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Blasphemous 2 Ending Explained


Are you a fan of the game Blasphemous 2? Are you curious about the secrets and endings it holds? If so, this guide is for you! We’ll dive into the intricacies of the game’s endings, focusing on the true conclusion. Ending B is straightforward, but Ending A requires a meticulous approach. We’ll explore the steps needed to unlock both, including collecting unique Altarpieces of Favor and the significance of the Incense of the Envoys. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Blasphemous 2’s true ending!

How To Unlock Every Ending In Blasphemous 2

To fully understand how to unlock every ending in Blasphemous 2, you should frequently consult the guide provided. Unlocking Ending A requires a more intricate approach than Ending B. You’ll need to collect four unique Altarpieces of Favor, each with specific placement requirements. Once you have obtained all four Altarpieces, you must place them in specific slots.

Make sure at least one slot in the bottom right quadrant is available. When the Altarpieces are placed correctly, they’ll turn to solid gold. For Ending B, simply progress through the game’s mandatory dungeons and defeat the bosses. Remember that earning Ending B doesn’t prevent you from accessing Ending A. You can revisit key points after completion to unlock both endings within the same save file.

Is There a Definitive Ending in Blasphemous 2

You may frequently wonder if there’s a definitive ending in Blasphemous 2, but the answer remains uncertain. Deciphering a definitive ending in the context of Blasphemous 2 proves to be a complex endeavor.

Although Ending A could potentially be perceived as the true and secretive conclusion of the game, the certainty that this ending represents the ultimate fate of The Penitent One and the realm of Cvstodia remains uncertain. It’s important to consider the history of the first game, Blasphemous, and its multiple endings, as well as the possibility of future downloadable content (DLC) impacting the narrative of search Blasphemous 2.

Given this precedent, it’s plausible that search Blasphemous 2 could follow a similar trajectory. The lack of an unequivocal true ending might be intentional, leaving room for potential expansion through DLC. Players eager for a definitive ending might need to watch for any potential announcements of DLC releases for Blasphemous 2.

Until then, the ambiguity surrounding the true ending of search Blasphemous 2 leaves fans speculating about the possible directions the story might take, further adding to the allure of the game’s narrative intricacies.

Blasphemous 2 Endings Explained

So you’ve completed Blasphemous 2 and now you’re wondering about the endings. Let’s talk about it. Blasphemous 2 offers two endings: Ending B, the default ending, and Ending A, the secret/best ending. Each ending has its own requirements and narrative implications, providing players with different conclusions to The Penitent One’s journey in the cursed land of Cvstodia.

Ending B (Bad Ending)

Ending B in Blasphemous 2 takes the story in a darker direction, revealing the consequences of your actions. As the Penitent One, your choices lead to a path filled with despair and sorrow. The world of Cvstodia becomes even more twisted and corrupted, reflecting the darkness within your own soul. The once hopeful narrative of redemption and salvation turns into a tale of tragedy and loss.

Blasphemous 2 Ending Explained

The characters you encounter on your journey suffer greatly, and their fates are sealed in a bleak and grim manner. Their stories are a stark reminder of the weight of your decisions and the price you must pay for your sins. Each encounter leaves you questioning if there’s any hope left in this unforgiving world.

The ending of Blasphemous 2 serves as a powerful conclusion, leaving a lasting impact on the player. It forces you to confront the consequences of your actions and the true nature of your world. The darkness that permeates every aspect of the game is a constant reminder of your choices and the toll they have taken on yourself and those around you.

Overall, Ending B in Blasphemous 2 is a deeply unsettling and thought-provoking conclusion. It challenges the player to reflect on their own choices and the consequences they have on the world. The despair and sorrow that permeate the story leave a lasting impression, forcing players to question the very nature of hope in such a grim and unforgiving setting.

Ending A (Good Ending)

As you explore the intricate tasks and placement requirements involved in unlocking Ending A in Blasphemous 2, you’ll discover a more rewarding and fulfilling conclusion to the game’s narrative.

Blasphemous 2 Ending Explained

Unlike Ending B, which is a more straightforward path, Ending A demands a meticulous approach. To unlock it, you must collect four unique Altarpieces of Favor and place them in specific slots. Each Altarpiece has specific placement requirements, and proper placement will turn them to solid gold.

Once you have all four Altarpieces in the correct positions, you can proceed to the Chapel of the Five Doves. You’ll use the Altarpieces to obtain the Incense of the Envoys Key Item there.

Armed with the Incense, you’ll face the boss encounter against Incarnate Devotion, providing a fresh narrative angle. Unlocking Ending A in Blasphemous 2 allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s intricate storyline and experience a more fulfilling conclusion.

Blasphemous 2 Gameplay

Suppose you’re looking for an immersive and challenging 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania experience. In that case, Blasphemous 2 gameplay offers a captivating adventure with lethal traps, formidable bosses, and a diverse arsenal of weapons to customize your playstyle.

As the enigmatic protagonist, the Penitent One, you must navigate a perilous world filled with intricate platforming segments and hostile adversaries. The game stays true to its roots, providing a challenging environment that will test your skills and strategic thinking. With an expanded arsenal of weapons, each with unique attributes, you can tailor your approach to combat.

Additionally, you can customize your abilities by equipping rosary beads for passive enhancements and selecting prayers for active spells. Tricky traversal and challenging boss encounters await you in this gripping action-adventure game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Requirements to Unlock Ending a in Blasphemous 2?

To unlock Ending A in Blasphemous 2, you must collect four Altarpieces of Favor and place them in specific slots. Proper placement turns them to solid gold. It’s time-consuming and challenging, but worth it for the secret/best ending.

How Do You Obtain the Incense of the Envoys in Blasphemous 2?

To obtain the Incense of the Envoys in Blasphemous 2, you need to equip the solid gold Altarpieces and go to the Chapel of the Five Doves. Interact with the brazier to obtain the key item.

How Do You Trigger the Boss Encounter Against Incarnate Devotion in Blasphemous 2?

To trigger the boss encounter against Incarnate Devotion in Blasphemous 2, you need to offer the Incense of the Envoys to the brazier in the Chapel of the Five Doves. This will initiate the battle and progress the story.

Can You Pursue Ending B After Obtaining Ending a in Blasphemous 2?

Yes, you can pursue ending B after obtaining ending A in Blasphemous 2. The game allows you to revisit key points and access both endings within the same save file.

Is There a Definitive Ending in Blasphemous 2 or Is It Left Open for Potential DLC Expansions?

Is there a definitive ending in Blasphemous 2 or is it left open for potential DLC expansions? The true ending remains uncertain, following the precedent set by the first game. Keep an eye out for DLC announcements that could shape the ultimate fate of the story.


In conclusion, unlocking the true and definitive ending in Blasphemous 2 requires careful exploration and completion of various tasks. This includes collecting Altarpieces of Favor and utilizing the Incense of the Envoys. While the search for this ending may not be straightforward, it promises to unravel the mysteries and possibilities that lie within the game. So, prepare yourself for a challenging but rewarding journey as you strive to uncover the secrets of Blasphemous 2’s ultimate conclusion.