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Bloodhunt launches April 27, PS5 features detailed


Greetings, PlayStation gamers! Thank you so much for the positive response we received when we revealed that Bloodhunt will be coming to the PlayStation 5 this fall. We can officially confirm that Bloodhunt will be published on April 27th, as previously announced.

Following up on our previous conversation, we have been hard at work developing a fantastic experience for you. Today, we want to share some specifics about the PS5 version that we are confident will excite you.

Bloodhunt is a multiplayer game that is quick and furious, with a strong emphasis on agility. We were able to achieve our target frame rate of 60 frames per second thanks to the capability of the PlayStation 5, even during the most intense moments of the combat. Most significantly, you will compete to be the most powerful person in a very accurate recreation of Prague at night. Choose between quality mode, which provides the highest rendering quality while running in 4K at 30 frames per second, and performance mode, which allows you to play Bloodhunt at 60 frames per second while rendered in 1440P.

Our goal was to produce a realistic portrayal of Prague that was as close to reality as we could get it. It goes without saying that paying close attention to the details is essential to achieving this. As a result, we dispatched our photogrammetry crew to the Czech Republic in order to gather real-world elements that would later be recreated in-game. We photographed and scanned more than 10,000 real-life things, all of which were unique to Prague, including two gigantic statues: the Jan Hus Memorial and the statue of Charles IV, both of which are located at Kiovnické Square. This led in hundreds of unique textures and materials being created for the game, which helped to bring the nuances of the city to life with a genuine flare.

Immersive audio technology 

Because Bloodhunt takes place in modern-day Prague, a city filled with historical sites, winding streets, and skyscrapers, we had a lot to think about when it came to audio. Especially if you have the PS5 Pulse 3D headset as a high-end option at your disposal.

Bloodhunt’s sound is critical for identifying adjacent dangers and the direction from which shots are being fired because of the game’s vast soundtrack. In this manner, the 3D audio aids you in making strategic judgments on how to outwit your adversaries. ”

Bloodhunt’s verticality, made possible by PlayStation Tempest 3D Audio, is one of the game’s most distinctive elements. Even in a vertical axis, the PS Tempest 3D Audio technology makes it possible to locate foes more precisely than ever before.

As a result, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your foes more precisely, whether they are sniping from the rooftops or using a tower crane. Never before has determining enemy whereabouts using audio been so simple when searching in the wet streets of Prague

Thrilling battle at your fingertips 

We couldn’t be more excited for you to experience Bloodhunt’s fast-paced, visceral action thanks to the DualSense wireless controller capabilities.

You will be able to feel the impact of every devastating assault and weapon with the DualSense controller’s adjustable triggers and vibrations. One good illustration of this is the difference between the kick and trigger pull of shotguns and submachine weapons. You may also follow the light from the controller while you play. Make sure to keep an eye on it if you’re being pursued down by your opponents, since it will light up in your team’s colour.

High-quality sounds for consumables and when feeding on mortals will also be provided through the DualSense controller’s speaker. With Bloodhunt, we wanted to create an aesthetically and gameplay-wise interesting experience without sacrificing quality. At the same time, we want the game to be available to as wide an audience as possible for free.

Something different, something special 

PlayStation 5 owners will be able to download and play Bloodhunt for free. As an added bonus, we’re offering a pre-order deal for the game’s Founder’s Ultimate Edition, which comes with plenty of awesome cosmetics and 1,000 Tokens, the game’s in-game currency.

In order to get your hands on the unique PS5-exclusive epic Samurai mask, you’ll need to pre-purchase the Founder’s Ultimate Edition. Headrush and Fast Forward, two distinctive and rare costumes, are included in this Edition. Furthermore, it includes more than 100 pieces, including fashionable clothing, hairstyles, and piercings. Looks that are absolutely jaw-dropping will be yours to show off! Additionally, whether you’re looking to stock up on items for your character’s wardrobe or purchase a Battle Pass, this bundle contains 1,000 Tokens to use in-game.