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Blasphemous 2: Cloth of the Old Woman Location


There are many memorable side missions in Blasphemous 2, but the story of Trifón and Cástula stands out. One of the game’s milestones requires the use of the Cloth of the Old Woman. You can obtain Trifon’s Remembrance by presenting this item to NPCs in the Palace of the Embroideries. However, this depends on your previous choices and actions. Find out where to find Cloth of the Old Woman in Blasphemy 2 with the help of this article!

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Cloth of the Old Woman Location

The location seen above is the room in the Sacred Entombments where the Cloth of the Old Woman might be located. After entering the room from the bottom-left corner, ring the bell using the Veredicto, and then use the platforms that appear to get to the right side of the screen.

Blasphemous 2: Cloth of the Old Woman Location

You need to leap back over to the left on the second set of platforms once you have rung the second bell, which is located over on the right. You’ll find the Cloth of the Old Woman on the platform at the end of this sequence.

Blasphemous 2: Cloth of the Old Woman Location

How to Use Cloth of the Old Woman

Blasphemous 2’s Cloth of the Old Woman is used at the Palace of Embroiders, which is located to the left of the Prie-Dieu on the right. If it’s the elderly man named Trifon, you’ll find him sitting at a table there. Casula, if it is the older woman, you must exit the room and return to see the older woman transformed into a skeleton and the man restored to life. The map below shows where they are.

Blasphemous 2: Cloth of the Old Woman Location

Talk to the Trifon, making your way through his lines of questioning and answers until you reach the part where you can give him the Cloth of the Old Woman. Doing so will get you the Castula Remembrance. Warning: after this conversation ends, he disappears from the world and never speaks again. Castula, however, will continue to wonder what’s up with her brother’s radio silence.


Where is the old couple in Blasphemous 2?

The Elder Scroll awaits you at the summit. Proceed at once to the Embroideries’ Palace. When you reach the very top of Prie Dieu, turn left and follow the path until you come across an old couple enjoying a meal together.

Where is the Trifon in Blasphemous 2?

The squabbling siblings Cástula and Trifón are the focus of one such quest. You can find this couple in the Palace of the Embroideries, and depending on which door you approach their room from, only one of them will appear to be alive. They’re all after different things, and it all comes down to one unusual accomplishment.

What is the ending C in Blasphemous 2?

Wounds of Eventide, a downloadable content pack released in 2021, featured Ending C. Find Perpetva’s grave before challenging Esdras on the Bridge of Three Calvaries to get this sidequest revolving around the two characters.

Who is the dead lady in Blasphemous?

One of the two new bosses in Blasphemous: Wounds of Eventide is Isidora, Voice of the Dead, who provides a challenging but exciting battle with a novel mechanic. In order to retrieve an eye belonging to an exiled member of the Holy Visages, it is necessary to overcome Isidora and Sierpes.

How do you unlock the ending B in Blasphemous?

And to acquire Blasphemous 2’s Ending B, all you have to do is beat the game normally without resorting to the Incense of Envoys. Players who complete this task will earn the Second Psalm trophy/achievement.