Smite Knife – 1,750 VP

Valorant: All Melee knife Tier List


What is the best melee skin in Val?

Every skin bundle in Valorant almost certainly contains a knife skin. Knives, axes, karambits, and butterfly knives are just few of the forms that these skins can take. Some of the best Melee skins include the Reaver Karambit, RGX 11Z Pro Firefly, and Xenohunter Knife.

What is the rarest Val skin?

Arcane Sheriff is VALORANT’s rarest skin. Released alongside Arcane, Riot Games’ smash Netflix series based on League of Legends, is this special Sheriff skin. The Arcane Sheriff is universally regarded as the game’s rarest skin.

What is the cheapest skin in Valo?

There is no “Basic” skin that costs the least in Valorant, however there are three “Select” skins. In comparison to the 1,750 VP required for each of the melee skins in the category, all Select skins cost only 875 VP.