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Roblox Games that track your location – Roblox Location Tracking


Roblox Location Tracking

There are many rumours for about 1 to 2 years now that there are many games in Roblox that trace your location. If you are here to find what are the Roblox games that you can use to track other locations then we will answer your question now.

Any game in Roblox can not given exact location of other users. Though there are some games that shows the flag of the country next to the user-name.

Also, there have been some clickbait videos and rumors circulating online about specific games in Roblox supposedly tracking location. But that’s not true at all. Roblox takes care of their user’s privacy seriously and you are safe when playing your Favourite games.

How can you trace Someone’s Location When Playing Roblox Game?

Since, you are really interested in knowing your friend’s location. You need to follow these steps that are given below and you will be able to find exact location.

  1. Visit website:
  2. Then enter any URL to track and click on create a shortlink.
  3. Once, you have done that you will get a unique link that will have some code after
  4. Now, you need to make another Roblox user to click on this link.
  5. But there is a problem with it, Roblox Does not allow you to share any Link other than YouTube, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and Twitch.
  6. You would need to type the shortlink with space and ask user to remove spaces and type this link in the URL search bar.

That’s it. As soon as anyone clicks or opens the link you will be able to see IP address and current location of that person.

Remember, We do not encourage to use it for any unlawful activity. Since it is just a game and you can have fun with your friends. That’s it.

Roblox Games that track your location – The Truth about it.

So, the truth about Roblox Games that track your location is that, These are just rumours and there is no reality behind it. Maximum Roblox can have Server ip location but can not have your exact location on map. So, There is no such game in Roblox that can track your location.