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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans – New Overgrowth Spell Explained


This guide covers up the new overgrowth spell in our clash of clans game. It has always been fun playing this game and upgrading town halls. Let’s find what is this new spell about and progress more in this game.

Why Overgrowth Spell is Useful?

This is a perfect spell for those who are having a hard time with funneling. This spell will definitely be useful for Queen Charge/Walks and Strategies that need funneling. Also, this is the first dark spell to takes 2 housing space.

What You must know about Overgrowth Spell?

With the Overgrowth Spell the buildings can not be targeted, so an Electro Dragon/Super Wizard would not be able to chain to the building. The buildings trapped become immune; nothing can damage them.

New strategies are constantly emerging in the world of Clash of Clans. Every update brings something new, and this time it’s the Overgrowth spell that takes the spotlight. This new spell will shake up the battles significantly.

How to Unlock the spell

To get your hands on the Overgrowth Spell, you’ll need to upgrade your Dark Spell Factory. Once this is done, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal to disrupt enemy defenses. But remember: while your spell factory is being updated, spell brewing will slow down. To speed up the work, consider using a construction book.

The spell is available starting at Town Hall 12 and you can strengthen it as you advance to higher Town Hall levels. Starting at 22 seconds, the duration of the spell increases with each upgrade, reaching a maximum duration of 28 seconds at Town Hall 16. But these upgrades don’t come cheap – they cost 350,000 Dark Elixir and 16 days of upgrade time.

Understanding the Spell

Think of the Overgrowth spell as a mix between the Freeze and Invisibility spells. It covers a large area and captures multiple defenses at once. Through some testing, players have found that the maximum range is 15 tiles diagonally and 11 tiles vertically or horizontally. However, remember that traps are not affected. So plan accordingly.

Strategy tips

There are several ways you can use the overgrowth spell to your advantage. One approach is to treat it like a charged freeze spell. Use it to block key defenses and clear the path to victory for your attacking troops.

You can also use it more like an invisibility spell. By freezing flanking defenses, you can lead your troops directly to key objectives like City Hall. This tactic helps minimize distractions and keep your troops focused on the objective.

For players who love a good attack on the Queen, the Overgrowth spell offers a new level of flexibility. You can use it to guide your queen through tricky basic layouts and ensure she stays confident in her work.

Looking Ahead with Overgrowth Spell…

As Clash of Clans players prepare to try out the Overgrowth spell, there’s a lot of excitement about its potential effects. Although we have outlined some strategies here, there is still much to be discovered. As players experiment and adapt, we’ll see how much this new spell shakes up the game.


Overgrowth spell is going to be a game changer in Clash of Clans. Whether you’re freezing defenses or leading troops to victory, this spell is sure to become a staple in players’ arsenal. Get ready – things are about to get interesting in Clash of Clans!

Fun fact about this spell.

The overgrowth spell is the first of its kind to be of more than 1 housing space and hence is the first to be stored in bigger bottle.