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Chapter 4 of Fortnite saw a significant update to the game’s aesthetic


The long-running battle royale game Fortnite received a new island with the release of Chapter 4, but the update that could prove to be the most significant is likely occurring behind the scenes. As part of the update, the game was ported to Unreal Engine 5.1. While this may not seem like a major change, it does mean that Fortnite is now able to make use of some of the more advanced visual features that Epic has been touting ever since UE5 was released (as long as you’re playing on a PS5, Xbox Series X / S, or high-end PC, that is). This game is currently considered to be one of the best demonstrations of what is possible with next-generation hardware, despite the fact that it was released five years ago.

As a result of the update, Fortnite is now compatible with Unreal technologies such as Nanite (which provides more precise geometry), Lumen (which provides better lighting and reflections), and Virtual Shadow Maps (better… well, shadows). It may sound like a lot of language, but what it actually means is that the cartoonish world of Fortnite suddenly appears far more like real life. There is a higher level of detail since each brick wall and blade of grass is sculpted on its own, and light and shadows fall on the environment in a manner that is more accurate to real life. This can be demonstrated in a variety of ways on the new island, such as by visiting frozen fields and vast lakes, where the sun can be seen bouncing off of those surfaces, or by visiting bunkers with skylights and openings that let light leak in.

Fortnite, which is currently one of the most popular games in the world, has emerged as the leading showcase for the game-creation tools that Epic offers. However, in contrast to conventional video game engine tech demos, which traditionally have centred their attention on more photorealistic images, this one is rather distinctive. In comparison, Fortnite is a vibrant and colourful video game in which bananas can use lightsabers to battle Ariana Grande. However, Penwarden believes that UE5 may use Fortnite to showcase some of its technology, regardless of how popular the game may be.