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CCL has the lowest price around for the 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD right now


It’s possible that installing a solid-state disc in your computer might be really beneficial (SSD). Not only may they offer you greater storage capacity for your games, applications, and documents, but they can also make your personal computer perform significantly faster and make loading times for your games significantly shorter.

The Crucial MX500 is a solid-state drive (SSD) that our staff members are unanimous in their support for and recommendation of. If you select a model with 1 terabyte of capacity or more, this solid-state drive (SSD) is easy to install and gives you access to a substantial amount of rapid storage space.

CCL Computers is presently running a promotion in which customers who purchase the MX500 hard drive in the 2TB capacity can save £67. The pricing is currently the lowest that can be found elsewhere at the moment, making it more inexpensive than buying it from Amazon. Check out this deal if you are interested in upgrading your hard drive at a lower cost or expanding the quantity of storage space it has and you want to do either of those things.

As a result of its strong random read and write performance, as well as its excellent endurance rating, Digital Foundry has recommended the MX500 as the best value solid-state drive (SSD) for gaming. You may also use it with an Xbox Series X/S or PS5 if you buy a SATA to USB connection or enclosure. This will make it possible for you to load your console games even more quickly.

Grab this solid-state drive (SSD) while you still have the chance before the price reduction takes effect. Check out the best micro SD cards for the Nintendo Switch guide on Digital Foundry’s website if you own a Nintendo Switch and are interested in upgrading the amount of storage space available on your console as well as increasing the speed at which it reads and writes data. You should also make sure that you are following the Jelly Deals Twitter account. On that account, we tweet out the newest deals on a variety of products, including SSDs, consoles, games, and more.