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Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023 – How To Find ALL Secret Elves


bloxburg elf hunt 2023

Are you ready to hunt down all the secret Elves in Roblox’s one of the most favourite game Bloxburg?. Then you are at the right place, here we will guide you through all the locations where elves are hiding in the game. It is a quick guide so lets get started.

Hopefully you will have a magical adventure smoother journey in this event. We have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you locate all 15 elves and earn the coveted trophies in Bloxburg.

1. Meeting the Elder Elf

The journey begins in front of City Hall, where an Advent calendar awaits. Approach the Elder Elf, Harold, and engage in a conversation. After a brief exchange, you’ll be tasked with finding his elf friends. However, Harold has a sweet tooth, and he requests a chocolate chip cookie. Head back to Harold with the cookie, and he’ll officially kick off the Elfun adventure.

2. Finding the First Three Elves

  1. Holiday Cookie Elf: Head to City Hall, jump on the presents, and locate the elf in the tree. Offer him a holiday cookie to add the first elf to your collection.
  2. S’more Elf: Visit the campfire at the campsite and find the elf sitting nearby. Provide him with a s’more to secure the second elf.
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Elf: At the boardwalk, climb the ferris wheel to discover the red elf. Give him a chocolate chip cookie, marking the third elf found.

3. Expanding the Elf Collection

  1. Holiday Cookie Tree Elf: Drive back to the campsite and locate the elf upside down on a tree. Offer a holiday cookie to add the fourth elf.
  2. Water for the Thirsty Elf: Return to the beach, head to the corner, and find the elf by the shore. Provide a glass of water to revive him as the fifth elf.
  3. Festive Fudge Elf: In the parking garage, on the second floor, locate the elf and offer him one festive fudge to secure the sixth elf.
  4. Bloxy Burger M Burger Elf: Visit Bloxy Burger, enter the bathroom, and find the elf inside. Provide him with a Bloxy Burger M Burger for the seventh elf.

4. Seeking Elves in Unique Locations

  1. Snowman Cake Pop Elf: Journey to the observatory and find the elf behind the giant sun. Offer a snowman cake pop to add the eighth elf to your collection.
  2. Rice Pudding Elf: Head to the ski lodge, climb inside the building, and provide a full container of rice pudding to secure the ninth elf.
  3. Super Smoothie Elf: Go to the Bloxburg gym, visit the yoga studio, and offer a super smoothie to the elf behind the meditation balls, marking the tenth elf.

5. Reaching New Heights

  1. Tree Brownie Elf: Climb the giant Christmas tree with a tree brownie to find the elf sitting on the top, securing the eleventh elf.
  2. Mince Pie Hang Gliding Adventure: Scale the mountain, use a hang glider, and land on the observatory roof. Offer a mince pie to the elf hanging upside down for the twelfth elf.

6. Approaching the Grand Finale

  1. Gingerbread Hot Cocoa Elf: Visit Fancy Furniture, locate the elf near the white modern bookcase, and offer a gingerbread hot cocoa for the thirteenth elf.
  2. Fish Sticks Riverside Elf: Jump off the bridge at Riverside, provide a plate of fish sticks to the elf below for the fourteenth elf.
  3. Reindeer Pancake Sleigh Elf: Finally, head to Santa’s sleigh, offer a reindeer pancake, and complete your Elfun adventure with the fifteenth and final elf.

santa elf

7. Celebrating Success

Return to the Elder Elf to receive your heartfelt thanks. Witness all the elves gathered around the table enjoying their respective treats. Depending on your timing, you may earn a golden, platinum, or silver trophy to commemorate your Elfun success.

Congratulations on completing Bloxburg’s 2023 Elfun adventure! May your holidays be filled with joy and magical moments in the world of Bloxburg.