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Paleo Pines: All Dinosaur Locations


Are you ready to explore Paleo Pines and uncover the whereabouts of rare and colorful dinosaurs? Look no further! This guide will provide all the information you need to locate every dinosaur in the Veridian Valley, Dapplewood, and Ariacotta Canyon regions. From the lush fields to the dark forests, get ready to encounter and tame over 40 unique dinosaur species. Grab your gear and embark on a thrilling dinosaur-hunting adventure like no other!

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Veridian Valley Dinosaur Spawn Locations

If you want to find and tame all 15 dinosaur species in the Veridian Valley, explore its lush fields and dense forests throughout your adventure. This region is the very first one you can explore in Paleo Pines, and it’s home to both Pebble Plaza and your home ranch.

Paleo Pines Dinosaur Locations

Spend a lot of time exploring the Veridian Valley to encounter dinosaurs like the Styracosaurus, Psittacosaurus, Gallimimus, Coelophysis, Wuerhosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus. These dinosaurs can be encountered and tamed right from the start of the game.

However, the final five species, including the Ankylosaurus and Triceratops, require you to tame a dinosaur with the Smasher ability to break rocks blocking the path. Don’t miss out on the bonus Dreamstones in the sandy region as well.

Dapplewood Dinosaur Spawn Locations

You can unlock the path to Dapplewood by learning how to break rocks with a Smasher dinosaur like a Styracosaurus. It’s home to larger dinosaurs and the first few carnivores that you can tame.

Paleo Pines Dinosaur Locations

Once you have mastered the art of rock-breaking, you can venture into the dense and dark forest of Dapplewood. Here, you’ll encounter a variety of larger dinosaurs and even have the opportunity to tame some carnivores. It’s important to be well-prepared before embarking on this journey, as Dapplewood is quite a distance from Pebble Plaza.

Make sure to stock up on treats and Poppins to keep your dinosaurs happy and energized. Keep your eyes peeled in the dense foliage, as some of the dinosaurs in Dapplewood are quite small and can easily hide. Happy hunting!

Ariacotta Canyon Dinosaur Spawn Locations

The Ariacotta Canyon dinosaur spawn locations are filled with some of the most formidable creatures in the game, including the Carnotaurus, Ceratosaurus, and T-Rex. As you venture into this final region of Paleo Pines, be prepared to face the biggest and baddest dinosaurs yet.

Paleo Pines Dinosaur Locations

Taming these beasts won’t be easy, but with your experience and a good supply of treats, you’ll be up for the challenge. Keep an eye out for the Allosaurus, which can be found in multiple parts of Ariacotta Canyon, both in the northwestern desert and near the southeastern crags.

And don’t be surprised if you spot some Ariacotta Canyon natives exploring other regions as well. The Ariacotta Canyon is the ultimate test for dinosaur tamers like yourself. Good luck!

Paleo Pines: All Verdant Valley Dinosaur Favorite Foods & Poppins

You’ll find the favorite foods and poppins for all 10 dinosaurs in the Verdant Valley of Paleo Pines.

Appearance Dinosaur Favourite Food Favourite Poppin
Gallimimus Potato
Crunchy Poppin
Styracosaurus Tomato Juicy Poppin
Psittacosaurus Bell Pepper Crunchy Poppin
Pachycephalosaurus Carrot TBA
Coelophysis Carrot Juicy Poppin
Postosuchus Bell Pepper
Juicy Poppin
Corythosaurus Any vegetables Fragrant Poppin
Ankylosaurus Apple Crunchy Poppin
Triceratops Strawberry Crunchy Poppin

Paleo Pines: All Dapplewood Dinosaur Favorite Foods & Poppins

If you’re exploring Dapplewood in Paleo Pines, make sure to take note of the favorite foods and poppins for each dinosaur species. In Dapplewood, there are 17 dinosaur species that you can encounter. Some of these include the Archaeopteryx, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Oviraptor.

Appearance Dinosaur Favourite Food Favourite Poppin
Centrosaurus Carrot Juicy Poppin
Deinonychus TBA TBA
Oviraptor TBA TBA
Kentrosaurus Herb
Fragrant Poppin
Troodon TBA Juicy Poppin
Compsognathus Mushroom Earthy Poppin
Stegosaurus Any vegetables Juicy Poppin

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Unlock the Path to Dapplewood in Paleo Pines?

To unlock the path to Dapplewood in Paleo Pines, you need to learn how to break rocks with a Smasher dinosaur like a Styracosaurus. Stock up on treats and Poppins before you go!

Are There Any Rare or Unique Dinosaur Species in Ariacotta Canyon?

Yes, there are rare and unique dinosaur species in Ariacotta Canyon. It is home to some of the biggest and toughest dinosaurs in the game, like the Carnotaurus, Ceratosaurus, T-Rex, and more.

What Are the Favorite Foods of the Dinosaurs in the Veridian Valley Region?

The favorite foods of the dinosaurs in the Veridian Valley region are potato for Gallimimus, tomato for Styracosaurus, bell pepper for Psittacosaurus, carrot for Coelophysis, and strawberry for Triceratops.

Can You Encounter Dinosaurs From Ariacotta Canyon in Other Regions of Paleo Pines?

Yes, you can encounter dinosaurs from Ariacotta Canyon in other regions of Paleo Pines. For example, the Allosaurus can be found in the northwestern desert of the Canyon and near the region’s entrance.

Are There Any Special Treats or Items That Can Help With Taming Dinosaurs in Dapplewood?

Yes, there are special treats and items that can help with taming dinosaurs in Dapplewood. Make sure to stock up on treats and Poppins before you go, as the dense forest is home to larger dinosaurs and carnivores.


In conclusion, Paleo Pines offers an exciting and diverse collection of dinosaur species spanning across three regions. From the lush fields of Veridian Valley to the dark forests of Dapplewood and the challenging Ariacotta Canyon, there are plenty of opportunities to encounter and tame a wide range of dinosaurs. So grab your gear and embark on an unforgettable dinosaur-hunting adventure in Paleo Pines!